Bloody good.... (Photo by Ryan Miller)

Unless you have a strong stomach, you’ll probably want to eat lightly, if at all, before toodling down to see The Lieutenant of Inishmore, the Tony Award-nominated dark comedy that is also a compelling argument for why Irish terrorists shouldn’t have pets.

In addition to an Olivier  (a British Tony) for Lieutenant... and an Oscar for In Bruges, playwright/screenwriter Martin McDonough (The Pillowman) has the distinction of writing the bloodiest stage production since Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.  The production, which opens June 30th, goes through buckets of blood every performance (twelve gallons to be exact).   Scarlet  sprays liberally across the stage amidst wicked deeds and wickedly funny dialogue voiced by Chris Pine (Star Trek), the titular Lieutenant too “mad” for the IRA, as well as his hapless family, his fellow, dim-witted torturers, and terrorist groupie Zoe Perry.   It goes without saying… don’t bring the kids.

You’ll be wanting a wee dram to steady your nerves after spending so much quality time with the vengeful Lieutenant and the bloodthirsty boyos.  There’s no better place than the dark and soothing basement hideout known as Casey’s Irish Pub. Tucked away in one of the  establishment’s shadowy corners, you can  dim the memory of that red-washed stage with a John Jameson served neat or ponder the fragile nature of  peace over a perfectly pulled pint.

Not that you need an excuse for the latter….

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….