Even the dead will drink on Cinco de Mayo

It’s been seven weeks since Saint Patrick’s DayAngelenos have had an excuse for an all-city bash and while there are Cinco de Mayo drink specials all over town, Ms. Go Go’s hand-picked “cinco for Cinco” list features events with that especial something that translates as fiesta.

Stay festive, my friends.


In addition to the year’s best Cinco de Mayo poster, Las Perlas, Downtown’s dedicated palace of mezcal and tequila is teaming up with Herradura for wallet-friendly  Cinco de Mayo revelry: $5 Margaritas, $5 Herradura Silver shots and $4 Modello Especial cans.

Julio Arenas (voted best street taco in LA by…someone) will be selling his signature fare in flavors of chicken, chorizo, carne asada, and pastor on the patio for $1.50 a taco.

That’s going to be one crowded patio.

LAS PERLASSat, May 5, noon-2am; Free/21+ — 107 E 6th St, DTLA 90014; http://213nightlife.com/lasperlas

Yes, the Battle of Puebla was won with a trumpet.


The dilemma: You want to celebrate the Mexican army’s victory over France but you’re damn well not doing it with a plastic margarita glass.
The solution: The ever-elegant Edison handles your Battle-of-Puebla-victory needs in the classiest way possible.

In addition to music by the Latin Jazz band Mambo Loco, the Edison is cracking open their own Private Label barrel of Casa Noble tequila, pouring $10 Margaritas and $5 Victoria beers, and serving $5 Short Rib Tacos all night.

Nothing says victorious-battle-celebration like mambo and a short rib taco.

THE EDISONSat, May 5th, 7pm-2am; 21+/$10108 W. 2nd St, DTLA, 90012.  Reservations:  213.613.0000; http://www.edisondowntown.com/


Weather update: Cinco Saturday promises to be “mostly sunny”.   Sounds close enough to party weather to Ms. Go Go.

If you want to get a cheap, early, al fresco start to the day, Villains Tavern is a Cinco de Mayo grand slam.  From noon to 6:00 p.m., the semi-patio’d drinkery offers $2 Milagro cocktails, $2 Tecates, hand crafted Milagro punches, three bands, and a selection of great taco trucks.  Post 6pm, check out Chef Rosie’s Ceviche Tostada and VT’s killer tacos.

A word about the punches: Milagro means “miracle”.  Just saying.

VILLAINS TAVERNSat, May 5th, noon-2am; free/21+1356 Palmetto St, DTLA, 213.613.0766; www.villainstavern.com

For those who like their Cinco pink….


The tequila bar in the courtyard of the historical Jane’s House has 100+ tequilas.  An unspecified number will be used in festive Cinco cocktail specials.

So far, so good.

From 11am to 2am, Te’Kila will also have $3 Modelo Especial and draft Dos XX.  And just to make sure you stay awake ’til closing, there’s a live Mariachi performance from 9-10 pm.

Just so you can set your watch.

There are also shot girls, free gifts, and, throughout the day, pinata smashes filled with surprises.

Which basically sounds like the best birthday party EVER!

TE’KILASat, May 5th, 11am- 2am; Free/21+6541 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood 90028; 323. 960.2404; http://tekilahollywood.com/


FiveOFour may be more NOLA than Baja but the Big Easy outpost  always throws a damn good party.  And since you’re in the neighborhood (literally, the same courtyard),  you might as well check out what may very well be the best Cinco de Mayo drink prices in the city: 99 cent Coronitas, $3 pints of Pacifico, $12 pitchers of Pacifico, and most exciting, $5 Herradura shots served out of the FiveOFour ICE LUGE.

They’ve also got some food specials in the works.  Presumably not delivered by ice luge.

FIVEOFOURSat, May 5th, 11am-2am; 21+/free (but RSVP)  — 6541 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028  RSVPhttps://www.facebook.com/events/404111569621374

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

You'll have fun even if a little, golden stag doesn't dance on your hand.

You swore you wouldn’t do it again and yet, here you are.

You raise your bleary, post-Xmas head in which visions of sugar plums — whatever the heck they are — have polka’ed your plan-ahead gene into oblivion.  You realize — horrors! — it’s mere days until New Year’s Eve and you’ve forgotten to figure out where you’ll go for the Most-Fun-Or-Die-Trying Night of the Year.

Not to worry, slackers.  Ms. Go Go has sifted through this year’s list of umpteen parties and chosen three of the best.

The fun patrol never sleeps.

Party Like It’s 1929

Maybe it’s the influence of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire.  Maybe party planners are feeling especially simpatico with the Great Depression.  Maybe it’s just the appeal of the sleek duds.   Whatever the reason, it seems every other New Year’s Eve event this year is a Prohibition-era shindig.

There could be worse problems.

If  a Roaring Twenties New Year’s Eve is your cup of bathtub gin, ankle over to the posh Park Plaza for LACMA Muse‘s Golden Stag New Year’s Eve Party .  Dressed-to-impress sheiks and shebas — that would be you, fashion plate — will be sipping cocktails, savoring treats, ogling dancers, prancers, and romancers, and swinging to the eighteen-piece Elliot Deutsch Big Band.

The swanky,  revelry-revved bash is a Sypher Art Studios  affair — you know them from Labyrinth of Jared Masquerade Ball — so top drawer talent, peerless ambiance, and impeccable attention to detail are all guaranteed — not to mention a complimentary champagne toast  and midnight fireworks.

The latter can’t hold a sparkler to you, Broadway baby.

(THE GOLDEN STAG NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY — Sat, Dec 31 from 9pm – 2 am; $50/21+ — Grand BallroomPark Plaza Hotel, 607 South Park View St, LA, 90057; Tickets 323 857-6010 or purchase online – no tickets available at the door.)

Best place to anticipate the Apocalypse......

Countdown to Midnight…and Armageddon. 

That ball drop signifying the end of the year?   Yawn.  So unoriginal.

This year, up the countdown ante with a midnight toast to oblivion — the Mayan, not the liquid Manhattan kind — at The Beginning of the End of the World New Year’s Eve Party at Villain’s Tavern.

To help you prepare for the possible arrival of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse — those party poopers — the Arts District oasis offers Punchfest; on New Year’s Eve, five to seven varieties of VT’s signature punches will drop a dollar an hour in price  from $11 for a Mason jar pint at 7:00  p.m. to $6 at midnight when you’ll also get free champagne to toast the End of Days.

The Rapture is so much more palatable with punch and a little bubbly.

(THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF THE WORLD NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY –  Sat, Dec 31st; doors open at 5 pm; no cover charge/21+Villains Tavern, 1356 Palmetto St, DTLA 90013, 213.613.0766, www.villainstavern.com)

See how good Marilyn looks in black & white?

Hedging Your Bets in Style

Just in case the world is ending next December, you’ll want to rack up some good karma to offset the impending cataclysm.

This New Year’s Eve, do good and look good doing it at the White & Black(out) Ball,  presented by Night Tap and benefiting Thinking About Tomorrow — a Santa Monica–based org that initiates community educational programs such as health and fitness initiatives, recycling programs, and back-to-school drives.

Already, you’re feeling so much better about your post-Apocalyptic prospects.

You’ll keep that do-gooder glow well in into 2012 after the benefit bash in the two-story ballroom in the elegantly historical Santa Monica Bay Club (c. 1914).  Everyone looks swell in black and white — as any pre-Technicolor movie proves — so join your fellow Beautiful Benefactors at the swell soiree featuring an open bar, music courtesy of Keaton James, the Rockstars, and DJ Jamie Charles, the ubiquitous champers toast at midnight, and giveaways all night long.

It’s so easy being good.

(THE WHITE & BLACK(OUT) BALL — Sat, Dec 31st  from 9:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m.; $80/21+ The Santa Monica Club, 1210 4th St, Santa Monica 90401.  Limited $60 discount tix available at Night Tap.) 

Drink and Ride – A PSA from Ms. Go Go

Go Go’ers, this NYE leave your 2011 cares behind you and the driving to the MTA, which is offering 24 hour service  from 9:00 pm on Saturday, December 31st to “close of service on January 2nd”.

Even better, the MTA is offering FREE rides on all Metro trains and buses on New Year’s Eve from 9:00 p.m. Saturday, December 31st until 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, January 1st.  You can still ride after 2:00 a.m. — you just have to pay regular fare.

They had Ms. Go Go at “ride after 2:00 a.m.”

For more details — including getting up at an ungodly hour for Rose Bowl Parade action — go to the Metro website.

Ready?   U Know U Want 2 Go Go….


That's a scary gnome, yo....

Go Go’ers, the above chant of Macbeth’s hags could certainly apply to Ms. Go Go’s recent months and consequent long absence.

But let’s use it as marching orders for this Dark Side of the Moon weekend., shall we?

Here’s how to get in double trouble every night.

Saturday, October 29th

Villains Tavern (1356 Palmetto St, LA 90031, 213.613.0766)

Downtown’s outdoor cathedral of cocktails has the weekend’s marathon witching hours.  The free night starts off young…at 1:00pm.  That’s eleven hours for:

— Frivolity (Costume Contest!  Tarot Card Reading!)

— Fine bands (12, including Icy Hot Club, Dustbowl Revival)

— Fancy drinkies (a.k.a. handcrafted punches)

— Freakshow Deluxe (Yeah, the guy sticks a needle through his skin.)

BONUS!  A beer bus takes you to the One-Eyed Gypsy, the carnival-themed sin-sister of Villains Tavern.

Oh to be a fly on that beer bus….

Urban DeathZombie Joe’s Underground   11pm/$15 (4850 Lankersham, North Hollywood, 91601, 818.202.4121)

Go Go’ers, Urban Death is not for the faint of heart, delicate of stomach, nor small of mind.  Think Grand Guignol/Haunted House tableaux…except instead of shuffling through a dark building, you’re trapped like a rat seated in a black-as-night theater.  Think lusty nuns, self-cannibalizing artists, things that slither past your foot. THIS is real Halloween horror, baby.

Ms. Go Go double-dares you.

Sunday, October 30th

Haunting your dreams.

5th Annual Haunted Halloween Festival – Out of the Box 6-8:30pm/$25 (6500 Hollywood Blvd LA 90028, 323.799.1374)

After all that racketing around and terrified sitting still, you will surely want to get out into the wide spooky world on Sunday.  Ms. Go Go isn’t sure who counts the ghoulies but Out of the Box Events claims Los Angeles is the 5th (or is it the 7th?) most haunted city in the U.S. of A. This scavenger hunt — but not a dweeby one — takes you on a tour to all of Hollywood’s haunted haute spots, including the (now-closed) speakeasy where the Black Dahlia drank the night she died.

Out of the Box urges you to join them for a drink after the tour.  You’ll want to do that.

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari – Silent Film/Live Organ – Disney Hall  7:30pm/$38-$63.50 (Walt Disney Concert Hall, 11 South Grand Ave, LA 90012, 323.850.2000)

Sure, it’s a little pricey,Go Go’ers but figure you’re getting a movie AND a concert AND a Los Angeles icon at this one. Those in the know go for the cheap seats anyway.

You don’t want to be looking up Dr. Caligari’s nostrils, do you?  Ms. Go Go thought not.

Monday, October 31st

Seven’s Grand Devil’s Cut Halloween Party Free (515 W 7th St, 2nd Floor,LA 90014, 213.614.0735)

You drink cocktails, they'll eat your flesh.

It’s the Big Night and you could wander aimlessly around Hollywood Boulevard with the year-round Living Dead but if you prefer your animated corpses in kilts bearing whiskey — and really, who doesn’t? — head Downtown for a  creepy pub crawl culminating at the Seven Grand’s Devil’s Cut launch party.  All of Cedd Moses’s 213  gin joints will be zombified through the weekend and All Hallow’s Eve  and serving liquid courage/specialty punches for $5 a glass.

You always appreciate a booze bargain while fending off flesh eaters.

All Hallow’s Eve @ The Edison $25 – $40/8pm (108 W 2nd St, LA, 90012, 213.613.0000 – Call for table reservations)

It’s always a little bit eerie downing libations amidst The Edison’s Industrial Age graveyard — who knows what lurks beyond those hulking machines?  If you prefer a spooky-but-civilized All Souls Eve, choose this Downtown haunt for an elegantly ghoulish evening.  Tix are cheaper in advance/on line but if you show up at the door in your bone-chilling best, it’s only $30.  According to The Edison, “Gifted Eccentriques from across the Globe” will perform including Helios Jive and the Stilt Circus.

You always prefer your terror on the tall side.

Go Go’ers, it’s been a helluva decade.  Ring it out in style at one (or if you’ve got the stamina…ALL!) of the following Downtown palaces of drinks, delight and debauchery.

THE BIG TICKET: “1 Ticket, Eight Open Bars” is 213 Downtown L.A.’s promise to help you welcome the New Year in style.   You’ll want to wear your high-heeled sneakers for this celebratory crawl!

Casey’s Irish Pub
GRAM RABBIT on stage and well spirits +11 craft drafts and wine in your hand.
‘Nuff said.

Golden Gopher 
Go Go to the Gopher for open bar all night on well, beer and wine
DJ Mike Turski spins rock ‘n’ roll till 2am

Las Perlas
Flower power your New Year! Open bar features handcrafted Spiced Daisy and popular Las Perlas house Margaritas
Indie Big Sonic Heaven DJ Darren Revell and Kapsoul rock the casa.

Seven Grand
Step into 2011 in high style  with Vieux Carre, Manhattan, Bourbon Fix cocktails inspired by Jim Beam Rye, Wild Turkey Rye, and Buffalo Trace or well spirits (or call for Maker’s Mark) + Deacon Jones All-Star Blues Revue w/ Artwalk Jamal and Special Guests

Broadway Bar
Party like it’s 1999! DJs B-Mix and J-Cru spin 80’s, Disco and Funk while you patronize the all-night open bar on all well products.

Tony’s Saloon
Keep it real at Tony’s; open well bar with select premium cocktails all night +
Raw roots blend of rock and twang with Paul Chesne and Guest DJs

Cole’s French Dip
Get your champers on at Cole’s.  Open Champagne Cocktails  Bitter Bar  featuring cherry, chocolate, mole and other libations  made with your choice of   housemade or branded  bitters.

Cana Rum Bar
Drink in the decade like Papa Hemingway with Cana’s Daiquiri Bar. Fresh handcrafted cocktails served throughout  the night while Icy Hot Club serves up vintage gypsy jazz with a modern twist.

(All-access Downtown L.A. New Year’s Eve party pass; $119 – $250 http://nyedowntownla.eventbrite.com/)

THE ROGUE’S CHOICE: Roots orchestra Dustbowl Revival will be tearing up the joint for FREE (That’s right!  A No Cover New Year’s Eve!) at  Villains Tavern.  The raucous revivalists go on at 9:00p.m.; the temple of boozy toasts starts serving free champagne after 10:00 p.m. (1356 Palmetto Street, 91003, 213.613.0766, www.villainstavern.com/)

IF THE COCKTAIL IS KINGCocktalian purists will want to head to the Varnish  to welcome the new with expertly handcrafted cocktails and a bottomless Bols Genever punch.  The Apple Sisters comedy trio (“Sarah Silverman meets the Shaggs” as described by the L.A. Times) will count down to the midnight champagne toast.  Contact general manager Chris Bostick to make reservations. (9:00 – 2:00 a.m. $119.  118 East 6th Street,   213.622. 9999  www.thevarnishbar.com

IF LUCK IS ON YOUR SIDEPresale tix to the Edison‘s ever-elegant New Year’s Eve event  have been snapped up but it’s worth stopping by the palace of steampunk at 10:00 p.m. for a chance to snag any unclaimed tickets.   The $75 billet  includes a midnight champagne toast, midnight tray passed dessert and performances by DJ James Spooner and two Stilters (that’s stilt-walkers to the uninitiated) PLUS a rare chance to see the Yard Dogs Road Show, a traveling cabaret self-described as a “love letter from the bordello of your imagination.”  Yes, you hope that Lady Luck smiles on you at 10:00…. (Yard Dogs Road Show performs at 10:00 and at 11:45;   $75; 108 West 2nd Street, 90012; 213.613.0000; www.edisondowntown.com)


***Ride with the Angels — On New Year’s Eve only, the Angels Flight railway fare will be a penny to commemorate the 109th anniversary of the opening of the “World’s Shortest Railway” December 31st, 1901.   Angels Flight will maintain its regular 16 hour schedule that day, from 6:45am to 10:00pm.  A one way ride on the 298 foot railway currently costs 25 cents, $1 for five rides, or 40 rides for $7.50.  (351 South Hill Street, 213.626.1901.)

***Go Metro — Holiday Service FREE all night so no need to drink and drive, Go Go’ers!

***AAA Tow Service —  AAA is offering free towing for the 14th year in a row. Between 6pm and 6am December 31 to January 1, call 1-800-400-4AAA and ask for a “tipsy tow”. This does not include rides for passengers, and is a one-way tow up to seven miles. Anything after seven miles will be charged at normal rates. You do not have to be a member of AAA to use the free towing.