Three bars to make you forget those tax forms!


Whether you’re flush or flat after filling out 1040 forms, three L.A. bars are serving special themed cocktails  to mark Tax Return Day. 

The Varnish: The master mixologists at the Varnish will be offering the Income Tax Cocktail ($12), which is basically a Bronx Cocktail: gin, sweet and dry vermouth, and orange juice.  The added Angostura bitters make it an Income Tax.  Apparently, the bitters reflect the mood of the day while the rest of the cocktail helps to ease the pain. 

Saints and Sinners:  Whether your returns were good or bad this year, head to Saints and Sinners for a Damn the Man ($5).   It’s probably best that this  cocktail is a one-day-only special.  The mix of brandy, Cointreau, beer and 151 is served in flames; will you REALLY be able to write off  having your own private fire fighter on next year’s taxes? 

Bigfoot West: Step down the street for a W-7 ($6),  a variation on a whiskey  sour  (whiskey, egg whites, lemon juice and bitters)  with the addition  of anise.   Drink enough of these and those other forms will be a distant, distant memory.  

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….