The Devil makes you do it. (Image courtesy of Jeri Batzdorff)

The Devil makes you do it.

You’ve consumed gallons of Devil’s Punch over the last month.

You’ve tripped over countless fake gravestones, several pirate swords, and a hag or two.

Your Bubbles the Clown costume has terrified all. (#gratified)

And still so much spook and scare to come.

Read on for the final Boohaha….

Love and a Lethal Weapon

Start the Halloween week countdown with a heaping cup of revenge, regret, blood lust, and rage.

No chaser.

Watch your back...

Watch your back…

This Tuesday, the New Folk Festival gets you into the spirit of Spirit Week with the 5th Annual Murder Ballads and Dark Songs.

There will be implied ghosts aplenty at the Echoplex with three acts of local musical faves singing old and new ditties about death, damnation and doomed damsels.

Best leave the moonshine at home.

MURDER BALLADS & DARK SONGSTues, Oct 28. Music at 9pm/Doors at 8pm. $11; 18+The Echoplex, 1154 Glendale, LA (Silverlake) 90026. For tix and more info, go HERE.

Vampire Va Voom

If you have demons to exorcise or a yen for SIN-tillating fun, you’ll want to snatch up tix ASAP for Night of the Vampire: the 2014 iteration of Lucha Va Voom’s Halloween violencia y sexo-travaganza.

Sexo! Violencia!  Pollo Locos!

Sexo! Violencia! Pollos Locos!

In addition to the usual buxotecas y luchadores, the comic quotient is high for the two-night Halloween hell-raiser.

Host Blaine Capatch is joined by Bobcat Goldthwaite and Dana Gould on Wednesday night; Jeff Davis (Harmontown) helps man the mic on Thursday.

All this plus  international hula hooping star Marawa Wamp (Just go with it.) and Ojito de Mal (a.k.a. Little Evil Eye).

You’ll def want to sit ringside in the “glare zone”.

LUCHA VA VOOM’S NIGHT OF THE VAMPIREWed, Oct 29 & Thur, Oct 30; 8pm/7pm doors. $40 – $75; 21+The Mayan, 1038 So Hill, LA 90015.  For tix and more info, go HERE.

Run for your lives!

Run for your lives!

E.T. Won’t be Phoning Home

On October 30, 1938, dramatist/l’enfant terrible Orson Welles and his Mercury Theater of the Air debuted War of the Worlds: a radio adaptation of H.G. Wells’s novel about Martians attacking Earth.

Reports of millions of citizens running terrified through the streets are greatly exaggerated according to recent research, but the myth lives on in infamy.

Judge the panic potential yourself this Thursday at Trepany House at the Steve Allen Theater when Fake Radio recreates the War of the Worlds radio drama, which Welles intentionally wrote to mimic a news broadcast.  The Fake Radio troupe has been performing radio shows complete with period music and era-appropriate clothes, since the late 1990’s.

Wear dash-worthy shoes…just in case.

H.G. WELLS’S WAR OF THE WORLDSThurs, Oct 30 @ 8pm.  $15 – $35Trepany House at the Steve Allen Theater, 4773 Hollywood Blvd, LA 90027. For tix and more info, go HERE.

Hey, Houdini!  (Photo by Creative Commons)

Does Houdini have “Bette Davis eyes”?  (Photo by Creative Commons)

Houdini, Can You Hear Me?

Harry Houdini, the “Handcuff King”, had a complicated relationships with spiritualism.

First, he believed in it.  Then, he went to great lengths to expose it as fraudulent.

Finally, perhaps to hedge his bets, Houdini instructed his devoted wife Bess to conduct a yearly séance for ten years on the anniversary of his death, which just happened to be on Halloween 1926.

Houdini — a showman to the end.

Inspired by a recording of the final 15 minutes of the final séance in 1936,  The Alchemy and  Obscura Society L.A. are hosting  Houdini’s Final Séance: an intimate, historical recreation of the event.

Seats are extremely limited for the two performance, which take place only on Halloween in a to-be-revealed “Old Hollywood” setting.

Period-appropriate libations and hors d’oeuvres are included in the ticket and guests are encouraged to dress in their 1936 Hollywood best.

You don’t want to meet Houdini in flip-flops and a Hang Ten tee.

HOUDINI’S FINAL SEANCE — Fri, Oct 31, 6-8:30pm & 9:30-midnight.  $55 — Exact Hollywood Hills location revealed after ticket sales.  For tix & more info, go HERE.

You are NOT Alone....

You are NOT Alone….

Finally, check out Ms. Go Go’s fave haunts around town; last chance for some shows!

See you on the dark side.

Alone: An Existential Haunting — Elegant.  Chilling.  Psychotic.  Also, thankfully, cocktails.  Wed 10/29 – Sat 11/1

Urban Death ~ Tour of Terror — Intimate labyrinth.  Under-your-skin horror.  Short tour/ long-lasting terror.  Fri, Oct 31 & Sat, Nov 1

Wicked Lit — Literary trilogy of chills.  Cemetery setting.  Backstage option.  Wed, 10/29 – Sat, Nov 8; no shows Mon & Tues.

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

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All ages Va Voom!

All ages Va Voom!

Go Go’ers, the weather is heating up and so is the weekend.

Actually, the weather is pretty much the same as it has been for months.

One out of two isn’t bad.

Three Ring Rock ‘n Roll

Go Go’ers, it’s not every day that Dave Stewart  (yes, the Eurhythmics co-founder) plays an “all ages” show with luchadore Dirty Sanchez, “pole princess” Leigh Acosta, and other performers  from the infamous “sexo y violencia” troupe Lucha Va Voom.

“Theatrics” and “burlesque” are promised.  Natch.

Whether or not you want to bring along the  wee ones, you’ll definitely want to snap up tix for yourself to The Ringmaster General‘s Friday show at the El ReyL.A. Weekly nightlife columnist Lina Lecaro will DJ and it’s a good bet that general madness will ensue.

Watch out for flying chickens.

DAVE STEWART/THE RINGMASTER & VA VOOM – A ROCK ‘N ROLL CIRCUSFri, March 14.  7pm/door. 8pm/show.  $25-$28El Rey Theatre, 5515 Wilshire Blvd, LA 90036  323.936.6400  Get tix HERE.

Bonjour, robot-pet

Bonjour, steampunk.

Free? Ah Oui!

Go Go’ers, French may be the language of love but starting this Saturday, it’s also the language of FREE international cinema.

Stumped beyond French-speaking France and Canada?

Brush up on your Francophonic film  AND geography with  A Week of French Language Cinema in Los Angeles at Theatre Raymond Kabbaz.  French films — the Oscar-winning, animated short Mr. Hublot and the feature Adieu Berthe: L’Enterrement de Mémé — kick off the series on Saturday with a pre-screening wine and hors d’oeuvres reception,

You can’t have French cinema without wine and cheese.

Subsequent movie offerings include films from Canada, Senegal, Belgium, and Switzerland.  There’s also a reception before the Thursday night Quebec closer Gabrielle.  All films are appropriate for 13+, free with RSVP,  and in French with English subtitles.

Think of it as a crash course  in the language of l’amour.

A WEEK OF FRENCH LANGUAGE FILMS —  Sat, March 15 – Thurs, Mar 20 @ 7:30 pm (3/15 and 3/20 receptions @ 7PM). FREE but MUST RSVP*** Theatre Raymond Kabbaz, 10361 W Pico Blvd, LA 90064   310.286.0553  (Presented in collaboration with the Consulates of France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Canada; the Quebec Government Office in Los Angeles; and TV5Monde.)

***To RSVP, please email with name, email address, number of people attending, and the screening(s) guests would like to attend.

Viva Las Vegas: Ann-Margaret and Elvis

Viva Las Vegas: Ann-Margaret and Elvis and Secret City’s Chris Wells and you.


Just a guess: it’s probably been a while since you’ve been to church.

This weekend, worshippers of tango, love potions, and all things art will want to holler “Hallelujah” at PASSION: a quarterly West Coast “service” of NYC’s Obie-winning The Secret City.

Other preachers may honor deities: Secret City founder/writer/performer Chris Wells finds inspiration in the likes of Elvis, Ann-Margaret and Viva Las Vegas! for his themed cabaret-meets-salon-meets-tent revival pop-up at Bootleg Theater.

Free child care will be provided so you can actually hear the gospel choir sing Little Red Corvette as well as concentrate as Chris creates community through ritual as performance art and consequently slings a little joy and passion into your life.

To quote Chris quoting Van Gogh: “I’d rather die of passion than of boredom.”

Can I get an “Amen”!

THE SECRET CITY LASun, March 16 @ noon.  All ages; $15 suggested donationThe Bootleg Theater, 2220 Beverly Blvd, LA 90057

More Weekend Go Go Fun:

CANstruction/DowntownL.A. Art Walk  — Juried design competition!  Buildings made of cans!  Donated to Los Angeles Regional Food  Bank!  Thurs 3/13 – Sun 3/15

PaleyFest — TV fan fest!  In person/live streaming! Stars galore!  Thurs 3/13 – Fri 3/28

ArtNight Pasadena — Art!  Music!  Theater! Performance!  Fri 3/14

Frieda Kahlo, Her Photos/MOLAA — Photos as canvas & history!  200 images!  Blue House archive!  Sat 3/15 – Sun 6/8

Hot Dish Brunch Party — Literary readings!  Brunch & mimosas!  Benefits 826LA & Book Bound Mobile Library!  Sun 3/16

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Love hurts....

Go Go’ers, if you have plans for this week, cancel them immediately.  If you were heading out of town, unpack now.  And Ms. Go Go will wait while you set the DVR to record a week’s worth of every TV show you watch.

You won’t be sorry.

Simply put, there is more high-octane entertainment in Los Angeles this week than Ms. Go Go has seen in recent memory and — lucky you — it’s all just in time to offer a solution to that pesky Val-Day prezzie conundrum (or meet next year’s Love Day recipient of same!)

Here’s the strategy for max Go Go fun: move quickly to get going-fast tix and make those costumes count.

Ms. Go Go has absolute faith in your ability to rock the week.

Lucha is for Lovers

You won’t need a costume for Lucha Va Voom; in fact, most of the performers won’t be wearing very much at all.

Now that Ms. Go Go has your attention….

Mexican Masked Wrestling and Saucy Striptease are Lucha Va Voom’s stock in trade and they promise to bring the “Sexo y Violencia” back to the Mayan Theater for three mid-week nights of twist and shout, “Sixties cinema style”.

Interpretation: “larger-than-life everything”.

This go-round in and out of the ring is billed as Lucha is for Lovers — one lucky couple is even getting a Val-Day wedding Lucha Va Voom style  — so while buxoticas like Michelle L’Amour and Peekaboo Pointe may be shaking the pasties and  luchadores like lucha Super-Estrella Sicodelico will rock the wrestler masks and adult onesies, you may want to dress to impress on the off chance you meet that special someone ringside.

Word of advice: choose wrinkle resistant glamour in case the L’il Chicken lands in your lap and wants a peck on the lips.

(LUCHA VA VOOM/Lucha Is For LoversFeb 14-16 @ 8pm (7pm door); $35-$65/21+  — Mayan Theater, 1038 So Hill St, DTLA, 90015)

Tix online @ and in person at:

Wacko, 4633 Hollywood Blvd

BRAT, 1938 14th St, Santa Monica

Garage Pizza, 100 1/2 West 7th Street, Downtown LA

For when you absolutely have to have fairy dust overnight....

The Sensuous Wood Sprite and You 

The Lucent Dossier Experience describes itself as a “playground for the innovative genius child in all of us”and based on their all-ages, neotribal-meets-electronica spectacle, their Inner Kids are pretty innovative indeed.

Also, you, know…pretty pretty.

This weekend, the L.A.-based collective of the otherworldly and the scantily dressed debut their newest experience When Lucent Found Herakut and will transform the Palace Theater into a little vortex of interactive vision and creativity with the help of German, large-scale street art duo Herakut.  Expect wild children, odd animals, and strange hats.

And that’s just the audience.

There are pre-shows, there are after-parties, there are DJs, fire artists, fortune tellers, gypsies, magic, tattoos, and elves.

It’s been ages since your weekend included an elf.

(THE LUCENT DOSSIER EXPERIENCE/When Lucent Found HerakutFri, Feb 17 and Sat, Feb 18; Show @ 9pm; Doors @ 7:30pm; All ages/$30-$120Palace Theatre,  630 S Broadway, DTLA 90014; For tix go to  

Gorey be....

Gorey, Gorey Hallelujah

Go Go’ers, do you yearn for a more elegant era?  Does the modern day pale next to turn-of-the-(last)-century gentility?  Do you love sinister landscapes, lurking urns, and endangered children?

Well, really, who doesn’t?

Monday’s a holiday — yay — so turn out your top hats and fluff up your finest fin de siecle frippery for this Sunday’s Edwardian Ball — a not-to-be-missed event celebrating the Edwards Gorey and King E VII.

Not that you needed a reason to pull out your high-button shoes.

A twelve-year tradition in the City by the Bay (and the third year in L.A.), the Ball offers spectacle, revelry, steampunk, dancing, cirque, whimsy, music, costumes and finery galore, and yummy, yummy absinthe cocktails all anchored by this year’s theatrical adaptation of Gorey’s The Iron Tonic by the Vau de Vire Society: the Edwardian Ball co-presenters along  with founders Rosin Coven.  (Read Ms. Go Go’s interview with the oh-so-charming producers Justin Katz and Mike Gaines.)

The Edwardian enthusiasts will be taking over the spectacular and spacious Belasco Theater, which has a ballroom, two outside patios (so two words: fur muff), and plenty of corners and crevices for  the popular Vendors Bazaar (think corsets, cutaways, and cravats for sale), the Edwardian portrait booth (the better to capture your ghoulish, Gorey-inspired glamour for posterity), and strange oddities and artifacts from the new-this-year Museum of Wonders.

If you see a giant preying mantis dance by, don’t say Ms. Go Go didn’t warn you.

(THE EDWARDIAN BALLSun, Feb 19; Doors & show 7pm-2am; full dinner menu available; GA $42; VIP $75-$80 [$45 & $90 at door]; 21+ w/ ID — The Belasco Theater, 1050 S Hill St, DTLA, 90015; 213-746-5670)

For tix:

For info:

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

Writhing and wrestling at the Mayan June 23/24

The Mayans used to rip out the hearts of  the living as offerings for the god of the dead.  The entertainment will be equally dramatic, if not quite as dire, at The Mayan theater when Lucha va Voom takes over the downtown temple of fun with “Hot Fun in the Summertime“.

First, get in the va Voom mood at one of Cedd Moses’s joints: perhaps a couple of  “Poblano Escobars”  (mezcal, poblano peppers, cumin, pineapple and orange liqueur) at Las Perlas or a “Cana Punch” (rum and many, delicious, secret ingredients) for you and seven of your closest, lucha-loving friends at the members-only Cana Rum Bar.  (The donated-to-charity, per annum dues  are $20; a pittance considering the potent punch of the punch.)

Fully lubricated with liquid cheer, wend your way to the Mayan where you’ll get  “lei’d” at the door if you come in luau or South Sea attire.   The main event of the midweek madness  is the  debut of high-flying Mexico City luchadores Turbo and SuperNova who will take on “the Superbad, one-eyed Pirata Morgan“.   (On a personal note, Ms. Go Go is super excited to learn how to say “Avast, me hearties” en Espanol.)

Expect agility and aerial maneuvers rather than chairs smashed over heads (although Mexican grannies have been known to beat on rudos – the bad guys, natch –  with their purses if they fall into the crowd).   The “minis”  (li’l luchadores who put the pow in pint-sized) will return, as well as crowd fave Chocolate Caliente. (He won’t melt under hot lights!)

Comedians Tom Kenny (Sponge Bob Squarepants) and Blaine Capatch (The Comedians of Comedy) will be on motormouth mic duty to help you root for the tecnicos (That’s “good guys” to you gringos.) and cheer on the chicas calientes. (That’s “hot girls” to anyone under ten.)  Sizzle-tease superstar Kitten Deville brings steamy summer fun with a new-to-you number, Carolina Cerisola unleashes her caged leopard act for the very first time, and a bevy of Lucha va Voom burlesque beauties help bring the boom boom to the room.

You’ll be reassured to know that when  Lucha va Voom partners and co-creators Liz Fairbairn and Rita D’Albert evaluate burlesque dancers, they look for original concepts and great music.

Which are your top two criteria for striptease artists as well….

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….


Celebrate Mexico's victory at the Edison with $1 shots of Casa Noble tequila.


Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican victory over French forces in 1862.   But  you knew that….   

Cinco de Mayo isn’t widely observed in Mexico but that shouldn’t stop you from hoisting a glass to celebrate the triumph of tequila and mezcal over champagne.  Here are a handful of barras y restaurantes where you’ll have the least chance of getting an embarrassing picture taken of you wearing a giant sombrero while soused on Sauza.  

The Edison downtown may be more grand than guerilla but drink like a wage worker with $1  shots (1 per person) of Casa Noble tequila from 5:00 – 7:00PM.  Willie Martinez y Mombo Loco will perform at 7:00PM with DJ Tatiana accompanying.   Plot your next uprising amidst the underground artifacts of the city’s first power plant.    

The doors at Las Perlas open at 4PM to give you an early start on the $4 Tecates,  $5 shots of El Jimador Blanco Tequila, $6 shots of Herradura Antiquo, and $7 margueritas and shots of Herradura Blanco.  There’s no $8 special but at 9:30PM,  DJ Jose Galvan (of 103.1 FM) helps you count down the night with Latin and Mexican beats in the Oaxacan inspired charm of  downtown’s temple of tequila and mezcal.   

If you’re a reality T.V.  junkie, you probably already know that Ciudad‘s Susan Feniger, one of the Too Hot Tamales, has been competing on Bravo’s Top Chef MastersCiudad will host a TCM viewing party on Cinco de Mayo with $3 tacos, 1/2 off Mojitos and Margueritas, and “special surprise tastes” of one of Ms. Feniger’s TCM dishes.  RSVP by TODAY, May 4th if you’re craving a gourmet, Cinco de Mayo experience with your Wednesday night T.V. fix.  

If you couldn’t get tickets to Lucha Va Voom’s sold out “Cinco de Mayan” extravaganza, head over to “modern Mexican” Provecho Restaurant.  In addition to $2 mezcal shots, $3 Dos Equis, and $5 Cazadores margueritas, the sleekly beautiful bar and restaurant will host one of the wildest nights in town with burlesque, luchadores, and mariachis.  Ay, ay, ay, ay!  

Lula Cocina Mexicana was voted one of North America’s best tequila bars – they only serve 100% Blue Agave tequilas and mezcals and have over 300 varieties – so you know they know how to throw a party.  On Cinco de Mayo, you can roll out of bed and start toasting la revolucion at 10:00AM with special tequila and liqueur promotions; David Duque will perform with Mariachi Mexican Colonial.  Don’t turn into un nasty borracho though;  roaming magician David Groves might turn you into un canejo  and pull you out of a hat.  And the whole point of the evening is to avoid the sombreros, remember?  

Get your caliente on at Border Grill from 11:30AM to 10:00PM in the bar.  In addition to $3 Border tacos and $5 bites, desserts and drinks  (except for the Bacardi mojitos, which are $5.50), the Two Hot Tamales offer a chili challenge: if you can finish a Fresno Chili Popper, a Jalapeno Popper, and a Serrano Popper, they’ll give you a Habanero Popper free!   Ms. Go Go assumes this is a reward for a job well done but it’s really a good thing those drinks are so cheap….  

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….