The Go Go Halloween: Murder Ballads, Lucha Va Voom, War of the Worlds, Houdini’s Final Seance + Last Chances

The Halloween Go Go: Murder, Sexo y Violencia, Martians, A Seance + last chances….

Read on for the week’s boohaha….


Sexo y Violencia, Decadent Fairies, and Exquisite Edwardians

Go Go’ers, if you have plans for this week, cancel them immediately.  If you were heading out of town, unpack now.  And Ms. Go Go will wait while you set the DVR to record a week’s worth of every TV show you watch. You won’t be sorry. Simply put, there is more high-octane entertainment in…

LUCHA Va VOOM: mayhem at the Mayan

The Mayans used to rip out the hearts of  the living as offerings for the god of the dead.  The entertainment will be equally dramatic, if not quite as dire, at The Mayan theater when Lucha va Voom takes over the downtown temple of fun with “Hot Fun in the Summertime“. First, get in the…