Go Go’ers, it’s finally (kind of) fall, which means the days of staggering around in a heat-stunned stupor are (almost) over and the days of staggering around in a happy, beery haze are upon us.

Your hand-knitted beer Kozy is ready and waiting.

Also this weekend: CARmageddon II.  You may have heard of it.

Luckily, when life hands out lemons, artists make ARTmageddon.  Whether the 405 is your home away from home or you avoid the 405 like the plague, the big benefit of L.A’s much-bla-bla’d about freeway closure is lots and lots of local art that you can walk/bike/Metro to.

This weekend, home is where the art is.


Click on links below for info/tix for Ms. Go Go’s ARTmageddon highlights.

Westside — Lucky WAngelenos: ArtPlatformone of L.A.’s best art events featuring local, national, and international art and artists starts today at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica and runs through Sunday.  Check out alt/independent artist collectives like The Suburban (international art from a suburban Chicago garage) and Central Utah Art Center/CUAC, which just got kicked out of the historic building they saved and renovated because a recent exhibit featured bare breasts.

Midtown: Whether you’re a fan of body art and alt-L.A. history or just want to show off your newest “I Love Gladys” tat, you’ll want to check out LA Skin & Ink: The Craft and Folk Art Museum‘s exploration of L.A.’s role in the Tattoo Renaissance starting in the 1960’s.

DTLA — See! the Goddess Ishtar krump!  Watch! the Bull of Heaven break dance!  Cheer! as a flood hero pops in Illuminated Manuscript: a three-day only street-dance interpretation of the Epic of Gilgamesh at  at LATC.  The secret of immortality may or may not be revealed.

San Fernando Valley —  The New Short Fiction Series  — L.A.s “longest running spoken word series” according to the event website — presents “In Cars”: a special ARTmageddon-affiliated event at the Federal Bar in which performers Alain Benatar, Fran Montano, and series creator Sally Shore perform auto-related stories by L.A. writers Robert Morgan Fisher, Sacha Howells, and A.R. Taylor.

You may be able to relate.


Get Sweet and Foamy this Saturday

It’s a big weekend for Eagle Rock.

Also, for lovers of beer.  And ice cream.  And burgers,.

Jeremy Raub of Eagle Rock Brewery and Andre Guerrero and Jan Purdy of Maximiliano and Oinkster (which celebrates its 6th anniversary today) are the reigning co-champions of last year’s L.A. Beer Float Showdown where they debuted their “Vanilla Bean Solidarity and Pig Candy, cacao nibs and bourbon chocolate ice cream beer float”.


It’s hard to imagine that the NELA champs — or anyone else — will be able to top that concoction at this year’s Beer Float Showdown, presented by Food GPS on Saturday, September 29th at Golden Road Brewing in Atwater Village.

But don’t you want to see them try?

All attendees get to vote on the five beer floats presented by the teams of chefs and local breweries which, in addition to the defending champs, include:

•    Strand Brewing + Christian Page (Short Order) & Hourie Sahakian (Short Cake)
•    El Segundo Brewing Co. + Shiho Yoshikawa (Sweet Rose Creamery)
•    Golden Road Brewing + Josh Graves & Paul Sanguinetti (Ray’s and Stark Bar / C+M)
•    Beachwood BBQ and Brewing + Tony DiSalvo & Chris Crary (Whist)

It’s going to be 87 degrees tomorrow, Go Go’ers.  Drink accordingly.

FOOD GPS presents THE 4TH ANNUAL BEER FLOAT SHOWDOWNSat, Sept 29th, 2-5pm; $35–$45; 21+Golden Road Brewing, 5430 W San Fernando Rd, L.A. (Atwater Village) 90039

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

Beer Fest #926...but who's counting?

It’s almost Thanksgiving and you know what that means.  Six days to whoop it up before the relatives descend and/or you have to deal with that damn bird.

So put down the angst-inducing grocery list and head to the Echoplex tomorrow afternoon for the Harvest Beer Festival, which is promoting the  “responsible appreciation of craft beer”.

To make sure that you appreciate to the fullest: unlimited pours.

For $30, you can forget all about the imminent finagling of that frozen fowl and sample unlimited sips from over 50 beer crafters  including:  Kern River Brewery; Eagle Rock Brewery; Hanger 24 Craft Brewery; Firestone Walker; Bear Republic Brewing Company;and The Bruery.  Proceeds from the 21+ fest fund local writing/tutoring project 826LA and the California State Parks so you’ll be guzzling for good.  There will, of course, be for-purchase food at trucks on-site to help soak up those suds, which is where the “responsible” part comes in.

You know who you are.

Those expecting brass  with their beer won’t be disappointed.   Horn-endowed Vaud and the Villains and The Blasting Company will bring the “oh yeah” instead of the “oom-pah-pah” and bluegrass fans can expect an extra spirited rendition of  Last Round Down‘s Why Would I Leave My Beer So Far.

Tomorrow, that definitely won’t be your problem.

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….


Next weekend, of course, is Halloween: a day of costumes, creepiness, and your annual over-consumption of cringe-inducing candy like Necco wafers and lime lollipops.

This weekend, do yourself and your taste buds a favor and head for Artisanal L.A., a consortium of 75+, local, food-centric crafters.  Categories include “Baked Goods” (Cake Monkey‘s “Banana Cream Cakewich” is only available at Artisanal L.A.), “Chocolate/Confections” (Plush Puffs artisanal chocolate marshmallows for Best. S’mores. Ever), “Meat, Sausage & Dairy” (four words: Cajun Small Batch Bacon from Cast Iron Gourmet),  and “Oil, Vinegar, Pantry” (a variety of for-sale pickles, a “super-exciting pickle-making demonstration” and a “super-exciting bonus” of grilled cheese and BACON-JAM sandwiches from Chicks With Knives.  Ms.  Go Go is absolutely super-excited!!!)   There will be countless other samples and choices, of course, including full-on food options from The Oaks Gourmet and Homegirl Cafe but in Ms. Go Go’s opinion, you really can’t go wrong with pork and sugar.   (Ahem.  Ms. Go Go did not suggest no sweets this weekend…just good sweets.)

Those wanting beer with their bites (okay, that’s probably most of you, Go Go’ers) will be happy to learn that both of L.A.’s breweries (Nibble Bit Tabby Brewery and Eagle Rock Brewery) will represent beer craftiness at the food fest (and on a Beer Chicks-moderated panel).  Olive-y items from the Olive Press will be a nice nibble for the Biodynamic Wine Pairings demo and tasting with Chef Joseph Gillard of Napa Valley Grille.  And if your tastes tend towards the Slavic, you’ll want to show up for Christopher Klapp and Chef Ben Bailly‘s Petrossian Sustainable Caviar demo and tasting with some Tru Organic vodka in hand.  The super-sustainable spirits producers claim that drinking two ounces of their vodka, gin and/or rum makes you carbon-neutral for the day so you’ll obviously want to toast their eco-efforts often.

Ms. Go Go suggests attending the Common Thread “hand-sewn egg cozy” workshop before attempting carbon neutrality.

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….


Don't be fooled...we have Flying Pigeon bikes in Los Angeles but they don't fly like E.T. bikes.

UPDATED post for timeless appeal!!!! (‘Cause who doesn’t love cycling babes in beige heels and bustin’-out-all-over, Red China rompers?!?!)


Go Go’ers, we’re due for cooler weather and whether you’re a wobbler (Ms. Go Go raises hand.) or a whiz on wheels, you too can experience bike culture in Los Angeles.

Flying Pigeon – Northeast L.A.

This super-friendly, community-involved, well-stocked bike shop sells and services bikes (mainly European and Chinese commuter bikes) and also sponsors three, count ’em three, monthly bike rides  in Northeast Los Angeles.  Bikes also available for rent for tours.

1st Saturday – Brewery Ride: Why drink and drive when you can drink and ride?  Meet at the Flying Pigeon shop and pedal to a local drinking destination (brewery, winery, local bar) “with an emphasis on craft and/or micro beverages”.  NOTE: The time and drinking destination of the 21+ (natch) Brewery Ride changes, sometimes monthly, so phone Flying Pigeon before showing up at the shop.  (Safety still applies, NATCH, so don’t put your helmet on backward or forget to tie your shoelaces or overdo it with the drinkies!)

2nd Saturday – Spoke(n) Art Ride – If you love NELA 2nd Saturday Art Tour (and if you read U Want 2 Go Go, you know Ms. Go Go has a giant girl-crush on the nabe art fave) and want to experience it in the most neighborhood-immersive way possible, join Flying Pigeon’s (slow-paced) night-time cruise of Arroyo Seco streets and art galleries.   Plus, plan to make the post-ride party at Flying Pigeon and their neighbor: the Bike Oven (a bike collective where do-it-your-selfers can work on their wheels). Past parties have included beer, kiddie bike races, (but no kiddies drinking beer) and flaming pinatas.   Alternatively, you could stay at home and watch CSI reruns….

3rd Sunday – Get Sum Dim Sum – A free, slow-paced cruise for Chinese carbs on a Sunday morning?  Yep, it doesn’t get any better than this.  Riders usually split the cost of the food at destinations in Chinatown, San Gabriel and elsewhere.  You can rent a bike at Flying Pigeon for $10 but their fleet is small and advance reservations are a must.  Think of the char siu baau and pick up that phone, baby.

Eats + exercise + free = Excellent Excursion 4 U

Legends Beach Bike Tours

The Legends Beach Bike Tours don’t include dim sum, drinks or pint-sized demolition derbies but they do start at family owned Perry’s Beach Cafe, which has been serving sustenance to SoCal sand and sun lovers  for decades in its multiple offshoots along Santa Monica and Venice beaches.  Perry’s has a huge fleet of bikes (plus rollerblades and every kind of beach paraphernalia you might want to rent) and they’ll make sure there’s a Schwinn cruiser that fits you.  For $35, you’ll wheel along the boardwalks and bike paths of sun-drenched beaches (and alongside off-the-beaten-track canals) while a Legends tour guide apprises you of must-see sights/sites via headset.  All you have to do is slather on sunblock and stay upright.

All over Los Angeles!

Want to craft your own wheel-worthy adventure?  The C.I.C.LE. (Cyclists Inciting Change through Live Exchange) website can steer you towards routes no matter where you want to go and are also involved with Families and Bikes (FAB), which promotes family biking for the health of people and the planet.  (You’re one of those, right?)  Check out their “Wheel Routes” link on the right hand side of Home Page; daily bike commuters all over Greater Los Angeles share their most hassle-free routes complete with tips and hints.  Many are great for group rides.  Thanks, C.I.C.L.E.-ists!

And if Ms. Go Go locates those sassy, red, cycling sunsuits, you’ll be the first to know.

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….


Photo courtesy of Twee Studios/Eagle Rock Brewery


Artists and tacos and beer, oh my!  Tonight, it’s all happening off the 2…Freeway, that is. 

Eagle Rock Brewery just debuted “Red Velvet”: their Imperial Ale with Rye.   Silky mouth-feel (Thanks, rye!), hints of chocolate, and an 11% alcohol content.  (Watch out for “speed traps” when you leave, Go Go’ers!)   To help celebrate the brewery’s newest baby, ERB is having their first gallery event tonight;  Thuy Le of Twee Studios will be displaying selected works from his ORIGIN OF ABSENCE series.   LATE BREAKING NEWS:  The scheduled food truck cancelled so Taco Chop  is saving the day with drive-up deliciousness! (6:00-10:00PM) 

Keep the art buzz going by heading over to the opening reception for pop-up exhibition space  PLAyLAnd.  In addition to the usual (art) suspects, PLAyLAnd will feature “circuit-bending sound scape, international mail art show…poetry bomb [and] handmade toys that recreate science fiction scenarios”  from three cities (Reno, San Francisco and Los Angeles).   Among the 24 featured artists are John Fleck, one of the infamous NEA 4 (four performance artists whose 1990 NEA grants were attacked by conservative politicians based on subject matter) and L.A. Mudpeople: masked, mud-daubed “urban primitives” who have been (slowly) perambulating  around the Los Angeles art/performance scene since 1989.  Through 5/31/10 (Tonight:6-10PM) 

 For a post-art-bash beer, head over to the Verdugo Bar in Glassell Park: 24 beers on tap, 85 bottled beers and (the best!) beer to go (thanks to the former speakeasy’s grandfathered liquor license from the 1930’s).  **** 

Go Go’ers: remember those speed traps. 

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go…. 


Photo courtesy of the Border Grill


If you’re a food truck aficionado, a fan of  the Too Hot Tamales’ tasty chow, or just love artisanal beer,  go go now to  Eagle Rock!   Tonight, from 6-10PM, Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger’s Border Grill Truck will be parked outside the Eagle Rock Brewery:  the first brewery to operate in Los Angeles in over a century.  Perfect for a pre-party pit stop or while away the whole evening in the microbrewery’s 21+ tap room.  

TGIF, Go Go-ers, TGIF.  

Border Grill Truck at the Eagle Rock Brewery  

Tonight!   Friday, March 26, 6-10PM   

The Eagle Rock Brewery  

3056 Roswell Street  

Los Angeles 90056