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“Queen Cocktail” asked for more Domaine de Canton recipes.   Ms. Go Go is always happy to help out a fellow cocktailian!

Here are two delish drinks created by fiber artist pal Connie Rohman whose libations enliven many a party and art opening.  Both combine cranberry and ginger; perfect for a holiday bash.

Ruby Sipper (named by Ms. Go Go!)

This is a gorgeous scarlet color without the cream.

1 shot  vodka
1/2 shot Domaine de Canton
1/2 shot limoncello cream  (or plain limoncello if you can’t find the cream)
1 splash of triple sec
2-3 shots cranberry juice

Pour ingredients over ice in a shaker.  Shake vigorously, pour into chilled martini glass.  Garnish with lime wedge.

Note:  if using plain limoncello, add a splash of simple syrup).

Ginger Dragon

1 shot  vodka
1 shot Domaine de Canton
2 shots fresh orange juice
1 shot cranberry juice
1 splash Cointreau
1 splash saffron syrup (available at Indian food markets)

Pour ingredients over ice in a shaker.  Shake vigorously, pour into chilled martini glass.  Garnish with lime wedge.
Note:  Bottled saffron syrup is available at Indian food markets.

Connie buys at:

Indian Sweets & Spices,  3126 Los Feliz Boulevard, Los Angeles.

Hostess with the mostest Lisa asked where to get exotic liquors like Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur and Belle de Brillet Pear Liqueur.  Both are listed on BevMo’s website.

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Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

Fiber artist Connie Rohman's "Felted Abstraction" 2008

Ah, November in Northeast Los Angeles: mosaic-hued black walnut trees, emboldened coyotes, the Arroyo Arts Collective 18th Annual Discovery Tour.

NELA: where decay meets death meets drawing (and more).

This year’s pre-Thanksgiving, art extravaganza has been dubbed “North by Northeast”, perhaps to firmly establish the geographic identity of  the art-centric area that, after 100+ years of unflagging, creative activity,  has  suddenly been discovered by international publications such as The New York Times and The Financial Times of London.

It’s good to be an overnight success.

If you’ve never been on the self-guided-or-shuttle tour of artful neighborhoods such as  Mt. Washington, Eagle Rock, Highland Park, Glassell Park, and Montecito Heights — or, heck,  if you don’t even know where those places  are — this is the year to check out NELA’s cultural hotbed so that one day you can remember your Northeast L.A. art epiphany with nostalgia.

Go NELA, young man (and young woman).

If you haven’t been on the tour in a while, the artistic and geographic landscapes have expanded; over 100 artists are participating this year.  Check out what you’ve been missing so you can hold forth on the reeling-in-the-years changes over a microbrew at your favorite gastropub.

And if you’re a regular on the tour, you know exactly what all the fuss is about  and are probably smugly holding your ticket as you read this.

Yes, we all wish we were you.

The tour, which starts at the Lummis Home/El Alisal in Highland Park, is on November 21st, the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  You, however, will want to preview art tour highlights and hobnob with the artists at the gratis bash this Saturday, November 13, at the Future Studio Gallery, one of the area’s original gallery pioneers.

Just call them the NELA OGs.

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….


Landscape by Jose de Juan at Lummis Day 5.


In 1884, Charles Fletcher Lummis walked 3507 miles from Ohio to California to take a job with the Los Angeles Times; Americans discovered the Southwest through the dispatches he wrote from his road trip through New Mexico and Arizona. 

Lummis then settled on the banks of the Arroyo Seco, became editor of the Los Angeles Times, built a castle out of river rock and railroad ties (El Alisal), and turned it into the social hub of Northeast Los Angeles while founding the Southwest Museum and campaigning for the rights of Native Americans and other minorities.  In other words, he was a man who apparently never slept.  

Darcy Hawes' assemblage of found objects.

Go Go’ers, you won’t have to expend nearly as much effort to get to Lummis Day 5: the Festival of Northeast Los Angeles.  In the spirit of Lummis himself, it’s a celebration of  art, music, poetry, food, and the NELA community.  Except you’ll probably get some sleep later…if you want. 

Poet Suzanne Lummis, Lummis’s granddaughter, hosts a poetry showcase to kick off the festival  Sunday morning at El Alisal.  Linger over refreshments as well as the exhibit curated by Mt. Washington fiber artist Connie Rohman who has gathered the work of over a dozen, fellow local artists such as Cha-Rie Tang (fused glass and ceramics), Yolanda Gonzalez (paintings), and Darcy Hawes whose assemblages (above) are created out of found/repurposed/recycled objects collected on walks through Northeast Los Angeles neighborhoods.   (Go Go’ers, if Ms. Go Go had a “spirit object”, it would be Darcy Hawes’s go-go gal above.)    

Mt. Washington landscape by Diane Behrens

The art will be on display until 5:00PM at El Alisal but mid-day, the party shifts to the nearby Heritage Square Museum where over 100 jazz, salsa, rock, country, hillbilly and punk performers — including Emmy-Award winning Tex-Mex artist Ruben Martinez, local rockers Ann Likes Red, and alt-country hillbilly punk band The Evangenitals — will keep things lively on three, different stages.   Plus, look forward to artisan crafts, community booths, and tasty treats from food vendors like gourmet food trucks Frysmith, Don Chow Tacos,  and Nom Nom, and local mom n’ pop bakery Mardy’s Munchies,  all in the enclave of Heritage Square’s gorgeous, preserved homes.  

Go Go’ers, the old man of the Arroyo still throws a damn good party.  

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….  


Today, May 1st from 2:00 - 10:00PM


If  your impression of South Pasadena has been Mayberry with Craftsman houses and no Aunt Bee, the second annual Eclectic Music Festival and Art Walk will be an eye-opener.  (Hey, maybe that’s what the winking eye on the guitar means!)  

Giving the ultimate expression to the phrase “Art Walk”,  artist Marie Miller will install “Giant Easels“: 4×5 foot canvases covered in transparent Visqueen sheeting and mounted on 15 foot high easels.  From 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Meridian Avenue near the Metro Gold Line Mission Station, participants can don cover-ups, contribute to the outdoor art piece  with acrylic and house paint  – canvases will be replaced as they’re finished – and then walk through the arched tunnel created by the art work for a new perspective on the piece.    Sponsored by the South Pasadena Arts Council (SPARC), “Giant Easels” will be on display until 9:30PM so you’ll be able to check it out in the darkness and in the light.  (And honestly, wouldn’t we all like that option with everything we do?)  

Also at the Gold Line Mission location: a mysterious “Interactive Media Event”.  Kevin Foxe, Executive Producer of The Blair Witch Project, won’t reveal details but the Festival site describes it as the “Walking Talking Man, an audience participation video experiment”.  Even though the Walking Man statue is a teeny bit reminiscent of those creepy humanoid stick figures in The Blair Witch Project, we’re taking Foxe’s word that the event, projected on the wall of the Meridian Iron Works Museum in between musical acts, will be fun and not freaky.  

In addition to “Giant Easels” and the “Walking Talking Man”, the Art Walk will feature a diverse line-up of open artist studios and multiple gallery shows, such as: the whimsically unsettling  “Our Shaky Civilization with Animals”,  featuring the art of  Abira Ali and Gordon Henderson at Arts Coordinator Hope Perello’s SPACE Gallery; a group show of early California and contemporary American art at Michael Hollis; Special Exhibits like Laurie Hendricks’s landscapes at Reimagine Your Home; and  the SPARC Temporary Contemporary: new lofts transformed into a pop-up gallery so you can simultaneously house hunt and check out how the work of artists like Liz Reday, Catherine Ellen Money and Connie Rohman (among others) will look on the walls of your new pad before you make an offer.  

If the fun, interactive and mysterious art wasn’t enough, the impressive line up at the Eclectic Music Festival features top acts like: Jackson Browne-collaborator/world music champion David Lindley; the Nervis Brothers‘ New Orleans second line with power horns; a capella, angelic/street harmony with Moira Smiley and VOCO; Double Naught Spy Car‘s punk/jazz/surf with lap steel guitar; and Turkish/Greek-influenced Wahid.   All this for only $20 on the main stage; South Pasadena is practically paying you to have fun, Go Go’ers!   

PLUS, savor free music at five other stages around town, visit food, wine and beer gardens, sample delish fare at the Dumpling Station, the DosaTruck and the Sweets Truck, and wander into merchant open houses, all within walking distance.  

Maybe they should have put feet on that guitar.  

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….  


South Pasadena Eclectic Music Festival and Art Walk  

May 1st, 2 – 10PM  

$20 for the Music Festival Main Stage  

To buy Music Festival tix, download a map or find further info about event participants,  click below: