The Weekend Go Go: Animation Fest, Art Tour and Spoken Word

The Weekend Go Go: Cartoons for Grown-ups. So many artists, so much time. A variety show of the mind.

Go Go’ers, this weekend is your friend.

APRIL FOOLS: Diquieting clowns for disturbing times

  Those not living in a cave have probably noticed that in an odd coinky-dink (or sinister Romulan takeover), April Fool’s Day bumps smack dab against Easter weekend this year.     If you’re not into pastels and PAAS-dyed Easter eggs,  then you are in luck, my Go Go friend.   Check out these brilliantly subversive, clown-around-town events.     Kaution…these ain’t no kiddie klowns.  No joke.   “ISMS” @ Zombie Joe’s Underground    …