Tom Bergin's Public House: L.A.'s oldest Irish bar.

Tom Bergin’s Public House: L.A.’s oldest Irish bar.

“You can’t drink all day unless you start in the morning.” – Irish proverb

Wondering where to get your Irish eyes smiling and a green drink sweating in your hand?

Ms. Paddy O’Go Go has your back.

Sláinte mhath!

TOM BERGIN’S PUBLIC HOUSE – L.A.’s oldest Irish pub celebrates its 80th St. Patrick’s Day  with a 20 hour, NO COVER bash starting at 6:00 a.m.  Have a hearty Irish breakfast at the Horseshoe Bar before moving out to the tented patio for a day of  festivities: a Guinness selection, Magners Irish Cider and Coors Lite ($8 a pint); Tom Bergin’s iconic Irish Coffee, Old Fashioneds, and Irish Car Bombs ($10); pub fare from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 pm and a Shamrock Hour from 5:00-7:00 p.m.  Why: A chance to possibly peep Playmate of the Year Dani Mathers and Mayor/occasional guest bartender Eric Garcetti under the shamrocks while drinking from cups that turn green when filled with beer.

Tim Herliky, Brand Ambassador for Tullamore DEW, at Tom Bergin's Public House at the start of the #50state30days tour.

Tim Herlihy, Brand Ambassador for Tullamore DEW, at Tom Bergin’s Public House at the start of his #50State30Days tour.

Tom Bergin’s also has the distinction of being chosen as the official starting point of Tullamore Dew Brand Ambassador Tim Herlihy’s “50 states in 30 days” Irish Pub tour, which ends on St. Patrick’s Day  in NYC.  Celebrate Tim’s pub tour feat with Tully specials: Whiskles (a pickleback with Tullamore DEW and house-made pickle juice) and Tullamore DEW ice cream…not necessarily together.  WHY: Treat yourself to Tullamore DEW, Tullamore DEW 12 year old, the Tullamore DEW Phoenix, or the just-released Tullamore DEW 15 year old Trilogy.

CASEY’S IRISH PUB – ST. PATRICK’S DAY FESTIVAL — Looking for an Eastside St. Paddy’s Day party?  Head downtown to Casey’s Irish Pub, which also kicks off its all-day/all-night 7th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Festival.  Start in the cozy pub then move out to the street/block party, which is FREE to enter before 3:30 p.m. and lasts until 2:00 a.m. with games and live DJ’s.  Why:  A chance to get a tan while getting your Irish on with  $5 Jameson shots, $8 Guinness and corned beef sandwiches.

OLLIN’S 14TH ANNUAL ST. PATTY’S DAY Want to indulge your black Irish heart?  The Satellite presents the iconic Eastside punk rock band Ollin’s annual tribute to the Pogues: a full-length performance of their album  Rum, Sodomy and the Lash with Jon Wahl and the Amadans.  Why: Watching a band whose name translates to “earthquake” power-driving through a punk classic in a classic Hollywood music venue.

The golden-haired St. Patrick....

The golden-haired St. Patrick….

THE GREYHOUND PRESENTS ST. PATRICK SWAYZE DAY — Nobody puts Baby in a corner at The Greyhound Bar & Grill. The Metro adjacent, Highland Park neighborhood hang presents their 3rd annual St. Patrick Swayze Day celebration with all-day food and drink specials and Power 106 DJ Medek spinning tunes.  And since it’s also the March Madness tip-off, you can watch all the games.  No green attire required.  Why:  Having the time of your life celebrating the triple threat of St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness and Dirty Dancing.

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

My, what a big hat you have....

On St. Patrick’s Day, she’ll sit where she wants….

O’Go Go’ers, your St. Patrick’s Day plans probably revolve around Shamrocking and Riverdancing.

Yes, you’re a spritely one.

But in case you get thirsty or your leprechaun shoes get tight, here are a few alternatives:


Tom Bergin‘s 3 days!  Four outdoor bars!  1 beer truck!  Whisky girls!  Shamrocks on the ceiling!   Sat 3/15 – Mon 3/17

Rock ‘n Reilly’s 3rd Annual St. Paddy’s Day Block Party — 12 bars! 100 cases of Guinness!   Photo booth for easy-access, multiple drunken selfies! Sat 3/15

Casey’s 42nd Annual St. Patrick’s Day Street Festival  —  20 hour party!  300 kegs of beer!  100 cases of whisky!  Free admission before 11 a.m. Mon 3/17


Kiss My Lass” Sweet & Sultry Burlesque at El Cid —  6 sassy lasses!  7 piece burlesque orchestra!  Early cocktails on the patio!  Sun May 16

The Greyhound’s St. Patrick Swayze Day  Swayze Movie Marathon!  Irish & Swayze-themed Specials!  You’ll have the time of your life! Mon 3/17

OLLIN’S 12th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Tribute to the Pogues — Performing Rum Sodomy and the Lash!  Beer!   St. Patrick’s Day tradition!  Mon, 3/17

Ready? U Know U Want 2 O’Go Go….

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She's not as green as she looks and neither is the beer....

She’s not as green as she looks. Same goes for your beer….

There’s no getting around it; this weekend, the Big Deal event is St. Patrick’s Day.

Of course, Ms. Go Go has a few thoughts.

But if you want to start the weekend shamrock-free, well…that’s possible too.

This weekend, it’s all about the options.

Poetry Brothel? Yes, Please

Sure, some people like it rough-and-tumble.

But if you’re the sort of sophisticate who prefers your poetry with a little finesse,  a soupcon of intimacy, and whole lot of  je ne sais quoi, you’ll want to welcome the infamous Poetry Brothel to Los Angeles at their inaugural event.

Taking poetry out of the coffee house and into the house of ill repute, the Poetry Brothel creates the atmosphere of a high  class bordello complete with enticingly dressed Poetry Whores, music, drinks, and  private poetry readings available at $5 a pop.

Their fingers know what to do....

Their fingers know just what to do….

All you need to do is sit back and let it happen.

POETRY BROTHEL OF LOS ANGELESFri, March 15, 8-10pm (doors open 7:30); $15 admission, $5 for private readings, CASH barPieter Performance Space, 420 West Avenue 33, Unit 10, Los Angeles, CA 90031

Tix @

Pork and Some Paintings

Not every bash this weekend involves green beer.

Or you could check out some leprechauns.... (Courtesy of Rollence Patugan

Or you could check out some leprechauns…. (Courtesy of Rollence Patugan

At the monthly Bacon Social, artists, photographers, musicians, and those who love them come together to celebrate creativity, drink adult beverages, and consume porcine products like Parmesan crusted BLTs with spicy chipotle aioli (Veggie and Turkey bacon available), chocolate cupcakes with maple-bacon frosting, bacon caramel corn with a dark chocolate drizzle.

So much better than green eggs and ham.

The Furious Seasons and the Barrelhousers keep it moving up in the joint.  Artists include record cover designer Luka Fisher, Tom Cruz, a member of Slyde Handboards’ Art Syndikit, and David Hendrickson, whose inspiration comes from “camgirls”.

Obviously, this guy knows how to combine business and pleasure

BACON SOCIALSat, March 16 @ 7pm; $7 admission (drinks/food separate); all ages The Factory,654 South Myers Street (@ Jesse), LA 90023

Your Four Leaf Clover Sunday

There’s a strong possibility your Sunday will involve some drinking.

Accordingly, Ms. Go Go offers options across the city to minimize driving and maximize fun.

THIS guy....

THIS guy….

Hey, you just concentrate on getting lucky.

Casey’s 41st Annual St. Patrick’s Day Street Festival– Highlights include Lucky Charms until 10 a.m., 500 kegs of beer,  whiskies served with pickle back shots, cover bands, and a closed off block of Grand Avenue to roam in. (The above link highlights St. Patrick’s Day specials at all of Cedd Moses’s DTLA joints.) 6am – 2am; FREE – $20 — Entrance at Wilshire & Hope

Tom Bergin’s Old Horseshoe & Thoroughbred Club – Established in 1936, Tom Bergin’s was closed for renovations during St. Pat’s Day last year. Irish coffee addicts wandered the streets, dazed and shaking and asking “Why?”  In addition to all-day Irish breakfasts, the venerable bar has set a personal-best goal of serving one thousand handmade Irish coffees on St. Patrick’s Day. The imbiber of Lucky #1000 gets their own Shamrock Party.  Ms. Go Go trusts you know what to do. 6am – 2am, 840 S Fairfax, LA

The Famous — Located in the gorgeous and historic Huntley-Evans building in Glendale, the Famous prides itself on serving hand-crafted cocktails identical to those served almost a century ago.  St. Patrick’s Day highlights include Guinness & Ben Franklin punch and Thit Se Ar An Urlar, which is Gaelic for He Fell on the Floor.  Already, you feel so at home. 6pm – 2am 154 S Brand, Glendale 91205

Finn McCool’s Irish Pub — Geraldine Gilliland’s pub — whose bar was transplanted from her stepdad’s Dublin drinking hole — is home to Westside Irish ex-pats.  This Sunday, you’ll want to move in too.  The party runs from the “crack of dawn (8 a.m.) to the wee hours of the morn” with St. Patrick’s Day shooters and specials, traditional Irish “boxty” breakfast served all day and night — you have to keep your strength up, after all — and Irish music  by the Frisky Monkeys.  So, Emerald Isle meets Emerald City. 8am – 2am, 2702 Main St, Santa Monica 90405; Free – $10

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

My, what a big hat you have....

For 364 days of the year, St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland.

On March 17th, he’s the patron saint of devout drinkers.

Go Go’ers, can I get an “Amen”?

Read on for hallowed haunts where you can say your Redbreast Whiskey rosary, make your Knappogue Castle single malt novenas, and pray for luck.

What kind of luck  is up to you.

Pre-St. Paddy’s Day Din-Din

Go Go’ers, St. Patrick’s Day is a marathon, not a sprint.

Long distance runners load carbs before a big event; similarly, you’ll want to prep your liver and fill your stomach with Irish drink and comfort food at The Tap Room at the Langham.  Wash down Corned Beef Sliders, Colcannon, and Bacon Braised Brussels Sprouts with Guinness and Irish Martinis.

And yes, they WILL be serving Irish Sorbet Flights in flavors of whiskey and Guinness.

So glad you asked….

THE TAP ROOM AT THE LANGHAMthrough March 17th– 1401 So Oak Knoll, Pasadena,91106 626.585.6457,

40 Years of Blarney and Green Beer

Your One-Stop St. Patrick’s Day Sip-and-Celebrate

In case you hadn’t realized, St. P’s Day is on Saturday this year, which means you can dedicate the entire day to revelry that rhymes with “Quinness”.

You’ve always been a poet at heart.

When Ms. Go Go says “all day”, she means the 20-hour, 2-city-block, Metro-convenient, sheltered-from-the-elements-brouhaha known as Casey’s St. Patrick’s Day Street Festival.  The free, 40-year-old event features food, games, prizes, swag, the Young Dubliners, and tribute bands.

Plus, one or two things to drink.

And if you didn’t already feel lucky, the rest of Cedd Moses’s 213 Nightlife group will be  doing their all-hands-on-deck best to keep your hands full of green drinks.

They’re all about public service at 213 Nightlife.

CASEY’S ST. PATRICK’S DAY STREET FESTIVAL6am, Sat, March 17, to 2am, Sun March 18; FREE/21+613 Grand Ave, DTLA, 90017; Enter on the east side of Wilshire Blvd and So Hope St.

That guy is flying!

Dancing in a Forest Without Leprechauns

The scenario: you head to the St. Patrick’s Day Square Dance at the gorgeous, Mission-Revival Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock.  You walk inside.  There’s a forest.  You wonder if that last Lucky Charms shot was one too many.

Unless you see wee, green fairies, you are not hallucinating.

You may, however, see little people; the New L.A. Folk Fest event, featuring music by Triple Chicken Foot and RT N’ The 44’s, is an all-ages event.   Green attire suggested.

You don’t want to clash with the forest.

ST. PATRICK’S DAY SQUARE DANCESat, March 17th, 9pm-12am; all ages/$10Center For the Arts, Eagle Rock, 2225 Colorado Blvd, Eagle Rock, 90041; these  tix  are GOING FAST so hurry up and get yours!

If St. Patrick’s Day Gets Too Irish… 

There will probably be beer here as well....

Despite your best efforts,  your St. Patrick’s Day has too many shamrocks and Celtic knots and not enough snakes and sinners.

How did THAT happen?

No matter, here’s an antidote: Ollin‘s 10th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Tribute to The Pogues at the Satellite in Silverlake.

The Latino Irish tribute band, which has opened for the Irish punk rockers at their request, will be playing the band’s  “Rum, Sodomy and the Lash” album in its entirety plus other Pogues and Ollin classics.

Serpents WILL  be cast out….

OLLIN’S 10TH ANNUAL ST. PATRICK’S DAY TRIBUTE TO THE POGUES —Sat, March 17th; doors open @ 8:30 pm; show  @ 9pm; $10/21+ — The Satellite, 1717 Silverlake Blvd, LA 90026;  Street/valet parking; 323.661.4380


The Morning After the Day Before

You Guinnessed, you danced, you Lucky Charmed, you stepped on neither snake nor wee folk, you Tullamored, you lived to tell the tale.

Go and feel heroic....

Today? A nice boxty.

The traditional Irish potato cake is the perfect choice to sop up all that alcohol and Finn McCool’s — Belfast lass Geraldine Gilliland’s Irish hero-named gastropub — has the best Gaelic grub this side of the pond and the accolades to prove it.

Not that you’ll need persuading on a morning noon like this.

You’ll lean your weary drinking arm on the bar that Gilliland shipped over from her late stepfather’s Dublin pub.

Hair of the dog?  How about Irish wolfhound-strength — say, the newly released 80 proof, Black Bush from Bushmill’s —  or Irish setter mellow — a Magner’s draft apple cider?

You’ll begin the monumental task of deciding between the Boxty Breakfast (Gilliland’s includes Irish bacon and Blarney cheese), the Traditional Irish Breakfast (includes smoked Irish bacon, Irish sausage, black pudding, and soda bread) and the Soda Bread French Toast (no explanation needed — you’re in love.)

Further decisions?  You’ll need to decide between Sticky Toffee Pudding and Rhubarb Crumble with Homemade Custard.

It’s a challenge.  But as you raise your glass to your lips with an only slightly shaking hand, you realize it’s official….

Finn McCool has nothing on you….

FINN McCOOL’s IRISH PUB — Noon – 1:30 a.m.; $10-$16 — 2702 Main St, Santa Monica, 90405, 310.452.1734,

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….