The Weekend Go Go: , French Black & White Night, Artisanal L.A., LACMA: Free at 50 + More

The weekend has spring in its step….Black & White French fete! Artisanal L.A.! Free LACMA Party! Free Ghost Motel!


A CURRENT AFFAIR – ARTISANAL L.A. – UNIQUE L.A.: Drink ’til you shop

Updated Friday, 12/10/10 with websites after the break! Liquor and holiday shopping; an idea whose time has come. Sure, you’ve sipped chardonnay and choco-tinis at house party boutiques but this is something else again. Starting Friday night and ending  Sunday evening — with time off for Xmas bash razzle dazzle and  recuperating zzzz’s — you…

Artisanal L.A.: deliciously crafty

Next weekend, of course, is Halloween: a day of costumes, creepiness, and your annual over-consumption of cringe-inducing candy like Necco wafers and lime lollipops. This weekend, do yourself and your taste buds a favor and head for Artisanal L.A., a consortium of 75+, local, food-centric crafters.  Categories include “Baked Goods” (Cake Monkey‘s “Banana Cream Cakewich”…