The Weekend Go Go: Taking a Break

  Greetings, Go Go’ers and apologies for last week’s break in posting and this week’s absence of fun and frolic. Ms. Go Go will be taking a short break because of some exciting new projects in the works. Carry on and have a cocktail! Cheers and see you soon.

The Weekend Go Go: Ms. Go Go is temporarily gone!

Ms. Go Go regrets! Due to unexpected complications associated with an out-of-town trip, there will be no Weekend Go Go for Labor Day weekend 2015 Mark Ms. Go Go gone but not forgotten!  See you next week!

The Weekend Go Go: Flapjacks & Liquor, Angel Beer, and a Blind Tiger

Gear up, Go Goer’s.   The weekend’s most fun events all have drinking components. And that’s before we get to Cinco de Mayo. Can we do it? Si, se puede. A Hot Time with Hot Cakes To Ms. Go Go’s knowledge, there is no marathon this weekend except the weekend itself. Accordingly, you’ll want to…

The Weekend Go Go: Beachy Keen Artists, Wonderland Turns 2, Woodypalooza, Viva France

Summer.   It’s not for clock-watching. There are certain events, however, for which calendar watching is a must. Anniversaries.  Birthdays.  Biennials.  Revolutions. Especially when sunscreen, musical legends, cancan, and cuteness are involved. Go on, Go Go’ers.  Circle some days in red. Live All Nine Lives Venice Beach.  You’ve ogled bodybuilders, bladed in a bathing suit,…

Warm the Weekend: Do Si Do, 26 Hours of Ladies, and Hawaii 5-0

Brace yourselves, Go Go’ers.  Winter is here…the SoCal version anyway.  It may not be blizzards and bluster outside but Ms. Go Go knows you’ll feel a pang as you swap cut-offs for cardigans. Update to your 2012 “To Do” list?  Invent sexy fleece. Below, three suggestions to help you turn winter woe-is-me into weekend wow-wow-wow….


Go Go’ers, the above chant of Macbeth’s hags could certainly apply to Ms. Go Go’s recent months and consequent long absence. But let’s use it as marching orders for this Dark Side of the Moon weekend., shall we? Here’s how to get in double trouble every night. Saturday, October 29th Villains Tavern (1356 Palmetto St, LA…