Kim Ohanneson (a.k.a. Ms. Go Go) has never met a whiskey she didn’t flirt with or a peated single malt she didn’t love….


Kim is the President of Women Who Whiskey ~ Los Angeles (wWw LA): the first California chapter of Women Who Whiskey, an international whisk(e)y appreciation club for women, Kim launched wWw LA in March 2016 and, with 2400+ members, the chapter is the largest in the world.  Kim produces 3 – 5 events a month for L.A. chapter members including occasional Gentlemen’s Edition events.


Most recently, Kim has been asked to create an exclusive whisky distillery tour for wWw members traveling on the Windstar Gaelic Explorers cruise from Edinburgh, Scotland, to Dublin, Ireland, from August 25 – September 2, 2017.


As the co-founder (with Johnnie “the Scot” Mundell), producer and co-host of the bimonthly Whisky & Poetry Salon, Kim has been “trading guests whisky for words” and sharing dynamic performance poets with L.A. whisky and literary enthusiasts since 2012.


Kim is also a Certified Whisky Ambassador (BiiAB) who shares tastings, talks and tales with whiskey aficionados and the whiskey curious for corporations, organizations and private events.


Accordingly, when Airbnb created their new Experiences program, Kim was one of the original hosts invited to share her passion for whiskey and insider knowledge of Los Angeles with visitors through her Whiskey Socials.


Let’s whiskey….


Kim Whiskey Social.png


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  1. Trules says:

    just discovered this. how about coming to my USC freshman seminar class next fall (weds at 2 pm) to talk about your love of LA!!!!

    1. Ooh, you tempt me! Would love to, pending schedule!

  2. Pamela says:

    Kim aGoGo: It’s Kevin’s B-Day. What opera is in town and good for novice opera goers? His B-Day is tomorrow, 5/21, anything I can buy tickets for today for future use? How much fun your blog is!

    1. So glad you like U Want 2 Go Go, Pamela! Thanks for reading and sharing with others!

      In terms of an actual opera performance on Kevin’s birhday, you’re out of luck and this is why…. Brilliant (but controversial) German composer Richard Wagner’s four-opera The Ring Cycle ( Der Ring des Nibelungen) is about to open on May 29th at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion with performances through the end of June. It’s the first time the complete opera is being staged in Los Angeles and as such, is a hugely anticipated event that has spawned its own artistic cottage industrywith ongoing lectures, a festival, art events, a special show at the Griffith Observatory (including one tomorrow night, May 21st wink, wink!), etc. The spectacular show is getting rave, advance reviews but with the premiere a week away, it’s wall-to-wall Wagner in Los Angeles.

      However, any opera lover would be THRILLED to have tickets to The Ring Cycle! Here is the link to All Things Ring! http://www.laoperaring.com/index.php

      Also, as an adjunct to The Ring Cycle, The Lycric Opera of Los Angeles is performing The Fairies (Die Feens), Wagner’s first completed opera (written when he was 20!) at the Pasadena Playhouse. Four performances only starting on June 11th! http://www.lyricoperala.org/

      Happy birthday, Kevin!

  3. steve says:

    love your blog! we always find something interesting in every post!

    1. Thanks so much for reading and sharing! It is always great to connect with like-minded Arroyo Secans! As you so eloquently put it in an earlier post, what a wonderful place to live and work….

  4. Stephen Latty says:


    Wanted to let you know about two upcoming events that my friends are producing. For your U Want To Go Go consideration:

    June Lake Mountain Music Festival – Aug 19-21. For those who need a trip out of town in August to the scenic High Sierra. http://www.junelakemusic.com

    The Drums Inside Your Chest – Aug 14 – Largo Theater at the Coronet – The mother of LA poetry shows. http://www.drumsinsideyourchest.com

    1. @Stephen – THANK YOU so much for those great recommendations; especially excited about The Drums Inside Your Chest since I missed the Long Beach event! Look for a mention on a blog near you!

  5. Pat says:

    You are always in the know–any ideas for this weekend? The kids are looking for something fun to do with their dad on Saturday and/or Sunday? A concert? Something fun for a celebration….

    1. Pat says:

      Perfect! Thanks Kim

      1. Ms. Go Go’s pleasure!

  6. Paris garble says:

    Very cool site! I bookmarked it!

  7. Jade R. says:

    Hi Kim! I am assisting with press for an event called Found LA: Festival of Neighborhoods and thought this may be an event you would love to share with your fellow bloggers. I will leave the information below for you to get an idea of what the event entails and if you need anything you can email me or click the link. Thanks!

    Here’s the chance to learn something new about your neighborhood or other cultural pockets in the city of Los Angeles! This year Found L.A.’s Festival of Neighborhoods explores areas inspired by Mayor Garcetti’s Great Streets program. They each hold vibrant activity and identity, and contribute cultural assets to our communities. Explore the main arteries of neighborhoods around the city, developed and not so, and meet the people in the center of all activity in these neighborhoods. Take the chance to explore historic boulevards, sample delicious foods in unknown corridors, and hear little known stories, among many other adventures in communities all around the city! Explore Central Avenue, sample tacos along iconic Cesar Chavez, stroll the backyard of vibrant Cal State Northridge along Reseda Boulevard, and visit Gaffey Street, the historic gateway to L.A.’s Harbor.

    Found L.A. is a FREE, citywide event that will showcase culturally dynamic neighborhoods through FREE tours (varying times between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.) provided by residents, public figures and renowned artists who volunteer to share their unique perspective and passion for their neighborhood.

    1. Thanks for your email, Jade. I am a big fan of Found L.A. so it is already on my editorial calendar for Oct 19th! Looking forward to it!

      1. Jade R. says:

        Thank you so much for responding! We are so glad to hear that you are a fan of Found L.A.! Just to clarify, will you be writing something to preview the event or writing something after you tour the event? Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you there!

      2. The Go Go is a curated calendar of upcoming events so Found L.A. will be previewed in the week before.

  8. Jade R. says:

    Sounds great! Thank you again for your support and we will see you October 19th!

  9. nepaldog says:

    Kim, I don’t know where I have been! The Go Go is a great site. I want to go to those movies on Fairfax. Beatniks and Noir! It was great meeting you and I will be back every week!

    1. Michelle, so glad you like The Go Go and welcome! Hope to see you this week at my favorite movie of all time: Sweet Smell of Success with jazz and cocktails on the Cinefamily patio before the show!

      1. nepaldog says:

        This weekend is fully booked. I like it very much as well and have not seen it for years. I am a big fan of Tony Curtis.

        Dog Bless, Michelle

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