Santa, Please Bring Me Whiskey

Santa with whisky bottle and glass
Why do you think Santa is so jolly all the time?

Whiskey: it’s guaranteed to put the merry in Xmas.

Stumped about what to get a special someone? This last minute, gift guide for spirited imbibers will earn you the #1 spot on everyone’s Nice list.

Getting on the Naughty list is up to you.

For Your Holiday Host/ess

SIA Carin festive

SIA Blended Scotch Whisky — Cement your A-lister party status when you hand your host/ess this  award-winning whisky (96 points – Ultimate Spirits Challenge).  SIA is the first crowd-funded whisky in history and the first Scotch to be created by an American woman: Carin Luna-Ostaseski (pictured above)  SIA’s sophisticated, modern palate — honey, butterscotch and vanilla — is a universal crowd-pleaser and the sexy bottle makes a gorgeous gift.

How to Drink Whiskey Better

NEAT glass sparkle

The NEAT Spirits Glass ($30/set of 2) — Better Living Through Science now applies to whisky drinking. (Hurray!) The award-winning NEAT Spirits glass, a staple at spirits competitions, elevates the drinking experience by providing more nuanced aromas with  less alcohol burn.  The NEAT glass is comfortable in the hand and the low profile minimizes the risk of knocking over a dram of expensive tipple.  Gift the two-pack so the recipient can share the whiskey love with a deserving friend. (Hint, hint…you.)

For Your Whiskey Geek Pals

Whistle Pig Farm Stock

WhistlePig Farmstock Rye Whiskey ($99) — Sure to elicit an ecstatic response, WhistlePig’s first farm-to-bottle rye whiskey is a blend of estate whiskey, 5-6 year old ryes and WP’s beloved 12 year old expression.  Rich flavors of caramel, toffee and stone fruit make Master Distiller Dave Pickerell’s cult favorite as delicious neat as it is in classic cocktails.

Luckily, you and yours are equal opportunity drinkers.

Those with deep(er/est) pockets will want to keep an eye out for WHISTLEPIG THE BOSS HOG IV – Black Prince 14 Year Old ($499) — a rye whiskey finished in French Armagnac casks and named “Best Whiskey In The World 2017” – SF World Spirits Competition.

Hello, bucket list

For Bourbon Bibliophiles

Bourbon Fred Minnick

BOURBON: The Rise, Fall & Rebirth of An American Whiskey ($25) — For the whiskey geek who loves to dig deep, award-winning author Fred Minnick’s newest book on the quintessential U.S. spirit is chock-full of illustrations and a must-have addition to a liquor-centric library. Minnick traces the history of bourbon from its Old Country origins to the present, national obsession and explores (and reveals) the likely inventor of America’s most beloved amber-colored drink.

For Your Spirited Sister

Glenlivet Founders Reserve

Glenlivet’s Founder’s Reserve ($31) — This delicate but complex Single Malt Scotch from the Speyside region of Scotland just won Gold Medal at the 2017 International Wine & Spirit Competition. Founder’s Reserve’s clean, fresh flavor with notes of chocolate, orange zest and pear makes it the perfect light sipper to kick off  a whisky night on the town.

How to Accessorize Your Whiskey

Bangle Flask Bracelet

Bangle Flask Bracelet ($15) — Our #1 pick for A Girl’s Best Friend is sleek, stylishly chunky and holds an impressive 3.5 ounces of a lady’s fave potent potion: whiskey or otherwise. The wearable flask is made of high quality stainless steel, comes with its own tiny funnel, is available in silver, rose gold, or white with gold filigree, and is guaranteed to make you everyone’s new BFF.

Runner-up “Best whiskey accessories” include tote with pour spout and whiskey flask as prom clutch. You’re welcome.

For Your Walks-to-a Different-Drummer Cousin

Teeling Small Batch

Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey ($35) — The self-billed “Independent Spirit of Dublin” is redefining Irish Whiskey at the first new distillery in “The Big Smoke” in over 150 years.  The above, multi-Gold Medal winner veers from tradition with a higher 92 proof, double distillation (instead of triple as is common to Irish whiskeys), and a small batch bottling from hand selected casks; the whiskey is further matured in ex-Flor de Cana Rum barrels for a smooth, spicy, richly sweet sip. The Teeling motto is “Dare to be different” — this is one dare you’ll be happy to accept.

For the Home Enthusiast

Crate & Barrel brixton-decanter

The Brixton Decanter ($35) — An intriguing 2017 development is the DIY trend of home-vatting in which remnants of different whisk/eys are combined to create a new and unique libation.  A gorgeous whiskey decanter adds the finishing  touch of class to your original home-blended spirit; the Brixton Decanter from Crate and Barrel makes every blend sparkle and the textured surface ensures a good grip on your liquid baby.

For Your Old School Dad

Chivas Regal 12

Chivas Regal 12 ($23) — Win Christmas Day by giving Pops this venerable blend of 12-year-old Scotch whiskies.  (Hello, new favorite child!) Chivas Regal 12 comes at a great price point, is a fave at whisky fests and is regularly praised by whisky reviewers including spirits expert F. Paul Pacult (Spirits Journal) who awarded it a “9 out of 10”.  It’s creamy, smooth, sweet and earthy with a touch of spice that makes it a good choice for those who prefer their Scotch on the rocks.

Speaking of Rocks….

Brookstone n’ICE Cubes Stainless Steel Drink Chillers — To ice or not to ice: that is the (whiskey drinker’s) question.  If your giftee is in the chill zone, you’ll want to get them the best rocks around. These stainless steel whiskey stones from Brookstone freeze fast and stay cold ; your drinks — including non-whiskey libations — keep their cool until the last drop.

Not to mention they look badass in the glass.

Cheers to a safe and spirited holiday!

Whisky glass with female hand - Right

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