The Weekend Go Go: Hollywood Fringe Fest, Make Music Pasadena + Secret City Pancake Breakfast

CAC Broadway Noir


Not-Yet-Summer is getting seriously fun, y’all!

Plan accordingly….

HOLLYWOOD FRINGE 2016 — L.A.’s most ambitious theater festival is kicking off this weekend with 1500 programs, parties (Prince Prom!) and events (Live-Band Karaoke!) through June 26 (Awards and Closing Night bash!)  The non-curated programming means anyone with gumption and a vision can put on a show at venues both orthodox and not (Three Clubs bar and lounge anyone?!?!)  Of course, The Go Go has a couple of recommended events to check out this weekend. Start with Broadway Noir from Ms. Go Go fave CAC Studios (2015 Fest award-winner for the bawdy Thenardier’s Inn). It’s at the aforementioned Three Clubs so yay for TGIF drinkies with your murder mystery/comedy mash-up.  On Saturday, don’t miss Charlotte’s Shorts (another Go Go fave!): famous SNL and Groundlings alumni read writer/director/artist Charlotte Dean‘s laugh-out-loud short essays about hilariously clueless people such as Donald Bigbelow: erotic writer for men. F0r a Sunday afternoon of magic, mystery, laughs and gasps, mark Australian illusionist (and 2015 Fringe nominee) Simon Coronel: Alien of Extraordinary Ability on your #hff16 schedule. Why:  Theater without a net, laughs aplenty, plus cocktails.



MAKE MUSIC PASADENA 2016 – Take the newly expanded Metro Gold Line to this FREE, Saturday only, all-ages, day-into-night music fest. (Get off at Memorial Park Station, Lake Station or Del Mar Station.) Check out 150 bands, both seasoned and up-and-comers, at six main stages and eighteen sub-stages: everything from band shells to churches to hair salons.  The crowds (50,000 attendees in 2015) are enthusiastic and food and drink options abound; many of the smaller stages are at bars (Bonus!)  Check out James Supercave,  Atlas Genius, L.A. faves The Mowgli’s and HUNNY.  Worried you’ll  miss an act? FREE Pasadena Transit shuttles will ferry fest-goers from main stage to main stage.  Why: Storing up I-saw-them-when bragging rights under sunshine, starlight and palm trees with hundreds of your new best friends.


Secret City FREEDOM

THE SECRET CITY LA: FREEDOM +PANCAKE BREAKFAST —  The motto of Chris Wells’s Obie Award-winning  The Secret City is “We worship art”; the quarterly L.A. gatherings (monthly in their Manhattan home base) are described as “Part salon. Part ceremony. Part Show.” Ms. Go Go calls The Secret City an always transplendent mini-vacay for the psyche with featured musical, dramatic, visual and spoken word artists to help you get your soul groove back.  This Sunday at the Bootleg Theater, the theme is “Freedom” and featured performers include: percussionist/tap dancer/jazz performer Aaron Williams; actress Amy Hill;  visual artist Cat Gwinn;  singer/spoken word artist Joe Hernandez-Kolski; filmmaker Laura Nix; and designer/social activist Naomi Pitcairn, who will be creating the food offering.  Additional culinary and creative sustenance is in store; after the service — the last of the season –The Secret City will hold their first Pancake Breakfast fundraiser with Bloody Marys and Mimosas available at an additional cost. Buy a second ticket and treat an artist to nom nom Why: Art, alcohol, ceremony and carb-l0ading in one, glorious, afternoon package.

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go…. 

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