The Weekend Go Go: All Of Them Witches, Rioja & Tapas Fest, Urban Legend Art Tour

Be very afraid.
Be very afraid.

Did you think this weekend would be a “fun lull” before Memorial Day weekend?

Think again.

WITCHES BREW: ALL OF THEM WITCHES — Want to brush up on your incantations?  Pining for a chance to wear your Seventies pentacle?  Dust off your occult duds and head to Cinefamily for the late Friday night Opening Party of their May-into-June witch-centric film series featuring films like Practical Magic, Teen Witch and three separate screenings each of supernatural/horror classics The Devils and Rosemary’s Baby.  At the kick-off event, view rare and archival footage of all things mystical before heading to the Cinefamily patio where practitioners of the magickal arts will tell you everything you want to know and undoubtedly things you’d rather not hear.   Why:  The chance to see “eye of newt” in action and look haute-as-hell in black velvet in May.

Rock 'n Rioja.
Rock ‘n Rioja.

RIOJA WINE & TAPAS FEST — One of the most thematically immersive food and wine events around, this all-Saturday-afternoon fest at Los Angeles Union Station’s gorgeous, former ticket hall features Spanish sips and nibbles from 30 top Rioja wine makers and 25+ lauded chefs including Ray Garcia (Broken Spanish), Nikki Martin (My Haute Kitchen) and Daniel Rebelo (Union Pasadena).  The all-inclusive ticket gives you access to 200 wines, a Galleria of Jamon Iberico (i.e. Spain’s famous ham), an olive bar, reserve wine tastings, seminars and more while DJ Lord of Public Enemy (ATL) spins the most influential albums of Spain.  Bonus: you’ll be automatically entered into the contest to bring home a bottle of each Rioja wine served at the festival.  Why: Sipping vino while circling between the paella garden and the cheese cave. (The Cheese Cave!)


HEARSAY: ARTISTS REVEAL URBAN LEGENDS — WITH CARTWHEEL ART TOURS x ATLAS OBSCURA — That sleepaway camp creep-out that led to a childhood of gnawed nails and nightmares? It’s probably included in this 30+ artist show at LosJoCos Gallery in the DTLA Arts District.  This Sunday, dig deeper if you dare into urban legends with Cartwheel Art Tours and Atlas Obscura for a 12+ exploration of modern myths via the Hearsay artists’ interpretations; each artist chose an urban legend that she or he had a personal connection to.  Atlas Obscura Field Agent Hadley Meares will suggest other L.A. sites to explore more local lore.  Why: Learning about purple squirrels and the Goat Man from people with wilder imaginations than you.

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

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