The Weekend Go Go: Pretty Things Peepshow, Edwardian Ball, Riverside Road Trip & Oscar Goofing

Go Go Amy eats fire at the Pretty Things Peepshow. (Photo courtesy of
go-go Amy eats fire at the Pretty Things Peepshow. (Photo courtesy of

Outrageous and amazing.

Decadent and delightful.

Strange and stupendous.

Your weekend awaits….

Pretty Things Peepshow —  Don’t bring your pre-schooler. This vintage variety arts show may feature puppets and a performing pup and it may be at the iconic Bob Baker Marionette Theater  but the traveling side show’s entertainments are guaranteed to scar a kid’s psyche for life.  Friday night’s only-for-adults vaudeville show includes, but is not limited to: fire eating, burlesque, R-rated marionettes, and  the knife-throwing husband and wife duo aptly named “Til Death Do Us Part”.  Freakshow Wine sponsors the carnival-esque Peepshow produced by the whip-wielding  go-go Amy .  (Natch, MS. Go Go is a fan!) Don’t miss the preshow with Deven Green (a.k.a. “Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian”).  Why: Pasties on fire and a sword swallowing burlesque goddess give new meaning to the term “embarrassment of riches”.

Dark Garden corsets fan the flame at the Edwardian Ball.
Dark Garden corsets fan the flame at the Edwardian Ball.

Edwardian Ball Los Angeles — Saturday’s immersive, one-night-only, not-to-be-missed extravaganza is L.A.’s 7th annual tribute to writer/illustrator Edward Gorey  whose macabre illustrations have influenced everyone from Charles “Addams Family” Addams to Neil Gaiman to Lemony Snicket to Tim Burton to every goth kid ever.  As usual, a Gorey story will be staged; this year, Edwardian Ball founders Rosin Coven will collaborate with Dark Garden Corsetry on an operatic presentation of The Stupid Joke.  Sky’s the limit for attire so expect everything from steampunk to capes to a lady wearing a ship on her head. (Actual costume sighting.)  Additional amusements include parlour games, a free portrait booth, and rooftop vendors. Why: Absinthe cocktails and co-host Vau de Vire‘s staging of Gorey’s more “controversial” illustrations. (“K is for Kate who was struck by an axe” anyone?)

There might be giants.... (Art by Martin Sanchez at Tio's Tacos)
There might be giants…. (Art by Martin Sanchez at Tio’s Tacos)

Obscura Society LA & Cartwheel Art Tours: Riverside Road Trip — Two of SoCal’s coolest exploring companies join forces this Sunday for a road trip to Riverside…the city, not the concrete channel.  The all-day event celebrates the opening reception of the “Women of the New Contemporary” muralists but there’s plenty more art. Don’t know what a “flying buttress is?  You will after you tour the magnificent Mission Inn and discover all the hidden treasures of this  architectural oddity.  And how about some folk art over tacos?  Enjoy a no-host lunch on Tio’s Tacos’  private back patio, which is filled with fountains and giant Gaudi-meets-Watts Towers figures fashioned from recycled materials by Martin Sanchez.  Why: Secret passages at the Mission Inn, a “How to Draw Cats” mural and sipping agua frescas while checking out a tower of Barbies.

A Salute to Movie Night — So, you missed a lot of the Academy Award-nominated films, you’re (still) hazy on  the difference between sound editing and sound mixing and evidently, your red carpet ticket got lost in the mail.  Never fear, you can still see Chris Rock skewer the Hollywood establishment and Leo grin or grimace over “Best Actor” results this Sunday.  Best of all, you can stargaze with producer Josh di Donato and a clutch of his fellow, top-notch comedians as they do live commentary on the unfolding glitz, glamour and wardrobe malfunctions at the celebration of this business we call “show”.  Nibble on British fare and sample a few of The Lost Knight‘s 24 keg and 2 cask craft beers.  A Salute to Movie Night  is FREE to attend, which is a good thing ; you’re broke after that cutting-edge, Versace, tie dye experiment.  Why:  Hearing the best make fun of the best with a pint in your hand.

Ready?  U Know U Want to Go Go….

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