The Weekend Go Go: Naughty Xmas, Janky Xmas, Holiday Star Wars Movie Night + More

Guess who's on the Naughty List?
Are you on the Naughty List?

Your toes are mistle’d.

Your logs are Yule’d.

Your eggs are nogged.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Xmas fatigue.

Check out the following to put some jingle back in your bells.

He Knows….

Whether you’ve been bad or good, grab tickets fast, for goodness sake, to The Naughty List: Christmas with the Podunk Poets.

The immensely entertaining, duet-fronted country band was just included on Music Connection’s Hot 100 Unsigned Bands of 2015; previous nominees include Taylor Swift and Adele.

You’ll want put this intimate event at the top of your nice list.

Taking place in a gorgeous, cozy, Victorian parlour in South Pasadena, the 18+ Naughty List also features burlesque from Bitsy la Bourbon as well as door prizes and holiday treats.

Seating options include an antique love seat for two, which can be reserved for $100 and includes a holiday booty bag.

Come and be naughty, even if you’ve been nice….

THE NAUGHTY LIST: CHRISTMAS WITH THE PODUNK POETS — Fri, Dec 18 & Sat, Dec 19 @ 8pm.  $13 – $100/18+Kidd’s Jewelry Heist, 1510 Mission St, South Pasadena 91030.  Questions? (626) 319-9510.  Tix and more info HERE.

It's Jank-tacular!
It’s Janky-licious!

Behaving Badly

Holiday pageant auditions.  Many of us have been there and few would revisit that particular hell.

Unless it’s someone else’s….

Presented by Bootleg Theater, the 5th annual A Very Janky Christmas Spectacular: Janky High puts you smack dab in the middle of high school drama club holiday hysteria.

There’s nothing quite like it.

See Pinky Claus and the Janky High kids auditioning for the Christmas Spectacular with surefire holiday hits like Jewish Jello Shots and Christmas Monologue Man plus a new Xmas song by singer Kristen Toedtman.

Friday night is sold out so you’ll want to grab tix fast to one of the two Saturday night shows or — wait for it — a Janky Sunday brunch.

Try not to spit up your mimosa when you hear A Shitty Nativity.

BOOTLEG PRESENTS: 5TH ANNUAL A VERY JANKY CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR: JANKY HIGH — Sat, Dec 19 @ 7pm & 9:30pm and  Sun, Dec 20 @ 2pm.  $20-$25Bootleg Theater, 2220 Beverly Blvd, LA 90057.  Tix and more info HERE.

Star Wars and Comedy Film Nerds cometh....
The Force is with Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini Down  Under….

It’s A Very Merry Star Wars 

The Force Awakens: it’s safe to say you’re a fan.

Naturally, you want to share your love for all things Star Wars and who better than with Comedy Film Nerds Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini who flew to Melbourne, Australia, to see the film.

You won’t have to go that far to see them….

Sunday night, just head to Hollywood for the Comedy Film Nerds’ Holiday Star Wars Movie Night; the devoted duo and their Special Guest will do a Stars Wars-centric taping of their podcast at The Improv – Lab.

The good, the bad and the ugly will be discussed, which means both The Force Awakens and the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special, which featured the original Star Wars cast, introduced Boba Fett, and had special guest stars like Art Carney and Bea Arthur.

May the Force be with you, young Skywalker…preferably in the form of alcohol.

COMEDY FILM NERDS’ HOLIDAY STAR WARS MOVIE NIGHT — Sun, Dec 20 @ 8pm.  $8 + two item minimum/18+The Improv, Lab showroom, 8162 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood 90046.  Tix and more info HERE.

May the Force be with you at Pershing Square!
May the Force be with you at Pershing Square!

More Weekend Go Go Fun!

Light Saber Battle L.A. — Night time battle!  Pershing Square!  Bring your own lightsaber!   Fri 12/18

Harry Shearer and Judith Owen’s Christmas Without Tears (Does This Tree Make Me Look Fat?) — Special Guests!  Two nights!  Largo at the Coronet!  Sat 12/19 & Sun 12/20

Tongue & Groove — Literature!  Music!  Poetry!  Sun 12/20

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

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