The Halloween Go Go: Crypt-ic Tales, Exploding Pumpkins, Jekyll & Hyde & Disney + More!

A date with the Crypt Keeper...if you dare.
“Heads, I win.  Tails, you ooze.”

You spray-painted the styrofoam balls.

You glued on the Twizzlers.

You stapled pom-poms with abandon.

But somehow, your Halloween costume still doesn’t read Old Hollywood Glamour.

Let the following distract you from fashion failure….

“Hello, Boils and Ghouls”

If the above greeting is familiar, you’ll want to clear your calendar, ready your credit card and start Halloween with a nostalgic bang.

Ms. Go Go is talking a date with the Crypt Keeper…if you dare.

Starting Thursday for a two-night-only run, Captured Aural Phantasy Theater presents Tales from the Crypt: LIVE multi-media performances of classic, 1950’s horror comic books.

Captured Aural Phantasy Theater is the only troupe in the world — and probably the parallel spooky universe as well — that is authorized to dramatize the iconic Tales of the Crypt on stage…and the stage just happens to be in the slightly creepy Bob Baker Marionette Theater.

Which is fitting since legendary horror goofball “the Crypt Keeper” was a puppet.

Expect spooky music, unsettling magic acts and  drinks.  Speaking of drinks, head to Taix Restaurant pre-show, order a #cryptini, tag @captla and get a treat at the door the night of the show.

As if drinks weren’t enough, there will also be candy.  At least…we hope it’s candy.

You never can tell with the Crypt Keeper….

CAPTURED AURAL PHANTASY THEATER PRESENTS TALES FROM THE CRYPT — Thurs, Oct 29 & Fri, Oct 30; 7:30pm  doors/8pm show. $20 presale/$25 doorBob Baker Marionette Theater,  1345 W 1st St, LA 90026.   Tix and more info HERE.

The short life of a pumpkiin.... (Photo courtesy of Machine Project)
When pumpkins drink and drive…. (Photo courtesy of Machine Project)

Pumpkin Kaboom

Recipe for a jolly Halloween:

A sharp knife

Dangerous chemicals

An enquiring mind

An anarchist spirit.


Also: The Self-Carving-Exploding-Pumpkin-Laboratory at the Craft and Folk Art Museum.

Brought to you by the mad scientist artistes at Machine Project, the autumnal art project-meets-Molotov cocktail kicks off your H’weenie weekend and promises “good clean pre-Halloween family fun” including “gruesome oozing” and “frightful explosions”.

In other words, plenty of bang for the yuck.

The fee includes materials and a pumpkin.  You’ll also learn about chemistry and the history of pumpkin carving.

Also, presumably, insurrection-by-gourd.

THE SELF-CARVING-EXPLODING-PUMPKIN-LABORATORY — Fri, Oct 30; 7-9pm. $20 GA. $15 Members (Machine Project & CAFAM). 18+/under 18 must be accompanied by an adultCraft and Folk Art Museum (in Museum Courtyard), 5814 Wilshire Blvd, LA 90036.  Tix and info HERE.

Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde + an organ.
Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde + an organ.

Horror in the Hall

See the horror, be the horror.

Don your creepiest costume and head to DTLA for the ultimate exploration of the dark night of the soul.

Ms. Go Go is not talking back alleys but a monster…organ, that is.

Walt Disney Concert Hall presents Paramount’s classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: the first cinematic adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s exploration of good and evil with John Barrymore playing both sides of the split personality.

Organist Clark Wilson delivers the aural drama and musical accompaniment courtesy of the Disney Hall’s majestic instrument.  Also promised: “Sonic thrills and visual chills!”

Costumes are allowed…with restrictions.

For instance, don’t obstruct others’ view with an evil, extra head.

DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE WITH HALLOWEEN ORGAN — Sat, Oct 31; 8pm.  $38 – $68.50Walt Disney Concert Hall, 11a South Grand Ave, LA 90012.  For tix and more info, incl directions & parking, go HERE.

More Weekend Go Go Fun!

Metro Day of the Dead Gold Line Art Tour –  Poet/artist Consuelo Flores leads the tour!  FREE but limited to 100 people!  Ends at Self-Graphics!  Sun 11/1

Self Help Graphics – 42nd Annual Dia de los Muertos — Music!  Art!  Food!  Face-painting!  Pachuco Calaca attire encouraged!  Sun 11/1

24th St Theatre’s Dia de los Muertos Block Party  —  Altar making!  Kátia Moraes & Brazilian Hearts headline!  Homemade tamales! FREE  Mon 11/2

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

The costume Edith Head envisioned for me. (Thanks to online researcher Jeri Batzdorff for image.)
Ms. Go Go’s costume psychically envisioned decades ago by Edith Head. (Thanks to Textile Treasury for image!)

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