The Weekend Go Go: ALONE, We Have a Hammock, Art Beyond the Glass + More!

All alone in the light....
Presumably, the above represents your psyche when ALONE….

What?  Last weekend in June already?

Yep, and it’s a doozy.

Put on your fun floaties and jump right in.

All Alone in the Light

Halloween is four months away: so far and yet so near if you start the nails-along-the-nerves psychological build-up now.

That’s just what the creators of the uber-unsettling art project/scare house ALONE: An Existential Haunting are doing with their newest venture: ALONE: Unweave the Rainbow – “Real – World Experiments in Human Emotion”

So, if you were hoping to unweave the rainbow with others, forget about it.

Starting Thursday, you can participate in Index of Diffusion: the first of four, intimate, fully immersive site specific experiences.  Using the theme of light to shape the arc of this strictly solo journey through the psyche, you’ll progress, if you dare (and have the time and the cash), through Index of Diffraction (August), Index of Reflection (September) and Index of Absorption (October).

Just in case you were unclear, “absorption of light” means darkness.

Yes, just in time for Halloween….

Full disclosure/warning from the folks at ALONE: “Your body may be aggressively touched and moved or tenderly embraced or be utterly left displaced and alone.”

In other words, just like your last “What the hell?!” relationship….

Tickets for Index of Diffusion are already selling out so you’ll want to jump on this rainbow express ASAP.

Bon voyage…and good luck with the inner demons.

ALONE: INDEX OF DIFFUSION — Thurs June 26, Fri June 27 & Sat June 28; various times.  $20 online/$25 atd if available.  Tickets to all four indices; $100 — Undisclosed location in Hollywood TBA.  For tix and more info, go HERE.

They have a the backyard laughs.
They have a hammock: Brad Pitt not included….

They Have Laughs

Tired of pricey comedy clubs with mandatory minimums of two crappy drinks?

Head to We Have a Hammock: Josh di Donato’s semi-secret house party comedy show playing in a backyard near you.

If you live near the 90042, that is.

Started in 2012, producer di Donato, curator of comedy shows at the Mint and a stand-up performer all over town, gathers like-minded friends for a show that’s part stand-up, part party, all fun.

Simon Gibson hosts the stellar line-up for Saturday night’s 2015 Season Premiere, which includes: Chris Fairbanks, Rylee Newton, Melissa Villasenor, Paige Weldon, Brent Weinbach, Matt Storrs, Ricky Carmona, Brent Sullivan and di Donato himself.

It’s the second-most fun you can have on a folding chair.

WE HAVE A HAMMOCK — Sat, June 27; 9pm sharp! — Join We Have a Hammock FB group for secret location and other info.

Molotov cocktails of art
How bartenders create art…

Molotov Cocktails of Creativity

You always suspected it….

Those talented purveyors of your favorite tipples?

Renaissance men and women.

On Sunday, soak up cocktails and creativity at the 4th annual Art Beyond the Glass (ABTG IV) where everything from libations to art to music will be created, curated or performed by L.A.’s top bartenders.

Past ABTG events have featured boozy cotton candy and comely bartender Anna Knudsen (Sassafrass Saloon) jumping out of a cake.

Just so you have the crucial deets….

Anchored by Chinatown’s iconic and atmospheric General Lee’s Bar, where award-winning bartender Christopher Day helms the drink program, Art Beyond the Glass  IV will spill into the adjacent Central Plaza with the iconic Seven Star Cavern Wishing Well as the backdrop to the entertainers.

Bring change for the latter; you’ll want an edge in the silent auction and raffle….

In addition to benefiting from drink-slingers doing their delicious thing, ABTG IV admission gives you the opportunity to buy raffle tickets and bid on silent auction items, including artwork, photography, rare spirits and more.  That’s in addition to the entertainment, bar bites and art exhibit where you’ll have the opportunity to purchase bartender-created art.

Co-founded by Zahra Bates (Courvoisier National Brand Ambassador) and Daniel Djang (founder/editor of Thirsty in LA), all Art Beyond the Glass events benefit local cultural nonprofit organizations; this year, all proceeds will go to KCRW’s Capital Campaign to build a Media Center.

Ms. Go Go knows you’re happy to bend an arm for the cause….

ART BEYOND THE GLASS — Sun, June 28; 3-7pm.  $60/21+General Lee’s, 475 Gin Ling Way, DTLA 90012. For tix and more info, go HERE.

Miwa Matreyek - Myth and Infrastructure at Union Station Historic Ticketing Hall
Miwa Matreyek – Myth and Infrastructure at Union Station Historic Ticketing Hall

More Weekend Go Go Fun!

Miwa Matreyek: Myth & Infrastructure — Live multi-media performance work! Two shows at Union Station Historic Ticketing Hall! Premiered at TED Global 2010!   FREE!  Fri 6/26

Chinatown Summer Nights — Music/food/demos!  Don’t touch the monkey!  FREE!  Sat 6/27

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….  


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