The Weekend Go Go: Free Salsa with Son Mayor at Union Station, Urban Death, Space Night at the Endeavor + More

FREE Salsa at Union Station!
FREE Salsa at Union Station!

Doesn’t spring seem springier than usual?

Check it out.

Report back.

You can do it.

TGIF and Free

Ms. Go Go’s multiple choice quiz.

On Friday nights you are…

a) raring to go

b) a limp dish rag

c) broke

d) two of the above

No matter what your state of mind and/or wallet, make Union Station your destination this Friday.

Son Mayor, one of L.A.’s best Latin bands, dishes up high-octane, vintage and contemporary Cuban salsa music in the Fred Harvey Room.  There are two, 45-minute, all-ages shows; fine-tune your fancy footwork with mini-dance lessons between sets.

Also, FREE!

It doesn’t get much easier than free.

SON MAYOR AT UNION STATION  — Fri, April 10, 8pm & 9pm  All ages/FREEUnion Station ~ Fred Harvey Room, 800 N Alameda St, LA 90012.  For more info, go HERE.

It's always the right season for horror.
Spring chill

Fright Night

There’s nothing like the chill of death to highlight the warmth of spring,

And the gold standard of Los Angeles theater terror is Urban Death: the signature production of Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group.

Directed by Zombie Joe and Jana Wimer and opening this Saturday, the late night assemblage of Grand Guignol vignettes uses the classic combination of humor and horror for maximum effectiveness; the former relaxes you and puts you at ease, which makes the emotional gut punch of the real, raw, up-close-and-personal horror all the more effective.

Think shock value underscored by existential horror.

So…pretty much the quintessential Los Angeles experience.

URBAN DEATHSat, April 11 – Sat, May 16; 11 pm.  $15; 15+Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre, 4850 Lankershim Blvd, NoHo 91601.  For tix & more info, go HERE.  For reservations, call 818. 202.4120.

Ground control to Major Tom...
Yuri’s Night at the Space Shuttle Endeavor

It’s Not Rocket Science…

…you will definitely want to blast off this Sunday at Yuri’s Night Los Angeles: a space bash under the Endeavor Space Shuttle!

Rock it with rocket scientists including astronaut Dr. Mae Jamison, JPL’s “Mohawk Guy” Bobak Ferdosi, and  Tina Merrie Newman (Mars Art Car).

Wave glow sticks with space oddities from Star Trek, Babylon 5, and The X-Files.

Do the Robot with R2D2 and the Dalek from Dr. Who.

Sip space-themed cocktails and soar through 200,000 galaxies to the farthest reaches of the universe via the COSMOS astronomical survey courtesy of astronomer Miguel Angel Argon Calvo.

This year’s Yuri’s Night theme is “A New Hope” so rock your Star Wars Throne Room best and Space Jam with stormtroopers.

One small dance step for man, one giant leap for wookie-kind.

YURI’S NIGHTSun, April 12; 8-11pm.  $25-$60; drink/food tix  $5-$10 ~ Tix only available online until Sat, 4/11 @10am  — Science Center, Samuel Oschin Space Shuttle Endeavour Pavilion, 700 Exposition Park Dr, LA 90037.  For tix and more info, go HERE.

Cinema at the Edge: edgy cinema at the edge of the continent.
Cinema at the Edge: edgy cinema at the edge of the continent.

More Weekend Go Go Fun!

Cinema at the Edge Film Festival

Narrative feature, documentary and short film programs!

Thursday night opening party!

Jury prizes & audience awards!

Thurs, 4/9 & Fri 4/10

4th Annual Kite Festival  FREE unique kite!  Color theory advice!  Kite artists!  Sat, 4/11

Long Beach Zine Fest 100+ writers, designers, cartoonists, photographers, artists and DIYers!  Lectures, workshops, panel discussions!  FREE!  Sun 4/12

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go…. 

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