The Go Go: Robbie Burns Night in Los Angeles

Robert Burns: still one of the cool kids.
Robert Burns: still cool at 256.

The main drinking holiday of the Irish involves St. Patrick, green beer, and corned beef.

The main drinking holiday of the Scots involves poet Robert Burns, Scotch whisky and haggis.

You have to give props to a country whose national holiday celebrates a womanizer who wrote a love poem to sheep organ pudding.

The latter will make an appearance during some of the following Burns Night events commemorating the birthday of the man who wrote “Ode to a Haggis” and “Auld Lang Syne”.

Luckily, the odds are even greater there will also be Scotch whisky and plenty of it to help you get through it all.

Here’s where to raise a wee dram — or several — to Scotland’s favorite son.

The Daily Pint — Included in‘s “top 100 bars in the country” because of its extensive beer and whisky collection,  this Santa Monica establishment celebrates Burns Night a day early, allowing you to get a head start on the festivities tonight.

In addition to whisky specials, the Daily Pint offers plenty of Scottish libations for the occasion; Belhaven Scottish Ale, Belhaven Twisted Thistle IPA, Belhaven Scottish Stout,  and Harviestoun Old Engine Oil will be on tap.  Bottled Scottish ales will also be available including Harviestoun’s Whiskey Barrel Aged Ales Ola Dubh.

The Daily Pint is also serving traditional Scottish food: “Heroic Haggis” “Courageous Cock A Leekie Soup”, “Orkney Clapshot” (mashed turnips and potatoes) and Scotch Eggs.

Wear a kilt and get 10% off.

You’ve been waiting for the chance.

THE DAILY PINTSat, Jan 24 starting at 7:30.  21+2310 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica 90405. For more info, go HERE.

Dinner with your haggis at Beckham Grill & Bar,
Dinner with your haggis at Beckham Grill & Bar,

Beckham Grill & Bar — Looking for  a Sunday supper option for Burns Night?

Order from this Pasadena staple’s regular dinner menu  — prime rib and Yorkshire pudding are favorites — and you’ll get bagpipes with your “Ode to a Haggis” ritual.

There’s a nicely curated selection of Scotch whisky in case the skirling of the bagpipes inspire a recitation of the following lines from Burns’s poem Scotch Drink:

“Inspire me, till I lisp an’ wink,
To sing thy name!”

BECKHAM GRILL & PUBSun, Jan 25, 5-9 pm — Beckham Grill & Pub, 77 West Walnut St, Pasadena 91103  626.799,3699. Online reservations:  For more info, go HERE.

The Poetry Brothel: Happy Birthday Robert Burns — At the Poetry Brothel, a monthly poetry reading in which poets are cast as courtesans dispensing happy endings through word instead of deed, the focus is on Burns’s verse: the bawdier the better.

Couched as an evening of “strong drink, zesty living and some of the most intriguing poetry ever written”, the Poetry Brothel invites and encourages guests to bring a Burns poem to read as well.

There will also be “private poetry readings”  — think it as the literary equivalent of a lap dance — for $5 a poem so bring some cash.

If the above seems daunting without some liquid courage, the Must, where the Poetry Brothel is normally in residence during the Second Thursday Downtown Art Walk, has a small but tasty selection of Scotch/Scotch-style libations.

You’ll also be primed for the likely recitation of one of Burns’s lesser-quoted, but friskier poems:

 “Nine Inch Will Please a Lady

THE POETRY BROTHEL: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBERT BURNS —  Sun, Jan 25, 7-10pmThe Must, 117 Winston St, DTLA 90013.  For more info, go HERE.

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

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