The Go Go Halloween: Murder Ballads, Lucha Va Voom, War of the Worlds, Houdini’s Final Seance + Last Chances

The Devil makes you do it. (Image courtesy of Jeri Batzdorff)
The Devil makes you do it.

You’ve consumed gallons of Devil’s Punch over the last month.

You’ve tripped over countless fake gravestones, several pirate swords, and a hag or two.

Your Bubbles the Clown costume has terrified all. (#gratified)

And still so much spook and scare to come.

Read on for the final Boohaha….

Love and a Lethal Weapon

Start the Halloween week countdown with a heaping cup of revenge, regret, blood lust, and rage.

No chaser.

Watch your back...
Watch your back…

This Tuesday, the New Folk Festival gets you into the spirit of Spirit Week with the 5th Annual Murder Ballads and Dark Songs.

There will be implied ghosts aplenty at the Echoplex with three acts of local musical faves singing old and new ditties about death, damnation and doomed damsels.

Best leave the moonshine at home.

MURDER BALLADS & DARK SONGSTues, Oct 28. Music at 9pm/Doors at 8pm. $11; 18+The Echoplex, 1154 Glendale, LA (Silverlake) 90026. For tix and more info, go HERE.

Vampire Va Voom

If you have demons to exorcise or a yen for SIN-tillating fun, you’ll want to snatch up tix ASAP for Night of the Vampire: the 2014 iteration of Lucha Va Voom’s Halloween violencia y sexo-travaganza.

Sexo! Violencia!  Pollo Locos!
Sexo! Violencia! Pollos Locos!

In addition to the usual buxotecas y luchadores, the comic quotient is high for the two-night Halloween hell-raiser.

Host Blaine Capatch is joined by Bobcat Goldthwaite and Dana Gould on Wednesday night; Jeff Davis (Harmontown) helps man the mic on Thursday.

All this plus  international hula hooping star Marawa Wamp (Just go with it.) and Ojito de Mal (a.k.a. Little Evil Eye).

You’ll def want to sit ringside in the “glare zone”.

LUCHA VA VOOM’S NIGHT OF THE VAMPIREWed, Oct 29 & Thur, Oct 30; 8pm/7pm doors. $40 – $75; 21+The Mayan, 1038 So Hill, LA 90015.  For tix and more info, go HERE.

Run for your lives!
Run for your lives!

E.T. Won’t be Phoning Home

On October 30, 1938, dramatist/l’enfant terrible Orson Welles and his Mercury Theater of the Air debuted War of the Worlds: a radio adaptation of H.G. Wells’s novel about Martians attacking Earth.

Reports of millions of citizens running terrified through the streets are greatly exaggerated according to recent research, but the myth lives on in infamy.

Judge the panic potential yourself this Thursday at Trepany House at the Steve Allen Theater when Fake Radio recreates the War of the Worlds radio drama, which Welles intentionally wrote to mimic a news broadcast.  The Fake Radio troupe has been performing radio shows complete with period music and era-appropriate clothes, since the late 1990’s.

Wear dash-worthy shoes…just in case.

H.G. WELLS’S WAR OF THE WORLDSThurs, Oct 30 @ 8pm.  $15 – $35Trepany House at the Steve Allen Theater, 4773 Hollywood Blvd, LA 90027. For tix and more info, go HERE.

Hey, Houdini!  (Photo by Creative Commons)
Does Houdini have “Bette Davis eyes”?  (Photo by Creative Commons)

Houdini, Can You Hear Me?

Harry Houdini, the “Handcuff King”, had a complicated relationships with spiritualism.

First, he believed in it.  Then, he went to great lengths to expose it as fraudulent.

Finally, perhaps to hedge his bets, Houdini instructed his devoted wife Bess to conduct a yearly séance for ten years on the anniversary of his death, which just happened to be on Halloween 1926.

Houdini — a showman to the end.

Inspired by a recording of the final 15 minutes of the final séance in 1936,  The Alchemy and  Obscura Society L.A. are hosting  Houdini’s Final Séance: an intimate, historical recreation of the event.

Seats are extremely limited for the two performance, which take place only on Halloween in a to-be-revealed “Old Hollywood” setting.

Period-appropriate libations and hors d’oeuvres are included in the ticket and guests are encouraged to dress in their 1936 Hollywood best.

You don’t want to meet Houdini in flip-flops and a Hang Ten tee.

HOUDINI’S FINAL SEANCE — Fri, Oct 31, 6-8:30pm & 9:30-midnight.  $55 — Exact Hollywood Hills location revealed after ticket sales.  For tix & more info, go HERE.

You are NOT Alone....
You are NOT Alone….

Finally, check out Ms. Go Go’s fave haunts around town; last chance for some shows!

See you on the dark side.

Alone: An Existential Haunting — Elegant.  Chilling.  Psychotic.  Also, thankfully, cocktails.  Wed 10/29 – Sat 11/1

Urban Death ~ Tour of Terror — Intimate labyrinth.  Under-your-skin horror.  Short tour/ long-lasting terror.  Fri, Oct 31 & Sat, Nov 1

Wicked Lit — Literary trilogy of chills.  Cemetery setting.  Backstage option.  Wed, 10/29 – Sat, Nov 8; no shows Mon & Tues.

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

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