The Weekend Go Go: Lit Crawl NoHo, STEAM Carnival, The Tingler + Much More!

You don't really have to crawl...
Get lit.

We may be deep into spook and scare territory but man and woman cannot live by haunted house alone.

Read on for entertaining alternatives to dry ice and rotting flesh.

Well Tread

According to Wiktionary, one definition of “crawl” is “To visit while inebriated.”

This Wednesday, get drunk on words at Lit Crawl LA: NoHo.

Based on San Francisco’s wildly successful LitQuake,  Lit Crawl LA: NoHo offers Angelenos a chance to stroll the streets of the Metro-centric NoHo Arts District and check out dozens of authors, poets, storytellers and writers of all persuasions for FREE.

By the numbers, LitCrawl features 34 events in 30 locations with 3 rounds at 7 p.m, 8 p.m. and 9 p.m.  Settle in at one venue for the entire 45 minute set  or stroll and sample to customize your literary evening.

Arrive by Metro and linger outside the station for al fresco shots from a dozen poetry/spoken word/slam  artists with Avenue 50’s Poesia Para La Gente.

Indulge in a love potion with Mary Fae Smith (“Sex Poet Extraordinaire”) and Alexis Rhone Fancher (How I Lost My Virginity to Michael Cohen & Other Heart Stab Poems) at Two Erotic Poets Walk into a Sex Shop at Romantix Adult Boutique (18+).

At Tongue and Groove’s word brawls at XMA : HQ, get up close and personal with author Lara Marie Schoenhals (White Girl Problems) and actor/poet Jeremy Radin (Slow Dance With Sasquatch) courtesy of global phenomenon Literary Death Match. Local literary bruisers Jeffrey Dorchen and Mike O’Connell face off  via the Write Club.

Drown your sorrows at Po§ch with  Life is Stranger than Fiction  where high-octane Hollywood writers like Annabelle Gurwitch (I See You Made An Effort), Richard Kramer (My So-Called Life), Peter Mehlman (Seinfeld) and Stephen Toblowsky (Groundhog Day) put a comic spin on out-of-control life events.

And that’s just the first hour….

At Lit Crawl LA:NoHo, it’s all big shots…no chaser.

LIT CRAWL LA: NOHOWed, October 22, 7pm – midnight.  FREE; some venues 18+/21+Various locations.  For schedule and more info, go HERE.

Not a giant erector set....
The carnival reimagined.

Welcome to the Future

Game aficionados, science geeks, circus buffs and kids of all ages will want to grab tickets to the STEAM Carnival debuting this Saturday at Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles.

An acronym for the carnival’s focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math, the two-day tech-stravaganza features a giant game arcade,  a wearable technology fashion show, aerialists and fire breathers, a robot costume contest, “mad science” demos, a laser maze and more.

Also, a beer garden, which  may or may not help you navigate the laser maze.

STEAM Carnival is the brainchild of Two Bit Circus, a Los Angeles-based engineering entertainment company that hopes to inspire kids to create their future through STEAM disciplines.

Who knew the future was so fun?

STEAM CARNIVAL Sat, Oct 25 – Sun, Oct 26; @ 11 am – 7pm.  $20 – $80; kids under 6 FREE! — CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles, 112 E 22nd St. #10, LA 90731.  For tix and more info, go HERE.

Scream for your life at Cinefamily...
Cause of Death: Fright at Cinefamily

A Halloween Movie Quiz

Q. What is The Tingler?

A. A squirmy lobster-shaped monster that feeds on human terror and shivers your timbers….

Q. What is Percepto?

A. One of shlockmeister William  Castle more memorable Fifties gimmicks, it vibrated  theater seats to simulate a Tingler attack…on the butt.

Q, What is the Silent Movie Theater?

A. Home of The Cinefamily and the actual theater used in a major subplot of The Tingler.

NOTE: The Tingler seats may or may not have been changed.

Q. What is “Scream for Your Life“?

A. Allegedly, the only way to survive a Tingler attack.  Getting rid of your naiveté works too.

Q. What is Sunday?

A. The only night the Tingler comes to town.

Warm up those vocal cords now.

THE TINGLERSun, Oct 26 @ 7:30 p.m.  $12The Cinefamily, 611 No Fairfax, LA 90036  For tix and more info, go HERE.

Dance, dance evolution....
Dance, dance evolution….

More Weekend Go Go Fun!

LA Dance Project  — Pieces by Milliepied/Gat/Forsythe!  The gorgeous Theatre at Ace Hotel!  3 nights only!   Fri, Oct 24 – Sun, Oct 26

Halloween and Mourning Tours — 1930’s funeral!  Poison & poisonous deaths!  Raffles!  Sat, Oct 25 & Sun, Oct 26

Festival Supreme — Tenacious D!  Music! “Finest comedy acts on planet Earth”!  Circus of Death!  Sat, Oct 25

American Cinematheque Dusk-to-Dawn Horror-thon —  Seven films at the Aero!  Free food! Coffee & Monster Energy Drinks!  Sat, Oct 25

KCRW MASQUERADE — Halloween costume ball & dance party!  5 ballrooms!  21+   Sat, Oct 25

The Moth Los Angeles GrandSLAM Championship —  “Ignorance is Bliss”!  10 StorySLAM champs compete!  18+   Mon, Oct 27

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

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  1. Kate Bergh says:

    Kim – Kate here – pals with Judi Laing and frequent guest of Whiskey and Poetry – Are you going to the Lit Crawl tonight? Kate

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