The Weekend Go Go: Last Lust & Love, Love Hurts, the Atomic Age

Last chance for lust & love....
Say it ain’t so….

You’ve been go-going non-stop.  Sure, it’s been fun but you’re ready to take a breather this weekend.

But wait…

It’s your final chance for love and lust.

Your first chance at blood lust.

Your only chance for an Atomic blast from the past.

Come to think of it, Go Go’ers — relaxation is for sissies.

Good-bye Love and Lust

Say it ain’t so, Anna David!

The doyenne of L.A.’s best “dames dishing dates” spoken word event is calling it quits.

GIANT sad face.

Accordingly, you will want to cancel any existing plans and head to M Bar tonight for the final installment of the smart and sexy True Tales of Lust & Love featuring the creme de la creme of true tale tellers: Amy Dresner, Pamela Ribon, Sara Benincasa, Taylor Orci, and Fielding Edlow.

Happily, going forward,  there will still be lust and love in the world: David has edited the best of the true tales  into a book and you can get into the final show free with a $16 purchase of said tome.   There will be giveaways and, as always, you’ll get a chance to write down your own tales of romantic/sexual woe or wow, which will be shared on stage for a chance to win a gift bag of goodies.

A.k.a. turning your dating dross into gold….

TRUE TALES OF LUST & LOVEThurs, Feb 20 @ 8pm; doors @ 7:30.  $10 or FREE with atd purchase of book ($16)M Bar, 1253 Vine St, L.A. 90038  For more info, go HERE.

The trickle down effect....
The trickle down effect….

Forbidden Love

Vampire lovers, take note: Dracula may be the most famous neck-biter but he was neither the first nor the most infamous.  That distinction goes to the eponymous seductress of Joseph Sheridan LeFanu’s 1872 novel CARMILLA about a lesbian vampire and her hapless victim.

Even in the 19th century, love hurt.

This Friday, expert gothic horror meisters ZJU Theatre Group premieres the blood-lust tale of  “the love that dare not speak its name” set in 1940’s Nazi-occupied Austria.  Playwright David MacDowell Blue and director Mark Hein promise to bring the Sapphic seduction-with-a-bite to the stage with “all nuance and eroticism intact”.

So basically, your Valentine’s Day revisited….

CARMILLAFri & Sat @ 11 pm, Feb 21 – March 15.  $15Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre, 4850 Lankershim Blvd, NoHo  91601   For tix, go HERE.

Be there and wish you'd been there....
Be there and wish you’d been there….

Atomic Blast from the Past

Angelenos of a certain age will remember the Atomic Cafe‘s noodles, GoGo chicken, and “Hamburger Gotcha”  — a.k.a. the perfect 4:00 a.m. food for Japanese mobsters, drunk punks, and then-emerging acts like X, Blondie, and Devo.

The real lure, though, was the legendary jukebox programmed with 45’s by Atomic Nancy, owners Ito and Minoru Matoba’s daughter, who also papered the  walls of the Little Tokyo hangout with punk posters and flyers.

This Saturday, the music reigns once more with JUKEBOX: Sounds of the Atomic Cafe, a set DJ’ed by Nancy Sekizawa before the building — which later housed the legendary Chicano music hangout the Troy Cafe — is demolished  to make way for a Metro Station.

The $15 suggested donation will go to The Little Tokyo Service Center, which will help ensure the story is preserved and represented in a permanent public art piece at the future Metro station.

She had to leave   Los Angeles***, indeed.

JUKEBOX: SOUNDS OF THE ATOMIC CAFESat, Feb 22. 8PM doors/9PM DJ set.  $15 suggested donationSenor Fish Restaurant (Resto side, not the Cantina), 422 E 1st, Little Tokyo, LA  90012  Donate HERE.  ***Lyric from Los Angeles by X.

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. KEITH says:

    I love knowing (courtesy of Ms. Go-Go) all these unusual events which are happening around town (and sometimes just around the corner)!

    1. Thanks, Keith. Always big love for the City of Angels…. Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Lily Allen says:

    Wish I could make it to True Tales tonight, but glad to know about the book! Thanks again Ms. Go-Go!

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