The Weekend Go Go: Comedy Riot, No Pants Subway, a Drinking Theater + more

So many comedians, so little time.
So many comedians, so little time.

Whether you’ve just escaped from the polar vortex — minus-50 wind chill in Chicago! — or have merely been braving L.A.’s 70 degree temps, the new year gets off to a wild start this weekend.



Cocktails. (Not Molotov)

And if your New Year’s resolutions include not wearing pants in public, read on.

Luckily, you don’t live  in Chicago.

The L.A. Riots

It’s only the second week of January but  Riot L.A. is already throwing down for the title of L.A.’s best fest/bash of 2014.

Ms. Go Go is not even going out on a limb with that prediction.

It’s been more than a year since the inaugural  iteration of the underground comedy fest and absence has only made the heart grow fonder.

Starting Thursday, Riot L.A. creator/executive producer Abbey Londer brings back a bigger and better alt-fest whose impressive lineup includes but is by no means limited to: Scott Aukerman (Comedy Bang! Bang!) , Doug Benson (The Benson Interruption), Kyle Kinane (Comedy Central, Conan)  Eddie Peppitone (Community, Bob’s Burgers), Betsy Sodaro (Animal Hospital), and Opening Night host Kumail Nanjani (Portlandia, VEEP).

In addition to the 130+ comedians performing over four days in the four-block  DTLA party, the 45+ shows include two FREE open mics, multiple Best of Riot L.A. shows (good “gateway” choices for comedy newbies), a Rodney Dangerfield Award Showcase  for emerging talent, the all-female show Pixy Stix, and Riot L.A. Space Exploration (“Electronic Comedy and Real Lasers”).

Please, comedy nerd attendees.  Leave your Luke Skywalker light sabers at home.

Sponsor KCRW also presents Storytime for Grown-ups  and UnFictional Live and also hosts The Lot: an astroturfed, weekend-only playground-in-a-parking lot with beer, food trucks, photo booth, arcade games, and all things wacky.

The only problem?  Making sure 2014 isn’t all downhill from here.

RIOT L.A. Thurs, Jan 9 – Sun Jan 12.  Free (open mics only)  to $500 (VIP pass); all ages/some venues 21+   Tickets, schedules & more info HERE.

Stuff your face for prizes....
Stuff your face for prizes….

Champion of Cheeseburger Week

Fans of the iconic “Cheeseburger” will want to say a “huzzah”  for Lionel Sternberger.

Also, hit the pause button on the New Year’s diet.

In 1924, at the Rite Spot road side stand  in Pasadena, the teenaged Sternberger slapped a slice of  camouflaging cheese on a burned patty to avoid the wrath of his boss/dad.

The “Aristocratic Burger” was born.

Ninety years later, Rose City celebrates Sternberger’s self-protective innovation with Cheeseburger Week.  Starting on Sunday, January 12 and running through Friday, January 17, forty Pasadena restos, lounges and burger joints offer special creations and deals as well as their signature cheeseburgers, including turkey and veggie options, which the public can vote on.

Want to have something to show for your consumption besides calories?

Head over to Dog Haus Biergarten  for their  1st Annual Slider Eating Competition.

There’s still time for potential contenders to chow down and be counted; just show up at the biergarten this Thursday at 7pm for the final qualifying round.

Even if you’re not one of the ten slider-eaters competing for $1000+ in cash and prizes , you’ll still want to help kick off Cheeseburger Week a day early at Dog Haus.  It’s always a party at the gourmet dog and patty palace and this Saturday will be no exception; Phil Wills, voted “Pasadena’s Best Bartender”, will MC the festivities, which include four craft breweries,  DJ Kirk, and a life-sized  Jenga competition.

Now you can cross “giant Jenga competition” off  your 2014 bucket list.

DOG HAUS BIERGARTEN 1ST ANNUAL SLIDER EATING COMPETITIONFINAL QUALIFYING ROUND on Thurs, Jan 9 @ 7pm.  PARTY on Sat, Jan 11, noon – 4pm; competition @ 3pm — Dog Haus Biergarten,  98 E Green St, Pasadena 91105  626.683.0808

PASADENA CHEESEBURGER WEEK — Sun, Jan 12 – Sat, Jan 17 — For list of participating restaurants, specials and deals, go HERE.

What is missing in this picture? (Photo courtesy of The Steel Shark)
What is missing in this picture? (Photo courtesy of The Steel Shark)

So This Is A Thing….

Pants.  You have them. You wear them.  But sometimes you dream of a day with…no pants.

Go Go’ers, that day is here.

Release your inner exhibitionist/Merry Prankster and join other intrepid, bare-legged bon vivants for the 6th Annual No Pants Metro Ride coming Sunday to selected Metro stops near you.  All you need is chutzpah and clean underwear: no theatrics, skill, or interaction with the press required.

In fact, the entire point of the event is the nonchalant non-wearing of pants in public.

“Secret agents” will be on hand and on the platforms to guide you through the afternoon, on and off stops, and to the secret after-party.

You’ll identify said agents by their lack of pants.

NO PANTS METRO RIDE 2014Sun, Jan 12, 1-3:00 pm.  Free/all ages — For more info including schedule and stops, go HERE.

Just in case you needed a reason to drink....
Drink to support the arts…about drinking.

In Case You Need a Reason to Drink….

If you have friends who don’t “get”  theater, get them to I’ll Drink to That!, the play incubation lab from a Working Theater with cocktails as subject.

Already, this is a thought-provoking theatrical proposition.

24 hours before the show, five award-winning writers are assigned a popular drink and within twelve hours, must write a 15-minute play in which the drink is mentioned.

No indication as to whether they’re also drinking the drink.

Each play is then handed to a director who works with a gang of actors over another twelve hours to bring the libation-themed piece to the “stage” at the Three of Clubs bar in Hollywood.  When the drink is mentioned during the play, your “job” is to say, “Cheers!” and drink.

Ms. Go Go can’t wait to see the drunken critics’ reviews.

A WORKING THEATER’S I’LL DRINK TO THAT! — Sun, Jan 12 @ 7:30.  $10/21+ — Three of Clubs, 1123 No Vine St, Hollywood 90038   Get tix HERE.

More Go Go Fun!

Hollywood Shorts  10 minute plays!   TV/film writers/directors/cast!   Wednesday nights!  Wed, Jan 8 – 29

Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb —  Free screening!  50th anniversary! Lots of bombs!  Sat, Jan 11

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

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