The Weekend Go Go: Free Sarah Silverman, Downtown Food Hunt, Elvis Turns 79

Neons for Pershing Square by Stephen Antonakos.
Neons for Pershing Square by Stephen Antonakos.

Scenario One: Your 2014 resolution?  To become better acquainted with this city that you love.

Scenario Two: You’re determined to become a more informed Angeleno so you can show 2014 visitors the “real L.A.”

Scenario Three: What a treat to get to know L.A. better while entertaining the last when-will-they-leave? out-of-town stragglers  guests before you all go stark raving mad in your suddenly-too-small pad.

Ms. Go Go…here to help with resolutions, aspirations, and the retention of sanity.

Move and Groove

Los Angeles certainly doesn’t have the nation’s most comprehensive subway system (understatement) but it may have one of the most interesting — or at least distracting — because of the large scale public art works created for Metro stations from the get-go.

Tonight — and the first Thursday, Saturday and Sunday of every month — volunteers from the Metro Art Docent Council lead Angelenos and their STILL-in-town “friends” and visitors alike on free/no-reservations-required tours through various Metro stations; you’ll get info about the various stations and background about the art/artists.  For instance, Neons for Pershing Square (see photo above) by artist Stephen Antonakos commemorates the first neon sign in the United States, which was posted around the corner from the station.

Tonight’s tour starts at Union Station and ends at Pershing Square where your Metro TAP card gets you $1 off the Downtown on Ice outdoor skating rink.

And if someone “slips” on the ice and has to be airlifted back to Duluth, well…you tried.

METRO ART TOURSThurs, Jan 2, 5:30 – 7pm.  FREE/all agesMeet at the Information Booth inside the Alameda Street entrance of Union Station, 800 N Alameda St, DTLA 90012

Probably won’t be peachy clean.

Badass Laughs…Free.

You need some drinks.

You need some laughs.

You need some of it to be free.

Meeting your earliest 2014 needs, Peachy Keen‘s FREE comedy show this Friday features a killer line-up:  Sarah Silverman (The Sarah Silverman Show, SNL), Pete Holmes (the Pete Holmes Show, Comedy Central), Todd Glass (Last Comic Standing, Tosh.0), Kumail Nanjiani (Comedy Central special) and more.

Your 2014 resolution #57 just happens to be “more”.

Hosted by Geoff PlittPeet Guercio and Rob O’Reilly at the sexy Bar Lubitsch, there’s no cover or drink minimum although Ms. Go Go warns you’ll regret it  if you don’t sample the vodka bar’s specialties like the Moscow Mule.

Go Go’ers, don’t start the year with regrets.

THE PEACHY KEEN COMEDY SHOWFri, Jan 3 @ 8pm. FREE/21+BarLubitsch, 7702 Santa Monica Blvd, WeHo 90046  The Peachy Keen Comedy Show

Adventures await...
Adventures await…

Food, Fun, Hunt

Long before it became a fancy pants dining desto, Downtown L.A.’s  original communities were full of tasty fare found in out-of-the-way corners and unassuming storefronts.

The challenge?  How to search out the delish despite fear of the unfamiliar and/or un-yummy.

Still clueless about Downtown snackage? Check out Watson Adventures and their Munch Around Downtown Scavenger Hunt this Saturday.

Clue hunters and food gathererswill search Union Station, Chinatown, Olvera Street and environs for answers to questions about wacky history and crazy culture.  Any failure to find facts will be more than offset by tips about where to get  great Chicken Sopas, BBQ pork buns, toasted-coconut Cocada de Horno, Vietnamese po’boys, Chinese green tea mochis, strawberry whipped cream cakes, and French dip sandwiches.

Expect to salivate while scavenging….

Your $22 ticket covers the hunt but not the food; $10 is a suggested amount to bring for lunch although dedicated grazers wanting to sample all of the above — Ms. Go Go raises hand — will want to bring a baller-sized wad of greenbacks.  Every team of two or more — you can also join an existing team —  is required to bring a digital camera, which will be used for more than selfies and food porn pix.

Selfie with Aunt Sue while pointing to a found clue and eating a sammie?   Oh, you 2014 multi-tasker, you.

WATSON ADVENTURES/MUNCH AROUND DOWNTOWN SCAVENGER HUNTSat, Jan 4 @ noon; $22 + food money/21+  — Exact meeting location will be revealed upon ticket purchase.  For further info/tix, go HERE.

Hubba hubba....
“Young and Beautiful”

Blue Suede Shoes Birthday

If you love “the King” (or even if you don’t, you Philistine), you’ll want to hit up the Echo this Sunday for  the 28th Annual Elvis Birthday Bash

What you won’t see: Elvis impersonators on stage.  (In the audience?  All bets are off.)

What you will see: iconic rockers including Rod McKuen, Jimmy Angel,  and  Gene Taylor from the Blasters as well as SoCal scene fixtures like the Groovy Rednecks and the South Bay Surfers.  Art Fein and Ronnie Mack are throwing the jumpin’, jivin’ bash, which usually moves as fast as Elvis’s shimmy-shake legs on stage.

Gentlemen, start your pompadours….

28TH ANNUAL ELVIS BIRTHDAY BASHSun, Jan 5 @ 3pm.  All ages/$20 (to benefit the L.A. Mission)the Echo, 1822 Sunset Blvd, LA 90026   Info (including full line-up) & tix HERE.

More Weekend Go Go Fun:

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) Fest  Emerging Bands!  1 ticket/2 venues!  18+!  Fri, Jan 3

The Blues Brothers  Acroyd & Belushi!  Midnight screening!  Nuart!  Fri, Jan 3

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

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