The Weekend Go Go: A Lost Christmas, Butter Aerobics Holiday Jam, Taste of Tamales

Plays!  Cookies!  Mistletoe!
Plays! Cookies!  Mistletoe!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year:

Granny’s cannonball fruitcake

Uncle Jeeter’s Nativity Critter Bingo

Cousin Sissy’s  Christmas Kitty Tea Party with mandatory attendance by Pookie,  Mr. Muffins…and you.

Go Go’ers, it’s time to make Xmas traditions fun again….

…or at least less humiliating.

Lost in the Theatre, Not on the Island

Don’t go to A Lost Christmas  expecting plane crashes, tropical islands and the holiday version of the Smoke Monster.

Do expect quirkiness  and sweet surprises at the three-night festival of short, holiday-themed plays by Sissy Boyd, Shawna Casey, Cliff Eisner, Coleman Hough, Marc Jensen, Jeptha Storm, Mickey Swenson and Sharon Yablon.

For the sweet part: gratis Christmas treats at intermission.

Susan Hayden, who produces the popular Library Girl poetry and music series, wrote  Tomorrowland, the fest’s longest play at 14 minutes.  The two-hander features actors (and real-life besties!) Christopher Pennock and James Storm who co-starred on the iconic Dark Shadows T.V. show.  In a quirky twist of fate, Storm and Pennock’s first performance together in 45 years is opening night: Friday the 13th.

With former vampire-affiliated actors hanging around on Friday the 13th, you may want to approach the mistletoe with caution.

A LOST CHRISTMASFri, Dec 13 & Sat Dec 14 @  8pm; Sun, Dec 15 @ 7pm.  $15The Lost Studio, 130 So La Brea Ave, LA 90036.  Reservations @ 323.933.6944

Feel the churn....
Feel the churn….

Holiday Win Win Win

Dilemma #1 — Forget expensive plastic, man.  You want to give personal presents that say “I care” and, coincidentally, don’t put a dent in your ripstop nylon wallet.

Dilemma #2 — Flab is a drag.  You want to keep slim and trim despite your copious consumption of that sweet, sweet spiked eggnog.

Dilemma #3 — You’re a busy guy/gal.  Who has time to do both of the above?

The answer to all of your luxe life problems?  The Butter Aerobics Holiday Jam:  an Eighties aerobic style workout combined with an artisanal butter churning lesson taking place this Saturday.

Don your spandex and leg warmers and shimmy on down to the west end of the Santa Monica Pier where you’ll get a tutorial in all things milk-into-butter from PopSoda and art collective Machine Project .  Alta Dena Dairy supplies the cream so you won’t have to juggle it en route with your slouchy Flashdance sweater.

A reservation doesn’t guarantee a spot in the two, capped-at-150 booty shaking sessions so get there early to sign up then, sweat,  shake and sway as the surf pounds and seagulls wheel overhead in agitated confusion.

Feeling especially virtuous after all that churn and burn?  Spread the butter on fresh, baked-on-the-spot MOMO bread then give yourself a sweet, post-workout treat from bicycle powered ice cream maker Peddler’s Creamery.

If you’re resistant to caloric temptation and steadfast in your commitment to unique gift-giving, strain, shape and wrap the butter, add a gift card from Church of  Type and pair with a jar of fresh-flavored jam from punk rocker-turned-food-artisan Laura Ann.

Head bands and Raspberry Habanero jam for the holiday win!

BUTTER AEROBICS HOLIDAY JAMSat, Dec 14 @ 10:30 am and 1pm.  FREE with RSVP here; capped at 150 1st come/1st served — 200 Santa Monica Pier, Suite A, Santa Monica, California 90401

Stock up!
Stock up!


Go Go’ers, what’s a holiday in Los Angeles without tamales?

The corn husk-wrapped bundles of masa goodness are the ultimate comfort food; a supply of tamales at Christmas time guarantees dinners for drop-ins, a humble cure for hangovers, and warming comfort and joy during L.A.’s current, near-Arctic temps.

This Sunday, get your masa on by Metro-ing down to Placita Olvera (Olvera Street) for the First Taste of Tamales Festival  The Mesoamerican staple will be prepared in the styles of Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and other Latin America countries; other foods will be available including champurrado: the hot, thick masa and hot chocolate drink.

Alternate name: “All’s Right with the World Festival”.

FIRST TASTE OF TAMALES FESTSun, Dec 15; 10am – 6pm; FREEPlacita Olvera, Main St. & Cesar E Chavez Ave, DTLA,  818-734-2701


The Chocolate and Art Show  — Free Chocolate! Emerging Artists! Henna Tattoos ! Dec 13, 14 & 15

The SANTA Monica Pub Crawl 25+ bars!  Santa Scavenger Challenge Hunt!  Ugly sweaters!  Dec 14

The Cinefamily’s Fantastic, Elastic 24-hour Telethon — Angelica Huston!  Live Streamed!  FREE!  Dec 14-15

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

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