The (Thanksgiving) Weekend Go Go: Comic Fodder Family, Nose-Twisting Family, Dead Family

Stand down, turkey, stand down.
Stand down, turkey, stand down.

Go Go’ers, enjoy this updated Thanksgiving chestnut, which features Ms. Go Go’s fave “How to Survive the Relatives” weekend.

You can do it, Go Go’ers, you can do it.

Let’s face it; when it comes to holidays, even the happiest families can crack under pressure like a wishbone in the hands of kids high on pumpkin nog and whipped cream.

Sad but true.

Luckily, the following forays into death, comedy, and familial dysfunction position you as a clever, attentive, and creative host(ess) while affording you the opportunity to laugh with — and at — the relatives you wish were gone love…or at least like.

During this holiday of sharp utensils, think of these outings as care and protection of your loved ones.

They May be Laughing At You

Last Thanksgiving, did you cringe as sad sack Uncle Sol gave you the nitty-gritty on his latest bout with eczema?  Did you grit your teeth while know-it-all Cousin Shirley told you the right way to candy the yams?

Relatives.  Can’t live with ‘em can’t…well, you know.

If you anticipate more familial annoyance this Turkey Day, you’ll want to book tickets immediately for Your F’d Up Family at the always-popular and frequently-sold-out Upright Citizens Brigade where comic improv’ers takes your racist cousin and your drama queen mom and spin them into comedy gold.

You’ll cry ’til you laugh.

UCB PRESENTS: YOUR F’D UP FAMILY – Fri, Nov 29 @ 9:30 pm/$10 (also includes “Soundtrack”) – Upright Citizens Brigade, 5919 Franklin Ave, LA 90028, 323.908.8702

Order tix now:

Hello Pop!
Hello Pop!

While the Shopaholics Maul the Mall (and Each Other)

Some family members like to work off the mac ‘n cheeseball calories by hefting twenty pound bags while line-backing through claustrophobic crowds.

Every family has its masochists.

You and your saner relatives can relax and nurse your tryptophan (and other) hangovers at the 16th Annual Three Stooges “Big Screen” Event at the Alex Theater in Glendale where Larry, Moe, and Curly will twist noses and knuckle eyeballs on the big screen.

Oh, the vicarious pleasure you’ll get.

The 2013 theme of the yearly yukfest is, appropriately “Hello Pop! Stooges Family Values” featuring the first West Coast screening in 80 years of the long-thought-lost 1933 classic short Hello Pop! featuring Ted Healey and his Stooges.  With additional shorts such as Sock-A-Bye Baby,  We Want Our Mummy,  and  Three Dumb Clucks,  everyone in the extended family will find Stooge cinema to savor.

Try not to look at your cousins during Three Dumb Clucks.

THE 16TH ANNUAL THREE STOOGES FESTIVAL –Sat, Nov 30, 2pm & 8pm only/$10- $15 – Alex Theater, 216 N Brand Blvd, Glendale 91203, 818.7548250  Buy tix HERE

How not to die....
How not to die….

Laughing at Death = Family Togetherness

Sometimes, the best way to bond is to laugh together at other people’s misfortunes; no matter how bad things are, you’re not them.

Cynicism or survival mechanism? You be the judge.

Serving up daily doses of not-so-secret glee at celeb misfortune and ribald mayhem: Dearly Departed‘s Hollywood Tragical History Tour.

You’ll board the Dearly Departed Tomb Buggy — already you’re chuckling — for an irreverent, two and a half hour tour of nearly 100 sites of murder and mayhem, scandal and sin, including a bathroom break at the Beverly Hills restroom that made George Michael infamous, and the Manson and Menendez murder sites.

You’ll feel better that Brother Bob only butchered the turkey.

HOLLYWOOD TRAGICAL HISTORY TOUR – Daily @ 1:00 pm/$45 –  Meeting Location: Sunset Blvd, between N Shrader Blvd & Cassil Place, Los Angeles; Exact meeting location details will be provided immediately upon purchase of tickets. or call Zerve at (800) 979-3370.

Ready?   U Know U Want to Go Go?

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