The Weekend Go Go: Jeweled Skeletons, Dancing in Deserted Hospitals, Bob Hope’s Birthday Party

Halloween may be over but there are still weekend events to send shivers down your spine.

Read on to get the tingle for your jingle.

Is St. Pancratius flipping the bird at La Luz de Jesus?
Is St. Pancratius flipping the bird at La Luz de Jesus?

Fancy Pants Dead

God bless Billy Shire.

If it wasn’t for the “Peggy Guggenheim of Low Brow” and La Luz de Jesus,  his Little Shop of Wonders, it’s unlikely that morbid Angelenos would get a gander at the decorated-and-dessicated martyrs that are the subject of Dr. Paul Koudounaris’ book and exhibit Heavenly Bodies.

Go Go’ers, consider them the 1% of the skeleton world.

Koudounaris presents images of over 70 skeletons discovered in catacombs, venerated as early martyrs, dolled up by Dark Age artisans with no access to Bedazzlers and hot glue guns, venerated as symbols of heavenly reward, then kicked to the curb when the Catholic Church decided that maybe they weren’t all they were cracked up to be.

Don’t hate them because they’re beautiful.

Instead, celebrate the glitterati at tonight’s opening reception and party, which also celebrates Coming Home: a new exhibition of unnerving art from Christine Wu.  Wu’s unsettlingly sexual body-centric paintings are hot, hot, hot and selling like it.  Crystal Radio provides the soundtrack to the evening of death and distortion.

La Luz de Jesus, where all that glitters is not mold.

HEAVENLY BODIES/COMING HOMEExhibit runs Nov 1st – Dec 1st. Artist reception/opening party Fri, Nov 1, 8-11pm FREELa Luz de Jesus Gallery, 4633 Hollywood Blvd, LA 90027, 323.666.7667

Jivin' at the Loma Linda
Leapin’ at the Linda Vista….

Dance Rehab for Architecture Junkies

Go Go’ers, if you have a dance itch that can’t be scratched, don’t attempt treatment at home.

Instead, head to Linda Vista Community Hospital where the Heidi Duckler Dance Theater will heal what ails you with The Groundskeepers, the newest in the cutting edge troupe’s site-specific movement marvels.

Created by Artistic Director Duckler, The Groundskeepers is  physical and visual therapy for the audience.  You won’t need to hang from outside walls like the dancers but you will need to accompany the production to rarely accessible areas — the fire escape, the chapel, the boiler room — of the iconic, abandoned Mission Revival hospital where ghosts are reported to roam.

If a spirit moves you, get out of the way.

The first of the four performances is tonight, but you’ll want to spring for the Saturday night Performance and Party on the Roof; the roof and the rest of the Boyle Heights hospital will soon become unavailable to the public when it will be revamped as affordable housing.

Top o’ the world in Boyle Heights, Ma!

HEIDI DUCKLER DANCE THEATER’S THE GROUNDSKEEPERSFri, Nov 1 @ 8pm, Sat, Nov 2 @ 5:30pm, Th – Sat, Nov 7-9 @ 8pm.  $20 – $50Loma Vista Community Hospital, 610 St. Louis St, Boyle Heights 90023

This really takes the cake.
Have your cake and beat it too

A Birthday You Won’t Soon Forget

Saturday may be Dia de los Muertos when we remember the dead and commune with loved ones who have gone.

With Bob Hope’s Birthday on Sunday, you’ll commune with the living loved ones who can’t remember where you’ve gone.

With Thanksgiving approaching, it’s the perfect time to remind yourself of the peccadilloes of elderly loved ones.  Have a good time while gearing up with the world premiere of Jeri Batzdorff’s comedy about reluctant relatives who must rally to take care their Grandmother who has Alzheimer’s.

In other words, Granny can’t remember anything including you.

The production is a benefit for Alzheimer’s research so it’s win/win as well as fun/fun.

You’ll laugh ’til it doesn’t hurt.

BOB HOPE’S BIRTHDAYSun, Nov 3 – Nov 24 @ 7pm; $15ZJU Theatre Group, 4850 Lankershim Blvd, NoHo 91601 Reservations 818.202.4120

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

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