The Weekend Go Go: A Whisky for Artwork Jamal, Rock & Roll Trailers, Avocado Beer, and Moth Sluts Go!

Raise a glass to Jamal.
Raise a glass to Artwalk Jamal.

Some may think summer lovin’ is over.

Some may think the summertime  livin’ is no longer easy.

Some may think the boys of summer are really gone.

Go Go’ers, don’t put away those Wayfarers yet.

Summer still has plenty of suntan up its sleeve.

Artwork Sang the Blues

How do you memorialize a bluesman when he passes?  You have a bar jam, of course.

Artwork Jamal, a fixture on the Downtown L.A. music scene, died on August 6, a day shy of his 48th birthday.  Jamal held down a five-year residency at Seven Grand; on Wednesday, August 21, the whisky bar will celebrate Jamal with an open-to-the-public memorial show featuring the Midnight Blues Review.

In addition to some of the best whisky in town, hot shot artist Robert Vargas will do portraits for memorial contributions and there will be food, raffles, and a passing of the hat; contributions will go to Jamal’s widow Lida Parent Harris to help ease Jamal’s passing.

As Artwork’s inspiration Muddy Waters sang:

“Keep your light up burnin’, so I can know the score
I got one more mile, oh you know I only got one more mile to go
One More Mile  (Wendy Waldman)

ARTWORK JAMAL MEMORIAL SHOWWed, Aug 21, 9pm – 1amSeven Grand, 515 W 7th St, 2nd flr, DTLA 90014   RSVP here  Read Los Angeles Times obituary of Artwork Jamal.

All Hail the Purple One (Courtesy of Cinefamily)
All Hail the Purple One (Courtesy of Cinefamily)

Front Row Seats for Everything

Want to see the glory days of rock ‘n roll?

Put on your favorite concert tee, grab your (virtual) lighter, and head to Cinefamily on Thursday, August 22 for The Rock ‘n Roll Trailer Show.

Presented by the Academy Film Archive, the feature-length “mixtape” presents decades worth of the three-minute, 35mm, rock ‘n roll movie trailers that revved up theater audiences over their Red Vines and Raisinettes before the main movie event.

There may be dancing in the seats if not the streets.

The compilation features highlights of icons such as The Who, Dylan, Elvis, The Beatles, Bowie, Talking Heads, Prince, and Abba as well as quirkier choices like Black Flag and Oingo Boingo.

Rock ‘n roll may never die but Cinefamily advises that Thursday’s mini-music-marathon will “pretty much be the only time EVER that all these fantastic and rare trailers will be gathered in one place on 35mm” so you’ll want to grab tix now.

You’ll still have plenty of time to look for your platforms and glitter pants.

THE ROCK ‘N ROLL TRAILER SHOWThurs, Aug 22 @ 10:15pm; $12Cinefamily, 611 N Fairfax, LA 90036  (323) 655-2510

Avocado in a glass? Yes, please.
Avocado in a glass? Yes, please.

Holy Guacamole

The hop heads over at Angel City Brewery & Public House are not afraid of unconventional ingredients; past thirst-quenchers have been brewed with seaweed (“French Sip”) and brewer Joe Moakley’s own secret pickle mix (“Pickle Weiss”).

Both  wacky, both delicious.

On Saturday, Angel City’s mad scientists launch their newest unholy-sounding concoction “Avocado Ale” — their 100th batch of 2013 beer — at (Surprise!) Avocado Festival: a one-day celebration of your farmer’s market fave.  The new, guacamole-inspired brew has cilantro as its “what-the-heck?” ingredient and you can discuss the “Avocado: fruit-or-vegetable?” question over frozen avocado popsicles from the Octopops truck as well as avocado specials from Steel City Sandwiches and Rounds Burgers.

Think your guac rocks?  Enter the guacamole contest with Angel City Brewery judging the best of the fest then celebrate your win (fingers crossed!)  by goovin’ to Sunset Drifters, Down Country All Stars, Root Shakur, and RT and the 44’s while sipping your “butter fruit” beer, which sounds like something a grow-up Harry Potter would drink but isn’t.

Still, it’s gonna be magic….

AVOCADO FESTIVALSat, Aug 24 , 1-6pmAngel City Brewery & Public House, 216 S Alameda, DtLA 90012  Festival is in support of the Lamp Community.

Captain Dan Dixon vs. The Moth Sluts from the 5th Dimension (L -R): Katherine Canipe, Matthew Sklar, Gloria Baraquio
Captain Dan Dixon vs. The Moth Sluts from the 5th Dimension (L -R): Katherine Canipe, Matthew Sklar, Gloria Baraquio

Want More Weekend?

For end-of-summer fests, check out big ticket offerings like the four-day/multi-location  Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival (Wednesday-Sunday) and the two-day/one spot FYF Fest (Saturday/Sunday).

Ms. Go Go also highly recommends Captain Dan Dixon vs. The Moth Sluts from the 5th Dimension at ZJU Theater Group.  There’s plenty of feminine pulchritude on display but beyond the green, pastied breasts is a sly, sweet, smart story of alien girls from the wrong side of the galaxy who are looking for love but settling for survival.

Writer Matt Sklar, director Sebastian Munoz, and the ZJU cast and crew get the retro details just right: pitch-perfect dialogue;  just-goofy-enough performances from both spaceship crew and purring, go-go-ing aliens; and a set and costumes (including a hilariously wonderful brain) that perfectly embody the low-tech-with-high-aspirations B-movies that inspired Sklar as a kid.

Be sure to fasten your seatbelts, Go Go’ers: it’s going to be a funny night.

CAPTAIN DAN DIXON VS. THE MOTH SLUTS FROM THE FIFTH DIMENSION — Fri & Sat, Aug 16 – Sept  14; $15 — ZJU Theatre Group, 4850 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood.  Call for reservations: (818) 202- 4120

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

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