The Weekend Go Go: Sexy Aliens, Sake Slam, Brazilian Beats, Cry for Johnny

Planet to to man.
They go from planet to planet…man to man.

How to “weekend” in August in L.A.

First, end a boring week with something wild.

Then, drink some sake and stay outside as much you can.

Play.  Dance.

Commune with the dead.

Yeah, you know how to party.

Green and Man-Hungry

Moth Sluts.

Those two words — and the accompanying mental image of sinister, sexually voracious, insectile femme fatales — pretty much sell the new production of Captain Dan Dixon vs. The Moth Sluts from the Fifth Dimension at ZJU Theater’s Grand Guignol house of fun.  The prior incarnation of writer/performer Matt Sklar’s sly slice of retro B-movie sci-fi was sold out during its entire run; with ZJU veteran Sebastian Munoz  at the helm, the tickets will def go fast so don’t delay.

Need more convincing?  Expect laughs, courageous man hunks, go go dancing, and silver shorts.

Go Go’ers, it doesn’t get more convincing than silver shorts.

CAPTAIN DAN DIXON VS. THE MOTH SLUTS FROM THE FIFTH DIMENSIONFri & Sat, Aug 16 – Sept  14; $15ZJU Theatre Group, 4850 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood.  Call for reservations: (818) 202- 4120

Slammin' Sake
Do you Shochu?

Slammin’ Sake

If your sake palate is more educated than the question of hot versus cold — or you want it to be — head to Little Tokyo this Saturday for the Sake Shochu Tasting.  The Social Sake Club — yes, it’s a thing — will present 100 of the world’s most interesting  sakes, shochus, and beers plus food. You can listen to experts in the field as you sip  — or slam — and watch a documentary on how to make sake.

So, say hello to your new home brew hobby.

There’s also a “Sake and Shochu Queen” Beauty Pageant, which you can enter and/or vote on; contestants get extra points for kimono wearing.

If only the same applied to real life.

SAKE SHOCHU TASTINGSat, Aug 17, 4-8pm; Advance $50/pp, $90/couple; At the door $60/person; 21+Double Tree Hilton, 120 S Los Angeles St, Garden Level, DTLA 90012 

All hail the King and Queen...
All hail the King and Queen…

Maracatú x Two

True Fact #1: The Brazilian Hour, the highly respected and enormously popular radio show produced and hosted by Sergio Mielniczenko on KXLU, is celebrating its 35th anniversary.

True Fact #2:  A Tale of Two Nations: Nação Estrela Brilhante & Nation Beat  at Saturday’s Grand Performances is the very first time maracatú, the ancient art of drumming from Brazil’s Northeast coast, will be performed in Los Angeles.

That calls for a celebration.

Hey, guess what?  The music IS a party

Lucky Angelenos will get a double dose of maracatú with its colorful, carnivale-esque origins, feel-it-in-the-bones drumming, call-and-response songs, over-the-top costumes, and sweep-you-up dance, on the final night of the A Tale of Two Nations tour.

The evening features Brazil’s Nação Estrela Brilhante (a.k.a. “Bright Star”), which was founded in 1906 and is led by legendary Mestre Walter Ferreira de França and Queen and President Dona Marivalda, and NYC-based Nation Beat, an American-Brazilian collective led by Scott Kettner, that mashes up maracatú  with other Carnivale traditions like New Orleans second line as well as ragtime and blues.

There will be amazing costumes.  There may be a parade.  You’ll want to dress to impress.

True Fact #3: This is the summer dance party you don’t want to miss.

A TALE OF TWO NATIONS: NAÇÃO ESTRELA BRILHANTE & NATION BEATSat, Aug 17, 8-10:30 pm; FREEGrand Performances, 350 S Grand, DTLA 90071

What Would Johnny Do? (Artwork by Vicki Berndt)
What Would Johnny Do?  (Artwork by Vicki Berndt)

 The Johnny Tribute Trifecta

Q: What do you call three Johns in a cemetery?

A: The Ninth Annual Johnny Ramone Tribute.

Johnny Ramone isn’t buried at Hollywood Forever but there’s an eight-foot statue of him there, just the same.  (Fellow founding Ramones member Dee Dee is buried nearby).  Consequently, the statue has been the go-to gathering spot for nearly a decade of love for the late iconic punk guitarist.

On Sunday, August 18th, two more Johns join the love fest.  To honor Johnny’s fondness for cult movies, fellow icon, writer/director  John Waters, will screen his 1990 movie Cry-Baby starring Johnny Depp in his first oddball screen character.  Adding a feminine touch to the Johnny-ness: Cry-Baby  co-star Traci Lords.

Oh yeah, this will be fun.

Vintage Ramones footage — the debut of “Gabba Gabba Hey”, please! — will precede Cry-Baby; there will also be a Cry-Baby Q&A and Waters will sign autographs.

So, get your Cry-Baby arm tattoo here.

Other special guests include the Sex Pistols’ Steve Jones who will judge a Ramones look-a-like contest; come dressed as a founding Ramones member (Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee or Tommy) and win prizes.

Although really, wouldn’t bragging rights be enough?

NINTH ANNUAL JOHNNY RAMONE TRIBUTESun, Aug 18, 5 pm/doors, 5:30pm/event; $10 admission; $10 onsite parkingHollywood Forever, 6000 Santa Monica Blvd, LA 90038

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

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  1. Jeri Batzdorff says:

    Moth sluts so much fun!!!! thanks Kim, great recommendation ……

    1. Thanks, Jeri! The Vulvulans were certainly in fine form on opening night! And Dr. Canigulus and her brain deserve a special mention.

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