The Weekend Go Go: L.A. Songs, L.A. Outdoor Sex, L.A. Googie

So many friends of L.A.
So many songs.  Just one key.

Ms. Go Go is an unabashed L.A. booster.

Starting Friday, so is the weekend.

Songs to La La By

The Los Angeles Public Library has books, of course.  Also maps, posters, photographs, fruit labels, and lots and lots of sheet music from L.A.’s early days.

Think forgotten classics like:

“San Fernando Valley”.  “Hollywood Square Dance”.

“Little Ol’ Los Angeles”.

Make that very early days.

For an aural stroll through Angeleno history, kick off your L.A.-a-thon weekend at Friday’s always-free Grand Performances where the City of Angels’ own Ozomatli and friends (scheduled: Jackson Browne, La Santa Cecilia, I See Hawks in L.A., and The Petrojvic Blasting Company) will perform selections from Songs in the Key of L.A.  The book of sheet music covers (with book design by Ms. Go Go fave Future Studio Gallery) was curated by USC professor Josh Kun who also helped choose the selection of songs for the evening.

Fingers crossed that “Pajama Girl” is on the bill.

SONGS IN THE KEY OF L.A. WITH OZOMATLI & FRIENDSFri, August 2 @ 8pm; all ages/FREEGrand Performances, California Plaza, 350 S Grand Ave, DTLA, 90071  Complimentary bike valet. General info here.  Parking info here.

How not to be confused.
How not to be confused.

Corps Confusion

How many Army Corps engineers does it take to screw up a wildlife habitat?

Just a handful on earth movers.

How many artists does it take to bring attention to it?

Three to organize and 30+ to perform.

In December 2012, the Army Corps of Engineers took a scorched earth approach to 40+ acres of the South Wildlife Reserve in the Sepulveda Basin.  The area, which has been a native plant, bird, and wildlife habitat since the 1970’s, was decimated in a week.  The destruction has been condemned by the Audubon Society, the Sierra Club and the Friends of the Los Angeles River and questioned by elected officials such as State Senator Fran Pavley.

One of the shifting and conflicting reasons given by the Corps (L.A. Weekly article here) for the devastation is “public safety”, by which they mean protecting the public from gay men who may or may not have had occasional sex at the Reserve.  Written documentation of the alleged complaints has not been produced by the Corps.

Not to worry, people.  In the interest of a safe society, the Corps will next destroy all airport bathrooms, starting at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport.

Artists Dino Dinco, Dawn Kaspser, and Oscar Santos began the three-part performance series Confusion is Sex to call attention to/protest the Corps’ actions.  The third and final installment of CIS  is Saturday at the Sepulveda Basin and starts with a BYOBrown bag/picnic lunch to be eaten with the performance/dance/literary artists before their art protests from 2:30 to 6:30 p.m.

Sadly, on Saturday, the only wildlife there will be human.

CONFUSION IS SEX #3Sat, Aug 3; lunch,1:00 PM – 2:30 PM; performances 2:30 – 6:30 p.m.  FREE Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Area, located in the San Fernando Valley, near the 405 & 101 freeway interchange.  Lunch is at the natural natural amphitheater just east of Wong Cricket Fields off Woodley Ave, N of Burbank Blvd.  Maps with performance times will be available at the location.  For further info, including a list of participating artists, go to:

Get your Googie shakes here. (Courtesy of Esotouric bus adventures)
Get your Googie shakes here. (Courtesy of Esotouric bus adventures)

South L.A. Is Lovable Too

In the dysfunctional family version of Los Angeles, the West side gets popular, pretty, favorite child status while the East side is the smart, quirky creative sibling who tries a little harder.

South L.A. — think Vernon, Downey, Santa Fe Springs, Bell Gardens — is the kid in too big shorts endlessly circling the neighborhood on his Huffy bike: there but invisible.

This Sunday, discover the hidden depths of South L.A. with Esotouric Bus Adventure‘s South L.A. Road Trip: Hot Rods, Adobe, Googie, and Early Modernism.

See the Slauson Avenue studio of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth!  (Ratfink!  The Yellow Fang! The Druid Princess!)

Check out the Clarke Estate by architect Irving Gill!  (Innovator of walk-in closets and sky-lit bathrooms!  An influence on Schindler and Neutra!  Passionate about columns and dancing!)

Go retro with Harvey’s Broiler!  (Paul B. Clayton’s Googie architecture!  Beany and Cecil-inspired mascot!  Former home of Fat Boys and Chubby the Champs!)

Angelenos, South L.A.’s inner child needs a hug.

ESOTOURIC’S SOUTH L.A. ROAD TRIPSun, Aug 4, 11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.; $58 —  11 a.m. check-in at the Daily Dose, 1820 Industrial St, DTLA 90021  Tickets/info at

Ready?  U Know U Want to Go Go….

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