The Weekend Go Go: Wonderwall, So Much Cirque, Chinatown is 75, You are the Art, Underwater Sound

Sixties splendour
Dress Up, Drop Out

This weekend, California will actually be cooler than the rest of the country.

Frolic accordingly.

How the Mods Had Fun

Cinefamily is famous for themed series including The Midnight Mafia and Friday Night Frights. The  heavy hitters parade gets lightened up this Friday, July 19 with the debut of the series Dress Up.

Speaking of which, please do.

Curated by oh-so-groovy artist Alia Penner, the series opens with  Wonderwall, which features London’s Mod Sixties in all its swinging glory.  Starring Jane Birkin (long-time partner/fellow provocateur of Serge Gainsbourg) and directed by Joe Massot (The Song Remains the Same), the film is gorgeously scored by George Harrison and full of phantasmagoria and fab threads.

Count on a contact high.

WONDERWALLFri, July 19 @ 8:00 p.m.; $12 Cinefamily, 611 N. Fairfax, LA 90036

Smile for the camera.
Where to take the out-of-towners.

Smile for the Camera

The relatives from Des Moines have seen — and posed with — LACMA’s big rock.  Now what?

For the best “Here I am in wacky L.A.” photos ever, herd Auntie June and Cousin Billy across the street to ForYourArt‘s Photo Op: Art to Pose With.

Artists Lisa Anne Auerbach and Joel Kyack, Akina Cox, Michael Decker, Alex Miller, Brian Roettinger and Zen Sekizawa, Lisa Sitko, and Amy von Harrington have created sculptures that are meant to be touched and stood on and interacted with and definitely photographed with.

No “hands behind your backs” admonitions here.

It isn’t G-rated but you and your guests will still feel like kids again.

Next stop, the spraying fire hydrants.

PHOTO OP: ART TO POSE WITHFri, July 19 (opening 7-10 pm) through Sat, Aug 24; FREEForYourArt, 6020 Wilshire Blvd. LA 90036;  323.857.6000

Nothing up their sleeves....
No elephants….

The Circus Comes to Town…and Stays

The days of the circus pulling into town, putting up the big top, and then disappearing in the night leaving children stricken with wonder and broken hearts are no more.   Now the cirque hangs around.  For weeks.

And a lot of it’s not for kids.

Gathering under the Big Top of the Pasadena Playhouse on Friday, the multi-week fest of pratfalls and facile fingers is organized by Stefan Haves, Comic Act Designer for Cirque du Soleil.

Acts include Cirque veterans as well as acclaimed acts such as fest opener/magician Justin William (Cupcake Wars, the White House) as well as Amy G whose “Entershamement Tour” routinely inspires dropped jaws.

Also expect fantabulous local acts such as the super-exclusive  Brookledge Follies, which performs by invitation-only at the home theater of the Magic Castle founders, and the Grand Guignolers who’ll bring Laughter, Terror and Tiny, Naughty Puppets.

You don’t want to mess with the tiny, naughty puppets.

CIRQUE-A-PALOOZAFri, July 19 – Sun, August 11, various times; $20-$1150/age range varies   — Pasadena Playhouse, 39 S El Molino Ave, Pasadena 91101

Chinatown is this many years old.
Chinatown is this many years old.

Neon  Nights and Starry Kitchen

There are two things you need to know about the second — and arguably the coolest — of the Chinatown Summer Nights.

First, “New” Chinatown is officially 75 (as of late June), which makes the July 20th Summer Night the closest thing to a neon-lit birthday bash.

Second, in addition to Kogi slinger Roy Choi’s Chego!  now in the East Plaza, Nguyen Tran’s Starry Kitchen has newly taken up residence at the venerable Grand Star Jazz Club.

Go Go’ers, it’s not a birthday bash without raunchy tofu balls.

There will be dancing to KCRW DJ’s Jason Bentley and Mathieu Schreyer, a band lineup curated by Kevin Bronson of Buzzbands LA, and a free, whole lobster 75th b-day/20th anni special at Hop Woo’s.

But you’ll definitely want to have some balls (not to mention the chili crab and the banh mi) with one of Grand Star’s signature, rum-based Lapu Lapu cocktails.  It has “fruit juice vitamins” and garden fresh mint.

In Ms. Go Go’s book, that’s pretty much a health food drink.

CHINATOWN SUMMER NIGHTSSat, July 20, 5-midnight; all ages/FREEChinatown, 943-951 N Broadway, LA 90016

WASH – ing here…
..and here.
..and here.

More Fun with Art & Tourists

Sunday may be steamy but you and your house guests will be cool  in the pool in more ways than one.

Oh, the stories they’ll tell in Altoona.

The latest installation in Machine Project’s Field Guide to L.A. Architecture, WASH – ing involves a lap pool, an underwater viewing room (Yes, it’s a thing.) and layers of sound and fabric.

Also, you.

Slip into your suit in the on-site changing room then splash and swim as ING traverses the pool, trailing fabric while a composition is created from layers of sound and feedback.

It’s pretty much the perfect time to break out your synchronized swimming routine.

MACHINE PROJECT PRESENTS WASH – ING Sun, July 21, 3 – 6pm; FREE — Maranatha High School, 169 S St John Ave, Pasadena 91105  (St. John Ave is one-way; enter from Green, one block north).

NOTE: Per Machine Project, “Kids are welcome, but please note that this is a lap/diving pool, so there’s not really a shallow end; anyone under age 6 in the pool must be accompanied by an adult who can swim.”

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

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