The Weekend Go Go: Party Boldly, Walk This Way, Museum Drive By, and Beer Stories

Visit the Gamble House entry hall at Museums of the Arroyo Day. (Courtesy of MOTA)
Visit the Gamble House on Museums of the Arroyo Day. (Courtesy of MOTA)

It’s one of those weekends.  If you want to go go from (almost) dawn to (beyond) dusk, the only thing stopping you is you.

Go Go’ers, this weekend, don’t be the pooper at the  party.

Speaking of a Party….

Burning Man.  Coachella.  Downtown Los Angeles?

The common denominator of the above locales is the party purveyor known collectively as the Lucent Dossier Experience and while the center of the city may seem far from the playa,  it’s at the heart of where you’ll want to play this Friday and Saturday night.

Brace yourself. It's pretty good.
Brace yourself. It’s pretty good.

The weekend’s Private Parties V and VI at Rendezvous Rouge, the new in-town home of  Lucent Dossier Experience, will have the troupe’s signature elements such as on-site, large-scale art creation, great music (e.g. KCRW DJ Jeremy Sole at Friday’s bash) and swell cocktails; Serrano and Ginger Tequila, anyone?  Unlike past LDE partypaloozas, however, the cirque -de-sexy performers will be cavorting amidst the audience, which will hopefully include you wearing something inspired.

Maybe not a literal Burning Man outfit….

LUCENT DOSSIER EXPERIENCE PRIVATE PARTY V and VIFri, May 17 & Sat, May 18; 9pm – 4am; $35 – $1500/21+Rendezvous Rouge, The Lighthouse Parking, 437 S Hill St, DTLA 90013

No clowns....
No floats….

Which Walk, L.A.

This weekend, be a tourist in your own town with The Big Parade 5: a two-day, 35-mile urban hike from Downtown L.A. to Mt. Hollywood.

More couch potato than weekend warrior?  Not to worry.

Both days of the Big Parade are designed with easy enter/easy exit loops that let you do a mile, a marathon, or anything in between. Hardcore hikers might want to rev up with the NELA preview hike on Friday; sociable sorts should note that Day One ends with a party at the Music Box Stairs where Laurel and Hardy tried to move a piano.

You will not be required to do the same. 

You’ll provide water, sunscreen, and take-along food.  The Big Parade will offer 100 public stairways, fun ‘n fugly architecture, music, poetry, secret sites, wild parrots, ukuleles, and lots of surprises along the way.

As if the ukuleles weren’t enough of a surprise…..

THE BIG PARADE 5 Sat, May 18, 8:30am – 6pm (+ after-party)  & Sun, May 19, 8:30am – 7pm; all ages/FREE NOTE: Times are approximate but for the schedule and more info, check here.

Technicolor dreams: Visit Hale House at Heritage Square during Museums of the Arroyo Day
Technicolor dreams: Visit Hale House at Heritage Square on Museums of the Arroyo Day

Luxury For Free

Are you a true crime buff?

Need wedding dress inspiration?

Want to get  a preview of the high life for when your Powerball number comes in?

Ms. Go Go is not talking plot points for a Black Widow murder thriller but touting some of the highlights of this Sunday’s free, once-a-year Museums of the Arroyo Day.

More must-see houses than buildings full of dusty artifacts, the MOTA museums include: Heritage Square, Lummis Home and Garden, the Gamble House, Pasadena Museum of History, and the Los Angeles Police Museum.  Bike, drive or shuttle (limited availability for the latter) up and down the Arroyo Seco (translation: “dry stream bed”) Parkway, which was the occasionally watery artery connecting early Los Angeles/Highland Park and swanky Pasadena.

The latter city is home to a Greene & Greene/Arts and Crafts masterpiece (the Gamble House) and a Beaux Arts mansion (Pasadena Museum of History) while Highland Park has a house made of river rock (Lummis Home), an octagonal house and a colonial drug store (two of eight distinctive buildings in Heritage Square), and a Gangster Squad exhibit in a gangster era police station (the Los Angeles Police Museum).

Expect vintage wedding apparel, art for sale, and more kid-centric activities than you can shake a hand-carved stick at including a lock-up in a real jail cell.  There’s fun for adults as well; you can snap your own, free mug shot.

Free meaning no bail bondsman involved.  This time.

MUSEUMS OF THE ARROYO DAY – Sun, May 19, noon – 5pm; all ages/FREE — More info here.

Behind the beer...
Behind the beer…

Beer And How It Came To Be

There are two kinds of people (at least for this story).

People who drink beer to get drunk and people who drink beer as connoisseurs.  One group wears hats made out of crocheted-together beer cans, the other…doesn’t.

Ms. Go Go is guessing that in both cases, you fit in the latter category and consequently, should get to know Beercentricity, a society of drinkers (also brewers) who feel beer goes beyond product, even beyond craft, to art.

On Sunday, May 19, join other fans of the hop and the grain at Beercentricity’s inaugural event: Beer Storytelling.  Brewers Mark Jilg of  Craftsman Brewing Company in Pasadena, Alexandra Nowell of Kinetic Brewing in Lancaster, Jeremy Raub of Eagle Rock Brewery in Los Angeles, and Lee Chase of Automatic Brewing in San Diego will gather, appropriately, at Barbara’s at the Brewery Art Colony to talk about the inspiration and stories behind their beers, which are some of California’s finest.

In addition to the brewers’ tales, participants will enjoy four beer  flights of the brewers’ creations and beyond-the-beer-nuts food pairings, all included in the price of tickets, which are only available in advance.

Beercentricity, meet beer aficionado.  Beer aficionado, meet your newest obsession.

That felt good, didn’t it?

BEERCENTRICITY PRESENTS BEER STORYTELLINGSun, May 19 @ 6pm; $20/21+ — Barbaraʼs at the Brewery: 620 Moulton Ave #110, LA 90031 323/221.9204  Tickets:

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

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