The Weekend Go Go: So Much Funny, Get Lit, Bowling with Aliens, Shop Uniquely

Be interesting, my friends.  (Image courtesy of Trade City (
Be interesting, my friends. (Image courtesy of Trade City

So…perhaps you have a mom-tastic brunch/high-falutin’ afternoon tea/schmancy dinner on your calendar this Sunday.

You are a good offspring.

But Go Go’ers, there are a few other things to do this weekend before the gifts of golf balls and Ghost the Musical tickets are presented (to mom), and the bottomless mimosas are  consumed (by you).

Some of the events can even help you up the ante in the present department.

Because Moms can’t live by Slankets ™ alone….

There will be laughter....
There will be laughter….

Laughter is the Best Medicine Fest

Go Go’ers, it may seem like there’s a comedy fest every other week in Los Angeles and there just about is.

Let’s face it.  People like funny.

The Los Angeles Comedy Festival, which starts Thursday, delivers a lot of  bang for your sawbuck from comedy shorts  (Stephen Tobolowsky’s A Little Something on the Side) to features (National Lampoon’s Snatched with Andrew McCarthy, Jonathan Silverman, Jay Thomas, and Ernest Borgnine) to sketch comedy (Lost Moon Radio, a fan fave at the Hollywood Fringe Fest) to stand-up (Matt Baca, winner of America’s Got Talent, Latino Style).

Past participants have won Oscars for Best Short Film, received feature film distribution, and joined the cast of Saturday Night Live.

You don’t want to miss the chance to say you saw them when…

LOS ANGELES COMEDY FESTIVALThurs, May 9 – Sun, May 19th; $10 per show; various times — Let Live Theatre, 916a N Formosa Ave (the blue building), LA 90046,

Expose yourself to literature.
Expose yourself to literature. (Art work by Peter Nye)

Books Near the Rose Bowl

Didn’t lug enough tomes home from the L.A. Times Festival of Books?

Need to pick up a last-minute novel to go along with the bookmark you decoupaged for Maman?

Want to sit in the sunshine, paint poetry on a car, and watch L.A.’s iconic Bob Baker Marionettes?

Head to the 2nd Annual LitFest Pasadena this Saturday, May 11 for all of the above plus new books by novelist/Satellite Sister Lian Dolan (Elizabeth the First Wife), biographer Megan Marshall (Margaret Fuller: A New American Life), and memoirist Reyna Grande (The Distance Between Us).

See?  Those books have “Mom” written all over them….

There will be panels with award-winning novelist Michelle Huneven, Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic Jonathan Gold, and Micky Neilson (lead story developer for World of Warcraft) plus an audience participation/reality show takeoff  about TV wives orchestrated by writer, editor, and performance artist Kate Durbin.

This is something you’ll want to do.

And if you’re a mom and want to participate in any of the above sans offspring, there’s a kid’s creativity station.

Note: glittery owls may ensue.

2ND ANNUAL LITFEST PASADENASat, May 11, 10am – 5pm; FREE — Central Park, Fair Oaks and Del Mar, Pasadena 91105

Aliens will be here.
Aliens among us.

Area 51 in Eagle Rock

Go Go’ers, aliens are clearly superior beings who know how to have a good time no matter where in the universe their spaceships take them.

Case in point: the upcoming Bowling with Aliens, presented by sound adventurer/multi-disciplinary artist Jeepneys (a.k.a. Anna Luisa Petrisko) at the always fun All Star Lanes in Eagle Rock.

Do aliens roll intergalactic gutter balls?

Find out this and other  planetary pop culture minutia when you hit the lanes with the celestial pals —  including the Big Bugs — of Jeepneys and  the Machine Project, which organized Bowling With Aliens  at the Fifties-kitsch All Star Lanes as part of The Machine Project Field Guide to L.A. Architecture: itself part of the Getty’s Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecture in L.A.

Little known fact: aliens like architecture as much as they like  spares and strikes.

After the bowling party, Jeepneys and friends will present an interstellar music and movement performance in the PopWagon (see above), which will be transformed into a vibrant tropical spaceship.

Evidently, aliens also like black light and DayGlo.   A lot.

JEEPNEYS’ BOWLING WITH ALIENSSat, May 11, 8-10pm; FREEAll Star Lanes Bowling Center, 4459 Eagle Rock Blvd, Eagle Rock 90041

Shop here and Mom will love you more.
Shop here and Mom will love you more.

Mother’s Day Gifts for Procrastinators

Of course you have a good excuse.

You were working.

You were traveling.

You were abducted by aliens. (See above)

Whatever the reason, you know you can’t face your mom without a token of your love and gratitude for her part in making you the damn fine person you are today.

Your disorganized self could pause at a freeway off-ramp exit for a wilted-in-the-sun bouquet or  paw through the sad piles of mall  merch left by other, better organized offspring.

Disinheritance is a drag, however.

Secure your future by shopping at the Unique LA Spring Show where 350 vendors — including  clothing designer Eva Franco, custom portraitist Emmie Bean, jewelry designer Blue Eyed Squirrel and prestige-quality perfumist Goest + Perfumes — will offer jewelry, art, clothing, stationery, gourmet edibles, housewares, and bath and body items. The event runs on Saturday and Sunday (for true slacker last-minute gifts among you) at the California Center Mart in Downtown LA.

There will be FREE cocktails, the consumption of which will undoubtedly foster creativity at the DIY crafts and workshops available all weekend long, and you can take drunken photos of all your handmade goodies at  the Oh Snap! photo booth.

Perfect to slip in the card you give to Mom….

UNIQUE LASat, May 11 & Sun, May 12; $10California Mart Center, 110 E 9th St, DTLA; for directions/parking/tickets & other info, go to: 

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

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