The Weekend Go Go: Ed Woods Burlesque, Tacos & Beer, Wall to Wall Music

A different Plan 9 from Outer Space.
A different Plan 9 from Outer Space.

Not braving having fun in the desert dust and sun this weekend?  Not worry: this weekend, L.A. has sun in the fun and sin in the shade.

Face paint and bikini tops optional.

There Will be a Sexy Octopus

Burlesque routines incorporate many interesting elements: rim shots, fringed brassieres, martini glasses.

All inspirational.

Peepshow Menagerie’s Flying Saucers Over Burlesque is the first bump ‘n grind extravaganza, however, to find inspiration in “worst director ever” Ed Wood’s so-bad-it’s-good Plan 9 From Outer Space flick in which aliens try to save the world by animating corpses via their pituitary glands.

Don’t ask.  It’s pretty scientific.

Friday’s show at new venue Fais Do Do won’t just consist of  a  few slip-and-let-slide striptease  numbers…although that would be swell as well.  No, the troupe led by Peepshow co-producers Scarlett Letter and Chris Beyond will be re-enacting Wood’s  entire girls, ghouls and gamma rays schlock-a-thon from the Fifties.

Go Go’ers, that’s a lot of stimulated glands.

PEEPSHOW MENAGERIE’S FLYING SAUCERS OVER BURLESQUEFri, April 19; doors @ 9pm; $12Fais Do Do, 5253 W Adams Blvd, LA 90016 . For advance tix: 

Fun In the Sun with a Taco

Also, beer....
Also, beer….

If you’re really jonesing for a big, communal, outdoor party, head to Downtown L.A. on Saturday for Taco Madness: a co-venture between L.A. Taco and Grand Park.

You can sit in the sun on the grass and compare  tortilla-wrapped goodness from some of the town’s top taquerias. Admission to the event is free.  Mexicali Taco & Co.Mariscos JaliscoLeo’s Taco TruckYuca’sMexiKosher, Tacos Punta CabrasGuerrilla Tacos and more will represent with tacos starting at $1.

Pretty much beats a limp $10 kabob by a cactus.

There will be DJ’s, including Aaron Byrd from KCRW and Seano from KPFK as well as artists creating a mural on the spot as you munch.

And while you may not be in Indio-the-desert, you can hang out at the Cerveza Indio beer garden where DTLA’s own La Cita helps you beat the heat, culinary and otherwise, with  adult liquid refreshment.

Speaking of liquids, make your commute pay for itself: go Metro and show your  TAP card, Metro employee ID, or LA County employee ID and get a free Jarritos beverage.

You can’t take the Metro to the desert.

TACO MADNESSSat, April 20, noon-7pm; FREE admissionGrand Park (between Grand and Hill), 200 No Grand Ave, 90012

It's not a round, see?  It's a square....
It’s not a round, see? It’s a square….

Songwriter x 4

So.  The usual songwriter scene.  They’re on the stage.  You’re in the audience.

Same old, same old.

This Sunday, songwriter Bill Berry shakes up that expected line-up at Songwriter’s Square, his ongoing series at the Lyric Hyperion Theatre in Silverlake.

Go Go’ers, don’t expect “moon, June, croon” from this bunch.

Facing each other for maximum musical intimacy, you’ll feel like you’re watching songwriters playing for each other as Berry, and guests Ray Jessel, Cynthia Carle, and Marty Axelrod sing songs about space aliens, zombie saints, monsters, geniuses, and buying  shoes for the Rapture.

You want to be well-dressed for the end of the world.

Adding to your Sunday evening enjoyment, the Lyric Hyperion is not only cool and comfortable, it’s got yum food and drink as well as adult bevs.

The latter should add immeasurably to the audience participation sing-a-long of “Life Sucks and Then You Die”.

SONGWRITER’S SQUARE 9 —  Sun, April 21 @ 7:30pm; $13 (advance ticket purchase with code word “ray”) 0r $15 atdLyric Hyperion Theater, 2106 Hyperion Ave, Silverlake 90027

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

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  1. Chris Beyond says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for this great write up of tonight’s Peepshow Menagerie! It is very appreciated and we hope to meet you at the show if possible. :) We posted about your kind words at our facebook page:

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