The Weekend Go Go: Prison Guitars, Spirits & Photos, Beats & Booze, Spring String Fling Thing

UPDATE! Greenbar Collective & Distillery was incorrectly identified as “Greenbriar”. Ms. Go Go regrets the error!

Better than an Easter egg...with KCRW & Greenbriar Distillery. (Photo courtesy
Better than an Easter egg…with KCRW & Greenbar Distillery. (Photo courtesy

Go Go’ers, it’s a win/win/win weekend.  You can do good while laughing, drink for free, dance like Chaplin, and celebrate spring with puppets and dandelion wine.

Dandelion wine and puppets  ALONE make this weekend an instant classic.

Clang, Clang Go the Jail Guitar Doors

Prison.  It’s no laughing matter.

Unless, that is, said laughter is generated at Friday’s Jail Guitar Doors Comedy Night Benefit, which is hosted by Matt Dwyer and features  Matt Braunger, Neil Hamburger, Horatio Sanz, Dwyer, Laura Kightlinger, Rob Delaney, Christian Duguay and more.

All comedians.  None, to Ms. Go Go’s knowledge, inmates.

Jail Guitar Doors, which was co-founded by Billy Bragg and “guitar god” Wayne Kramer  — who’s on an official guitar deity list somewhere — takes its name from the Clash song written, in part, about Kramer.  100% of the benefit’s proceeds go to the non-profit org, which brings musical instruments and education to incarcerated men, women, and youths in order to diminish prison violence by teaching inmates how to communicate in a non-violent way.

JGD.ComedyNight-690x1024Let’s face it: it’s hard to hold a shiv while playing Hellhound on My Trail.

JAIL GUITAR DOORS COMEDY NIGHT BENEFITFri, March 29 @ 8pm; $10Nerdist Showroom @ Meltdown (Comics), 7522 Sunset Blvd, 90046

Get Lit Up Without Blowing Up

Back in 1920, rabid teetotalers warned that alcohol could trigger everything from dysentery to spontaneous combustion.

At the KCRWmoves Pop-up Party and Gallery at Greenbar Collective — the first distillery in Los Angeles since Prohibition — the party (not you) will explode with DJs Aaron Byrd and Dan Wilcox and food trucks like King Kone and Wicked Kitchen.  Larry Hirshowitz’s behind-the-scenes photos of KCRW notables gives you fly-on-the-wall perspective.  Plus, one lucky guest will take home Hirshowitz’s photo of the Black Keys.

Of course there will be cocktails made with Greenbar’s own line of organic, handcrafted spirits.  Better yet, you can sip for free.

KCRW wants to give you these guys. (Photo:Larry Hirshowitz)
KCRW wants to give you these guys. (Photo: Larry Hirshowitz)

Fire-retardant suit optional.

KCRWmoves POP-UP PARTY AND GALLERYSat, March 30, 7-10pm; FREE/21+Greenbar Collective, 2459 E 8th St, LA 90021

Tramp It Up

In The Gold Rush, Charlie Chaplin makes two rolls dance across a table.

On Saturday, you can dress like the Little Tramp — or two rolls — and dance yourself across the floor of the Alexandria Hotel’s Mezz Bar at the Beats Soiree.

Presented by ProjectFresh — you know them from Mindshare’s weeknight parties where you learn stuff — the event features DJs Sleeper, J*Labs, and Lou E. Bagels as well as the Freakshow Photobooth to capture your antics…

…which will be fueled by cocktails ’til the wee hours.

In the spirit of Chaplin’s most iconic character, “Thrift Store Formal” attire is encouraged with many prizes given including the Best Dressed Couple and the “freakiest take on Charlie Chaplin”.

None of these people are Chaplin but you could be....
None of these people are Chaplin but you could be….

Time to break out your signature “Dancing Croissants” costume.

PROJECT FRESH PRESENTS: BEATS SOIREESat, March 30, 8pm – 2am; $10 – $15/21+Mezz Bar, Alexandria Hotel, 2nd flr, 501 S Spring, DTLA 90013.  Check out tix options @

Spring Wingding

Your Sunday a.m. plans may involve brunch, choco bunnies, and a Bellini or three.  Continue the pastel-a-palooza  Sunday afternoon or evening at Cinefamily’s Spring Equinox Extravaganza at The Bob Baker Marionette Theater.

In addition to Cinefamily’s spring-tastic film clips and Bob’s marionettes, femme folk supergroup  the Living Sisters (on Sunday, that’s Becky Stark, Eleni Mandell and Alex Lilly) will perform along with musician/comedian Charlyne Yi who is out-Charleston-ed by a flapper marionette here.  The dance-a-thon may or may not be recreated  in the show…but don’t you want to be there if it is?

Especially since there’s dandelion wine.

SPRING EQUINOX EXTRAVAGANZA — Sun, March 31. 3pm & 6:30pm; $15 –Bob Baker Marionette Theater, 1345 W 1st St, LA 90026; 213.250.9995

Tix: 3:00 PM show      Tix: 6:30 PM show 

Ready? U Know U Want 2 Go Go….


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