The Weekend Go Go: Sound-Activated Space, Edwardian Frolic, Smoke and Mirrors

Trip the Light Fantastic at the Edwardian Ball 2013 (Image by Marco Sanchez)
Tripping the Light Fantastic at the Edwardian Ball 2013 (Image by Marco Sanchez)

It’s a busy week.

You still need to:

Sift through industry gossip for Oscar pool dominance.

(Finally) figure out the difference between Sound Editing and Sound Mixing.

Learn how to pronounce the name of Oscar-nominated Beast of the Southern Wild star Quvenzhané Wallis.

Still, you’ll want to make time in your packed schedule for the following Musn’t Miss Events.

By the way, it’s “kwuh-ven-jah-nay Wallis”.

You’re welcome.

How to Activate Space

Sound activation on!
Sound activation on!

SASSAS stands for The Society for the Activation of Social Space through Art and Sound.  You may not have known this was a job that needed doing but  time and again, the fearless,  peerless folks at SASSAS have replaced the sounds of silence with music that challenges the use of the space and by extension, those who occupy it.

This Friday, that will be you.

SASSAS activates early this year with sound., which features the Los Angeles premiere of experimental super group Rangda consisting of Sir Richard Bishop (Sun City Girls), Ben Chasny (Six Organs of Admittance), and Chris Corsano (Bjork and many others).

Also on the program at Center for the Arts Eagle Rock (a c. 1914 former Carnegie Library) are East Coasters Blues Control and L.A.-based Crooked Cowboy and the Freshwater Indians.

Prepare to have your ears scrambled.

CFAER AND SASSAS PRESENT SOUND. — Fri, Feb 22 @ 8pm; $12-$18Center for the Arts Eagle Rock (CFAER), 2225 Colorado Blvd, LA 90041.   Tickets

The Doubtful Guest steals a gramaphone.
Watch the Doubtful Guest steal a gramaphone @ the Edwardian Ball.

Gorey Be

In recent years, the Edwardian Ball has featured steam punk deep sea divers, monocled explorers, and ladies with ships on their head.

And that’s just the guests.

If you missed the 2012 Edward Gorey-inspired extravaganza, you’ll want to rectify that mistake this year when producers Justin Katz (Rosin Coven) and Mike Gaines (Vau de Vire) once again head south from San Francisco with their bewitching blend of ballroom dancing, surreal fashion, mystique, circus, music and whimsy.

As always, one of fin de siecle author/illustrator Gorey’s cheerfully macabre stories will be brought to theatrical life.  This year, the featured adaptation is The Doubtful Guest, in which an odd bird arrives at an Edwardian household and refuses to leave.

Delightful and elegant chaos ensues.

Which pretty much sums up the spirit of the Ball.

THE 2013 EDWARDIAN BALLSat, Feb 23 @ 8pm; all ages. $40 GA, $85 VIP, $500 VIP Private Booth (seats six)The Fonda Theater, 6126 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, 90028.  Tix @

What Are You Afraid Of?

It's the "magic" of magic.
It’s the “magic” of magic.

Come Oscar time this Sunday, the word “magic” will be liberally paired with one or all of the following phrases: “silver screen”, “light and sound”, “storytelling”, “red carpet” and “lace panels”.

Also, deservedly, “Quvenzhané Wallis”.

For some real magic before the film clips and cleavage, head to North Hollywood’s Road Theatre for a matinee performance of Smoke and MirrorsAlbie Selznick’s acclaimed, semi-autobiographical coming-of-age tale liberally spiced with eye-popping magic.

Selznick, an actor (Grey’s Anatomy, Dexter) and life-long member of the Magic Castle,  eats razor blades, conjures doves from nowhere, conducts seances, and suspends people in mid-air accompanied by a life-sized rabbit named Trix and a giant orb called The Oracle.

FYI: audience participation will not include asking The Oracle who wins “Best Picture”.

SMOKE AND MIRRORSFri & Sat @ 8pm, Sun @ 3pm through March 18; $34The Road Theatre, 5108 Lankersham Blvd, NoHo, 91601. (800) 595-4849. Buy tickets:

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

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