The Weekend Go Go: Cheeky Circus, Ladies of Lust & Love, Classical Wild Boys

Circus Oz hangs by a thread.
Circus Oz hangs on by a thread in “From The Ground Up” at UCLA.n a weird quirk of the calendar, Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day will be duking it out for dominance next week.

In a weird quirk of the calendar, Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day will be duking it out for dominance next week.

Whether next week’s plans include sweetheart, sinner, or a little of both (you devil you) there’s no reason to sit home this weekend and count dust bunnies.

Not that you would, party person, not that you would.

A Larrikin (Huh?) Circus

Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus is the Biggest Show on Earth.  Cirque du Soleil is nouveau cirque.  And Circus Oz is a “larrikin” circus.

“Larrikin” is Aussie slang for “hooligan” so already…fun.

The renowned troupe, which features lots of larrikins in the guise of aerialists, jugglers and live-wire musicians (but not clowns and wild animals), may be three decades old but in From the Ground Up, their newest show debuting Thursday, February 7 at UCLA, they still deliver their kick-ass version of Down Under “3 R’s” — rowdy, ribald, and rock ‘n roll — all while suspended from the ceiling of Royce Hall.

God only knows what havoc they’ll wreak on the floor.

CIRCUS OZ: FROM THE GROUND UPThurs, Feb 7 & Fri, Feb 8 (8pm); Sat, Feb 9 (2pm & 8pm); and Sun, Feb 10 (2pm); $15 – $65Center for the Art of Performance UCLA, Royce Hall, 340 Royce Drive, LA 90095;

Because we only want to hear those stories if they're true, dammit.
Because we only want to hear those stories if they’re true, dammit.

True Lust

Val-Day lurks around the corner so what better way to compliment — or counteract — the ubiquitous hearts and flowers than with True Tales of Lust and Love from Writers and Comediansauthor/TV personality Anna David’s convocation of witty, wildly accomplished writer gals who know how to bitch slap a Hallmark card right out of existence.

You’d pay to see that.

In addition to Ms. David (Party Girl), this month’s pre-Cupid show at the Mint in West L.A. features Annabelle Gurwitch (You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up),  Alison Agosti (Mistakes), Fielding Edlow (Sugar Daddy), and Sascha Rothchild (How to Get Divorced by 30).

Consider it a distaff journey to the dark side of the moon(beam).

ANNA DAVID’S TRUE TALES OF LUST AND LOVE FROM WRITERS AND COMEDIANS  — Sat, Feb 9 @ 7:30pm; $8/21+ — The Mint, 6010 W Pico Blvd, WLA, 90035

Mak Grgic does Da Camera this weekend.
Guitarist Mak Grgic does Da Camera this weekend.

The Other Eagle Rock Music Festival

You know “L.A.’s Hometown” for the Now-a-Big-Deal Eagle Rock Music Festival, the burgeoning Eagle Rock Comedy Festival, and more artsy/foodie spots than you can shake an app at.  This Sunday, though, the Eagle Rock Festival is all about the cutting edge of classical.

Like your favorite martini, it’s with a twist.

The Da Camera Society — “Da Camera” refers to chamber music, not hip hop Instagrams, yo — schedules intimate classical music concerts in gorgeous and significant historical sites around L.A.  The Eagle Rock Festival features the Women’s 20th Century Club of Eagle Rock (c. 1903) and the 1914 era Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock (CFAER).  The two concerts can be combined as a mini-series.

And while the buildings may be old, the young, all-male line-up pushes the envelope.

Each venue hosts performances featuring Slovenian guitar wunderkind Mak Grgic who  joins the JACK Quartet, which has appeared on many “Best of” lists, at the Women’s 20th Century Club. At  CFAER, which features both an afternoon and an evening concert, Grgic performs with lauded cellist Jay Campbell who has played with artists as diverse as Pierre Boulez and Radiohead.

Between them, the two concerts will feature three World Premieres while receptions, wine tastings, historic photo exhibits, and walking tours round out the mini-Fest.

Celloist Jay Campbell at Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock
Cellist Jay Campbell at Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock

And getting back to that aforementioned martini; Colombo’s, a Rat Pack-era jazz club and steakhouse within walking distance of both venues, serves some of the most potent cocktails in town.

You just might make some significant history of your own.


Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock,  2225 Colorado Blvd, LA 90041 @ 1pm & 6pm;$30 – $35

Women’s Twentieth Century Club, 5105 Hermosa Ave, LA 90041 @ 3:30 pm; $39 – $43

To purchase tix:

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

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