The Weekend Go Go: Flash Mob Art, OC Microbrews, 50 First Jokes

Deck your ride....
Deck the walls….

New Year’s Eve.  That happened.

Plus, the world didn’t end so…hurray.

Yes, we’re all still exhausted from doomsday angst and subsequent, relieved partying-’til-dawn.

Luckily, Ms. Go Go’s first weekend picks of 2013 are a relaxing blend of art on wheels, beer on wheels, and a lot of comics doing what they do best.

Go Go’ers, you can do this.

Pimp My Ride

You count on the Metro for prime reading/music/people watching while going from Point A to Point B.

Art…not so much.

That will change — briefly — this Friday evening, January 4th, when L.A.undry, best known for art pop-ups in Downtown laundromats, will stage Nique Ta Mère | Flash Art Mob | Subwaya spontaneous art event on the Metro Red Line from Pershing Square to NoHo.

It’s the most fun you’ll ever have going to the Valley.

The deets:

1. Go to Pershing Square.
2. Board 4th car of the Red Line (to Wilshire/Western) promptly at 9:15 pm

3. Check out art as L.A.undry artists install
4. Check out commuters checking out art as L.A.undry artists install

5. Arrive NoHo station at 9:30 pm

Want a closer look at L.A.undry (or just get back to DTLA)?

1. Board fourth car of the Red Line (to Pershing Square) at 9:44 pm
2. Rinse and repeat #3 &  #4 above
3. Arrive at Pershing Square station at 10:00 pm

4. Feel better about life in L.A.

NIQUE TA MERE/FLASH ART MOB/SUBWAYFri, Jan 4, 9:15-10pm. $1.50 OW; $3RTPershing Square Metro Station, 500 S Hill St, DTLA.

OC <3 craft beer....
The OC <3 craft beer.

Ralph Cramden Would Approve

It’s only four days after NYE and if you still need some hair of the dog (and really, who doesn’t?), book ASAP for this Saturday’s OC Microbrewery Tour from BrewHub.

The OC’s a hot spot for crafted hops sips and the tour is led by a professional ex-brewer who’s now a passionate home brewer.

So, double whammy expertise, yo.

You’ll get four tastes at three breweries that are chosen based on input from you and the other hopheads brew enthusiasts. (So sign up fast to dominate the convo, Go Go’ers.)  Possible tour components may also  include a tour of one of the breweries and a fourth (different) brew flight on the bus.

The wheels of the bus will really go round and round….

OC MICROBREWERY TOUR — Sat, Jan 5, 12noon – 5pm; $130; 21+Meeting place TBD after tour tickets sold.

Which came first, the chicken or the yolk?
Downy soft jokes.

Which Came First?  The Chicken or the Yolk?

New Year’s list of resolutions.  So serious.  So sincere.

So over it.

Already, you just want to relax, drink some beer, and laugh.

For the second, see above.

For the New Year’s yuks, head to the Downtown Independent this Sunday, January 7th for the 3rd Annual 50 First Jokes LA: a mega-laff fest featuring 50 L.A. comics telling the first joke they wrote in the New Year.

No advance info on how early or how inebriated in the New Year….

The 2013 lineup includes BJ Novak, Eric Andre, Jonah Hill and, well, 47  other comics who’ll be happy to tell you why the baby chickens (see left) crossed the road.

Think of this as the speed-dating of stand-up.

50 FIRST JOKES LASun, Jan 3, 7-11pm; $10-$12Downtown Independent Theater, 251 S Main St, DTLA, 90012.

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

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