Go Go Here: Literary Death Match and an Apocalyptic Christmas

Serial killer as poetry judge.
If words could kill….

It’s 12-12-12 but the significance of today’s date…whatever it  is… is pretty much overshadowed by the imminence of Baby Jesus’s birthday and the end of the world, whichever comes first.

Seriously, who can think about gumdrops and wise guys men when the world as we know it may soon cease to exist?

The solution?  Mid-week  merriment of the raucous, the literate, and the doomed.

Pick two or more.

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones….

Words may not kill but hopefully, they knock you for a loop.  For a literary wallop to distract you from Doomsday, head over to Florentine Gardens tonight for Literary Death Match — the reading event that Adrian Todd Zuniga has taken all over the world in a stealthy attempt to revitalize interest in literature.

Although you read Ms. Go Go so obvs, you’re already ahead of the game.

Each of the two matches — held in a boxing ring! — has three celebrity judges the likes of Michael C. Hall, Tig Notaro, and Moby.  Four published writers, such as novelist Simon Rich, comedian/author DC Pierson, and poet Adrian Wyatt (the latter featured at Ms. Go Go’s recent, fab Whisky & Poetry Salon), will read their most exciting work and, if chosen, will advance to the final level by the wisecracking judges.

If the world ends tomorrow, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bomb shelter.

LITERARY DEATH MATCHWed, Dec 12; doors @ 7:30; Show 1 @ 8:30P/Show 2 @ 9:30P.  21+/$20 for both showsFlorentine Gardens, 5951 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood 90028. http://www.literarydeathmatch.com/

Silent Night....
Silent Night….

Survival Rations and Santa Claus

Go Go’ers, do you know how to kiss under the mistletoe…

…while wearing a gas mask?

And what’s super-fun to combine with caroling from door to door?  How about researching your “urban escape” from a dying city with disaster experts?

Or — tricky you — use the caroling as part of the escape…?

This is the kind of useful information you’ll get at the Mindshare Apocalyptic Christmas Party where experts offer the inside scoop on everything from survival training to those troublemaker Mayans. The disaster bash will also feature gas mask photos and  complimentary food, beer, and wine.  Plus, because it’s gonna be dog-eat-dog at the End of Days, you can check out  workshops on packing a “Go Bag” (Note: not the same as a “To Go” bag), picking locks, and picking pockets.

Sadly, no workshops on how to ambush the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

MINDSHARE APOCALYPTIC CHRISTMAS PARTYThurs, Dec 13;  7 – 11pm.  $35-$40/21+ —  The Hub Los Angeles830 Traction Ave – 3A (up purple stairs at back of parking lot), DTLA 90013 for tix & info: http://mindshare.eventbrite.com/

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

Go Go’ers, stay tuned for more fun this week with The Weekend Go Go!

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