The Weekend Go Go: Beachy Keen Artists, Wonderland Turns 2, Woodypalooza, Viva France

“Funky Pussy” by Arthure “Art” Moore

Summer.   It’s not for clock-watching.

There are certain events, however, for which calendar watching is a must.

Anniversaries.  Birthdays.  Biennials.  Revolutions.

Especially when sunscreen, musical legends, cancan, and cuteness are involved.

Go on, Go Go’ers.  Circle some days in red.

Live All Nine Lives

Venice Beach.  You’ve ogled bodybuilders, bladed in a bathing suit, and baked in the sun (in more ways than one….)  This weekend, the funky and the fine art meet when the Hammer Museum’s Venice Beach Biennial — a “Made in L.A.” affiliated, tongue-in-cheek play on the venerable Venice (Italy) Bienniele — invades the Boardwalk.

Which was not otherwise deserted.

Cara Faye Earl will sell miniature sculptures inspired by popular Mexican saint figurines, which she has created in the guise of the world’s most wanted terrorists. (You’ve been looking for St. The Jackal.)

Veteran Boardwalk artists Albert Culbertson and Indira Burgos make paintings and boxes with imagery burned into wood using a magnifying glass and sunlight.  (Watching your mother-in-law burn?  Priceless!)

Carter Mull will set up a photo booth on the boardwalk in which visitors may have their photo taken in the manner of obituary photographs.  (In other words, play dead.)

The event, which features 90+ artists, is free (natch) and runs Friday, July 13th through Sunday, July 15th.

Funnel cakes still available on demand.

VENICE BEACH BIENNIALFri, July 13 & Sat, July 14, 11am – Sunset; Sun, July 15, 11am-6pm; Free/all agesVenice Boardwalk, Ocean Front Walk btwn 19th Ave and Rose Ave, Venice

Fun for Summer when Wonderland turns 2!

Wonderland Turns Two + More Fun

True fact.  Whenever Ms. Go Go wears a piece of jewelry from  Leanna Lin’s Wonderland, she gets stopped in the street.

In a good way!

Another true fact: everyone who’s fun loves this palace of playtime, which is why the must-stop pop shop — and you! — will be celebrating its second birthday this Saturday, July 14th with the Summerland Fun show during NELA 2nd Saturday Gallery Night.

Expect a plethora of plush (plus a raffle!) from sponsor Crowded Teeth, lots of must-have-now goodies from the likes of 64 Colors,  Melissa Contreras and more, liquid/music sustenance from local faves Eagle Rock Brewery, Swork Coffee, and DJ LamInLove, plus Mugshots Photo Booth, Auntie’s Fry Bread, and Wonderland goodie bags.

Bask in the birthday love.

SUMMERLAND FUNSat, July14, 6-10pm; free/all agesLeanna Lin’s Wonderland, 5024 Eagle Rock Blvd, LA 90041, 323.550.1332.

Other Go Go Must Sees in the NELA 2nd Saturday Gallery Walk: Missed Perceptions at Future Gallery,  Dancer and the Dance at Cactus Gallery, and Espejos and Revolving Landscape at Avenue 50 Studio.

Vive la vin et cancan.

Viva la French Things

When the French Consulate says, “Let them eat…crepes”, they mean manger at the French Tuesdays Bastille Day Celebration at Caffe Primo and Sunset Plaza this Saturday, July 14th.

Ms. Go Go always consults with the consulate about crepes.

Also, cancan.

The day-of celebration of all things revolutionary and guillotine-y includes cancan dancers (naturellement!), French singers, sweet and savory crepes, Medoc wines from France’s Bordeaux region, Bastille Day party favors (which, sadly, probably won’t involve the cancan dancers) and a whole lot of ooh la la.

Which is exactly the amount of ooh la la you like….

FRENCH TUESDAYS BASTILLE DAY CELEBRATIONSat, July 14, 7pm – 1am; $20-$25 (entry only) $75 (VIP: entry/dinner/wine); 21+ Caffe Primo & adjacent Sunset Plaza Courtyard, 8590 W Sunset, LA 90069. For tix/info 

Weekend of Woody

Woody Turns 100 (In Spiritu)

Go Go’ers, Woody Guthrie made damn well sure that you knew this land is your land and for that, he deserves a  Woodypalooza.

At the very least.

The Grand Ole Guthrie would have turned 100 this month and on Sunday, July 15th, a  Weekend of Woody culminates with a late afternoon centennial celebration in the Echoplex parking lot.

Starting at 4pm, a slew of Woody-lovin’ artistes like co-sponsor Walter Spencer & friends will sing the Dust Bowl Troubadour’s songs culminating in a “This Land is Your Land” sing-a-long.  Fellow co-sponsor Grand Ole Echo kicks off at 5:30pm inside the Echoplex with Son Ark, Rod Melancon, and Triple Chicken Foot.

But wait, there’s plenty more to this palooza.

The Woody love begins on Friday, July 13 with the Origami Records in store music event.  The Guthrie fest continues on Saturday with a literary/musical event at co-sponsor Stories Books and Cafe  and a picnic and concert at El Centro de Pueblo. There’s a  travelling Woody Guthrie museum and a commemorative t-shirt and vintage duds for sale from co-sponsor Cactus Tree Vintage.

This weekend, woot for Woody!

WOODY GUTHRIE CENTENNIAL CELEBRATIONSun, July 15 from 3-9pm; free/all agesEchoplex Parking Lot, 1154 Glendale Blvd, LA, 90026,

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

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