More-Than-A-Weekend: Fringe and Film Fests, Neon Cruising, and Boogie Nights…Sung

Enter the world of THE COLLECTOR at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2012.

Seasonally, it’s the end of Spring Fling and this week’s social scene is flirting heavily with summer.

You can relate.

You’ve carefully calibrated the movement of the marine layer.  You’ve scoped out all the al fresco dining spots within a five-mile radius.  You’ve replenished your supplies of shorts and gin.

Not necessarily in that order.

But until the season reaches full-on, embraceable beach weather, you’re willing to play indoors a little.  Or in the case of this weekend, a lot. You’re nothing if not a master of timing.

Tripping the Fringe Fantastic

If you’re the kind of drama fan who feels there’s just too little theatre in Los Angeles, it’s your lucky fortnight: the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2012 is coming to the rescue Wednesday, July 13th.

Drama fans, hooray!

With 200+ productions of theatre, dance, comedy, music, cabaret, film, workshops, and events at 54 performance spaces in central Hollywood, the Fringe will be worth the wait whether your cup of theater is aliens in suburbia (D Is For Dog), the physical poetry of clowns (4 Clowns presents That Beautiful Laugh) or an edgy, not-for-kids puppet/film/animation/mixed media hybrid (The Collector, partially funded by the Jim Henson Foundation and a long way from Muppetland).

Not that you have anything against Kermit….

There are free and pay-what-you-can events, open mics, internal TV coverage, live music, and the return of the Fringe discount button and the Libation Station.

Think of them as Fringe Benefits.

HOLLYWOOD FRINGE FESTIVAL 2012Wed, June 13 – Sun, June 24 —

Everyone’s a star at the L.A. Film Fest 2102.

Reeling in the Year Now in its 18th year, Film Independent’s L.A. Film Festival is no longer jail bait all grown up and proving it with big deal Fest openers/closers.  On Thursday, June 14th, the  North American premiere of Woody Allen’s second romant-elogue TO ROME WITH LOVE kicks off the Fest, which closes on June 24th with the World Premiere of male-stripper-centric MAGIC MIKE, directed by Steven Soderbergh and starring (former stripper) Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey.

You appreciate the authenticity Tatum will bring.

The almost 200 feature films, shorts and music videos, representing more than 30 countries, include highlights such as Rashida Jones and Adam Samberg trying to fall out of love in JESSE AND CELESTE FOREVER, the never-seen, 1961 documentary BALLADS, BLUES AND BLUEGRASS from blues archivist Alan Lomax, and from Argentina, living the dream in THE LAST ELVIS.

You can SO relate.

There will be Poolside Chats (Time for the gold Speedo!), Coffee Talks (Do you know your Arabica from your Colombian?), music events, and free community screenings, including the Dirty Dancing Dance-A-Long in conjunction with Dance Camera West and 30th Anniversary screenings of E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Nobody puts Baby E.T. in space, the final frontier.

L. A. FILM FESTIVALThurs, June 14 – Sun, June 24; $5 – $2500L.A Live & environs, 1005 Chick Hearn Ct, Roof of the West Parking Lot, DTLA 90015, 310.432.1240. For schedule and further info: or call 1.866.filmfest

Unzip with Paul Thomas Anderson at Rockwell Table & Stage.

Belting out Boogie NightsAdmit it, as a nightlife multi-tasker, you have a soft spot for supper clubs.  The food, the cocktails, the entertainment, the absence of multiple valets handling the Jag: it’s all just so appealing on a Friday night.

360 degree venue?  Even better.

R-rated Paul Anderson-themed show?  Sold.

For The  Record produces shows based on soundtrack-friendly filmmakers that include Baz Lurhrman, Quentin Tarantino, and John Hughes.  All good.

And then there’s the man who brought you Dirk Diggler and roller skating while naked.

Boogie Nights: The Movie Music of Paul Thomas Anderson debuts Friday, July 15th at the newly revamped space that is Rockwell: Table & Stage (formerly Vermont & Barre) and plays every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday through August 4th. You won’t want to wait to book. In addition to a cast that has honed their collective chops on Broadway and the silver screen, Rockwell is presenting Anderson-themed  edibles and sippables including a ten-inch “Dirk Diggler” hot dog,  and a frank topped with “Todd Porker” mac-n-cheese as well as the “Punch Drunk Punch”.

But really,they had you at R-rated roller skating.

BOOGIE NIGHTS: THE MOVIE MUSIC OF PAUL THOMAS ANDERSONFri, June 15-Sat, Aug 4th @ 9pm$30-$35/Parental Discretion Advised  — Rockwell Table & Stage, 1714 N Vermont, Los Feliz, 90027 323.669.1550,

The Magic Bus

No, not THAT kind of bus but pretty darn close.  The Museum of Neon Art (MONA to its friends) has closed doors at its long-time downtown location in preparation for its 2014 move to Glendale.

Lucky Glendale.

No Cruise Blues here.

And lucky you, because the Neon Cruise still cruises through Downtown L.A. and Hollywood every Saturday night starting June 16th and continuing through September 29th.  The launch spot is in Chinatown: bastion of neon glory as well as delish dish and fab art galleries and studios.  You should plan to explore prior to boarding the red double-decker bus with your host-with-the-neon-most Eric Lynxweiler.  Meet at 7:30 to get a guided tour of Chinatown’s Central Plaza before departure.

Rumor is, there’s a Buddha with neon nipples and navel.

Only in L.A.

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

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  1. Keith Davis says:

    Terrific column this week — thanks!

    1. Thank YOU, sir! Ms. Go Go is pleased to be your guide to fun!

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