The Weekend Go Go: PoP Patty, Pirate Fest, and The Big Parade

Pretty (and Pop) in Pink

It’s just the perfect weekend: a pop happening, a hike over hill, dale, and staircase, and the chance to yell yo-ho-ho over a bottle of rum and not look feel like an idiot.

Could life get any better?

Pop Princesses

Who doesn’t remember Patty “Stockholm Syndrome” Hearst and Patty “They Walk Alike, They Talk Alike” Duke?

Creator/producer/director Patrick Kennelly definitely does and he’s dreamed up PATTY! a darkly comedic fable that features live, 360-degree, outerdisciplinary performances  — equal parts dance-pop concert, fashion show and new media installation — and a full album release.

Clearly, Kennelly needs no sleep.

The PoP! musical event, which opens Friday, May 18th and runs for only seven performances, features 15 female performers, choreography by Marina Magalhães (of Contra-Tiempo) with additional choreography by Jmy James Kidd (of MGM) and Kennelly.  Opening music acts for the run include Actually HuizengaKristin “Kevin Blechdom” Erickson and the M.T. BrainWet Mango, Bloody Mares and Maxi Wild.  To start your Patty! journey, go to for an interactive, fully immersive Patty! experience designed by Adam Bech Harmas and listen to songs on

Luckily, you don’t need sleep either.

PATTY! A PoP Musical ExperienceFri, May 18 – Sun, May 20 and Wed, May 23 – Sat, May 26th; 8:30pm. $15 (Standing) and $30 (VIP Seating) — Highways Performance Space @ 18th Street Arts Center, 1651 18th Street, Santa Monica, 90404, 310.315.1459;

99 wenches and beer on the wall, 99 wenches and beer….

Pirate Booty

Whether you channel Jack Sparrow, Blackbeard, or Hook (you know who you are), your ultimate pirate party is here at last. Pirate Festival Los Angeles describes itself as a celebration of “rum, beer, vodka, tequila, pirates and wenches”.

And really, what else would you want to celebrate?

Your all-inclusive, all-afternoon ticket gets you all the seafaring spirits you can drink from a long, international roster of beer and liquor that includes: Hobgoblin Beer and Holy Grail Ale from the UK, Revel Stoke Spiced Whiskey from Canada, and Casa Negra Tequila from Mentidero (a.k.a. Liar’s Village), Mexico.

As a pirate, you prefer your tequila from a Liar’s Village.

The for-purchase food is  a buccaneer’s bounty of pork: Pink’s hot dogs, bacon dogs, bacon chili dogs, sausages, bacon sausages, and bacon chili sausages.

So, basically…bacon.

The pirate’s life for you (which benefits Children’s Tumor Foundation) includes entertainment by the Caribbean Pirates for Hire, musical guest Adam’s Attic, and burlesque troupe Dirty Little Secrets.

Hello, Jolly Roger….

PIRATE FESTIVAL Los AngelesSat, May 19th, 2-5pm (GA – $35) or 1-5pm (VIP – $65, includes souvenir glass mug); 21+ —  1010 Wilshire Blvd, LA 90017

Good thing it’s two days long….

No Baton Twirlers; Lots of Fun….

Beauty queens in convertibles not your kind of parade?  The Big Parade IV, which promenades from Angel’s Flight on Saturday to the Hollywood Sign on Sunday, incorporates art, architecture, trains, history, a movie, a river, and a solar eclipse.

So…a tad bit more active than standing on a sidewalk and waving a tiny flag.

Organized by author/avid urban walker Dan Koeppel, the FREE Big Parade perambulates over 35 miles and  up and down 101 staircases.

More of a stroller than a strider?

Koeppel has broken up the parade into five-mile segments including: a wheel-friendly Kids Loop; the Echo Park Art Walk; a guided tour of the L.A. River; a look at Angelino Heights Victorian architecture, and a public screening of Laurel and Hardy’s  The Music Box at the site where it was filmed.

And that’s just Day One.

Koeppel provides tips to access the Parade by public transportation, you can join and leave at any time, and because the point of it all is community, Koeppel promises that everyone will walk at the pace of the slowest walker.   (Creepers rejoice!)  And as if you needed further proof that this event is right and good, Koeppel has timed the walk so that paraders will see a solar eclipse as they approach the Hollywood Sign.

Ms. Go Go would not be surprised if the heavens opened and angels sang.

THE BIG PARADE IVPrologue/Fri, May 18; Big Parade/Sat, May 19 from 8am-8:30pm (includes movie screening) & Sun, May 20the from 8am-7:30pm; FREE — For all further info:

NOTE: Final info available on Fri, May18th.

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

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