The Weekend Go Go: Artistic Theater, Decadent Tea, and Comic Catharsis

But they will tell you….

Mom’s the word this weekend, Go Go’ers, and the weekend starts tonight.   Whether Mother’s Day evokes a desire for cotton candy or confession, Ms. Go Go has you covered with plenty of events through the magical day of motherly love.

This weekend, Favored Child status will be yours.

If Mom Only Knew…

Ms. Go Go confesses: Don’t Tell My Mother! is at the top of her “Brilliant Ideas I  Wish I’d Thought Of” list.

Fox film producer Nikki Levy’s monthly storytelling show  features hand-picked comics, actors, and screenwriters who purge  share 8-10 minute stories that they’d never tell Mom.

You might be able to relate.

The DTMM! Mother’s Day Special Show features author Justin Halpern (Shit My Dad Says), actress Mary Birdsong (The Descendants, Reno 911), Drag Queen Kay Sedia (Chico’s Angels), comic Jen Kober (Treme), co!mic Shelagh Ratner (VH1) and Huffington Post writer Mara Shapshay.  To add to the forbidden, retro chic cigarette girls will be handing out Ring Pops and Pixy Stix.

Cigs and candy: early players in your “Don’t tell my mother” tales.

DON’T TELL MY MOTHER!Thurs, May 10th, 8-10pm/$12  — (Bang) 457 N. Fairfax Ave., LA, 90036

NOTE: Online sales have closed but get to the venue early and sign up on the wait list; often, everyone gets in.

The Mother of All Storms

Want a different kind of catharsis?  Crescent City, the raucous “hyperopera” from the new, experimental opera company The Industry, features imminent hurricanes, fleeing ghosts, marauding doomsday revelers, and voodoo priestess Marie LaVeau searching for one good soul.

So, kind of like certain family functions from your childhood.

Over 50 artists from multiple disciplines have collaborated to bring the electronica-infused theatrical event to the Atwater Crossing theater  complex.  Laura Kay Swanson produces and Brianna Gorton curates with music by Anne LeBaron and a libretto by Douglas Kearney. Yuval Sharon directs the six person cast with contralto Gwendolyn Brown as the legendary LaVeau.

The innovative set is actually six artistic installations designed by six, different artists: Mason Cooley, Brianna Gorton, Katie Grinnan, Alice Könitz, Jeff Kopp and Olga Koumoundouros.   There are free guided tours of the six set installations on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 12-6 p.m.  and on Friday, May 11th, there’s a free “Meet the Artist” event from 8:00-10:00 p.m.

Finally, your “How to Design a Swamp” questions answered.  (Hint: look for artist Alice Konitz.)

Patrons can experience the production in different ways at different ticket prices.  In addition to standard seats offering views of  “at least four of the six installations” (and video feed of the other two), attendees can choose to either: walk the perimeter of the set throughout the play;  sit in ground-level, middle-of-the-set, artist-designed bean bag chairs in the “dive bar”;  or get a “hurricane’s eye” view from the Skybox eight feet above the action.

The latter? Perfect for fulfilling Mom’s secret goddess fantasies.

CRESCENT CITY: a HyperoperaThurs-Sun, May 10-27, 8pm; $25–$75/12+Atwater Crossing, 3245 Casitas Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90039.

For tix:     For info: 

Op-Art Mom Day

When Mom Was a Teenager

Does Mom still have her vintage Op-Art mini-skirt and Go-Go boots preserved in the closet?

Give mad props to her grooviness by treating her to tickets to Evangeline, the Queen of Make-Believe: a Sixties-era meander down a memory lane whose soundtrack is the songbook of Grammy-winners David Hidalgo and Louie Pérez of Los Lobos.  East L.A. faves Ollin do duty as the house band.

The multimedia play with music by Teresa Chavez, Rose Portillo, and Perez specifically references the culture clashes within the East Los Angeles community, including the 1968 student walkouts in East LA and the fight for equal education and civil rights, but the play strikes a universal chord about the search for identity in times of change.

Social protest, search for identity, and  Go Go dancing?  Your moms is so there.

EVANGELINE, THE QUEEN OF MAKE BELIEVE —  May 10-27, Thurs-Sat @ 7pm and Sun @ 2pm/$22 (5/10-11 previews) and $32 (5/12-27) — The Bootleg Theatre, 2220 Beverly Blvd, LA 90057, 213.389.3856

For info:!/events/243956622367757/
For tix:

Decadence from Chado Tea Room & Six Taste: you know you want to….

Tea for the Modern Mom

La mere has requested a special tea for her special day but you just can’t face another afternoon of over-priced sweets in an over-stuffed room.

Luckily, your antidote to boring doesn’t have to be “Lie back and think of England”.

This Saturday, May 12th, the ever-serene Chado Tea Room and the always-innovative Six Taste food tours are partnering to host a special Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea Party. Decadence is the name of the event as well as your clue that this isn’t the Same Old Thing.  In addition to traditional fare like scones and tea sandwiches,  Decadence guests will enjoy luxe delicacies such as chocolates, pies, champagne, special tea blends, and more!

Chocolate + champagne = Mother’s Day Tea Instant Party

Six Taste further ups the fun quotient with visits from artisanal tastemakers such as Cutie Pie That and Tasty Clouds Cotton Candy Company, a jewelry showcase from Vesterie, a live tea demonstration from Chado’s tea experts, flowers, and a gift bag of sweet treats.

There won’t be a crocheted doily in sight.

DECADENCE Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea Party —  Sat, May 12th, 11am-1pm; $50 per personChado Tea Room (Little Tokyo),  369 E. 1st St, DTLA 90012, 888-313-0936

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

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