The Weekend Go Go: Re-Animator (1/2 Off!), Lucha Va Voom, and the Juke Joint Gang

El Viernes, Sexo y Violencia!

The past four months have been fun, no question.

The drinks.  The festivals.

The doughnut marathons.

But hold on to your highballs, Go Go’ers, because May Weekend Uno is a whole new level of  frenzied fun.

You’re SO ready to take it to the next level.

Life in the Splash Zone

Zombies and vampires have been dominating the living dead landscape as of late but there was a time when science trumped superstition and serum, not the supernatural, made Dons of the Dead.

Ah, the good old days.

Stuart Gordon’s 1985 movie H.P. Lovecraft’s Re-Animator, about a scientist who wants to bring fresh meat to bring back to life — Ms. Go Go is talking about corpses, in case that wasn’t perfectly clear — became a cult classic.

It’s so easy being green.

Last year’s stage adaptation of Re-Animator the Musical featured George Wendt of Cheers  and so much fake blood the front seats were dubbed the ‘Splash Zone”.  Given these attributes, plus its cheerily macabre libretto and very animated cast, it should be no surprise that Re-Animator the Musical garnered multiple L.A. Weekly Drama Awards including “Musical of the Year”.

Even the blood got an award.  No lie.

Now bound for New York and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Re-Animator the Musical is being revived with the original cast for a short, ten-week run  starting Thursday, May 3rd at the Hayworth Theater.

GOOD NEWS!  Ms. Go Go gets you in for half off with the   code below.   Even more good news?

The Splash Zone returns as well.

RE-ANIMATOR the Musical Thurs, May 3rd – Sun, June 8th;  8pm Th, Fri & Sun and 7:30pm & 10pm on Saturday; $30-$60; Hayworth Theater, Main Stage, 2511 Wilshire Blvd., LA 90057;

1/2 off w/ discount code “008” Reservations:  (323) 960-4442  Online ticketing:

Yes, there will be chickens.

Sexo y Violencia + a Donkey Photo Booth

Go Go’ers, there’s a certain exciting holiday coming up and it’s neither Lumpy Rug Day (May 3) nor National Sea Monkey Day (May 15).

Although seriously, sea monkeys rule.

Naturalamente, Ms. Go Go will be doing a muy especiale, muy importante, muy excelente list of oh-so-divertido ideas for Cinco de Mayo. (Stay tuned, Go Go’ers.)

At this very momento, however, she’s focused solely on Quatorze de Mayo! Lucha Va Voom, that dedicated  bastion of glorious vulgarity and in-your-face excess —  in other words, Sexo y Violencia! — presents CINCO DE MAYAN: a rare Friday show at the Mayan Theater.

Saturday night is already sold out so go, go, go for Friday tix.

Expect Lucha VaVoom’s signature acts: luchadores (masked Mexican wrestlers); buxoticas (generally unmasked burlesque dancers –but you never know) and comedians. (Pee Wee Herman, Jack Black and Fred Armisen have done guest stints as ringside announcers.)

In addition to the side attractions — tamales, wrestling chicas, a conga line, and the donkey photo booth —  and the usual craziness like Chicken Luchadores, you can look forward to the debut of Mexican wrestlers Angel de Ora  and Stuka as wells as teaser Leigh Acosta’s Mexican hat dance on a pole.

It’s your very favorite kind of Mexican hat dance.

LUCHA VAVOOMFri, May 4th @ 8pm (7pm doors); $45/21+The Mayan Theater, 1038 So Hill St,
DTLA, 90015.  Tix available at Brat & Wacko & Garage Pizza downtown

It will only kind of look like this….

Cinco Without Loco

Looking for music without the mariachis?   This Saturday, songwriter Marty Axelrod (True Blood, Friday Night Lights) guest hosts Ernest Troost’s Juke Joint Gang at the Talking Stick, Venice’s hub of culture and coffee.

Hint: bring a flask of your favorite tipple to spike the latter.

Acclaimed, visiting Tall Men Group songwriters Jimmy “Muffin” Yessian, Jeff Kossack, and John Stowers open followed by Songs of Shiloh, featuring Nicole Gordon’s  shivery-beautiful voice.  Little Faith’s raise-the-roof spirituals and gospel music take care of your Saturday night prayers and Sunday church.

Just in case….

MARTY AXELROD guest hosts ERNEST TROOST’S JUKE JOINT GANG — Sat, May 5th, 8-10pm; Free/all ages — The Talking Stick, 1411c Lincoln Blvd, Venice, 90291,

Ready? U Know U Want 2 Go Go….


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  1. mpfinnegan says:

    They all sound fun, and I hear that Marty Axelrod is pretty good.

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