The Weekend Go Go: Comedy Shorts, Grimm World, Snap Flash

Guests at Create: Fixate’s Snap Flash All Photography Exhibit

Go Go’ers, April showers bring…wetness.  Then there will be sunshine.  The May flowers may or may not happen but the last weekend of April will.

Plan accordingly.

A Buttload of Belly Laughs

Is web-trolling for laughs your favorite activity?  Do you have the attention span of a gnat?  Have you tried to register “Funny or Die” as your preferred tombstone inscription?  (That’s All, Folks?  Taken.  Saturday Night Live?  Lawsuit-bait.  WTF?  Verboten at Hollywood Forever.)

If you nodded enthusiastically at any of the above, a) you are morbid and b) save the weekend for the Comedy Shorts Film Festival.  Actor and comedian Gary Anthony Williams (Boston Legal, Malcolm in the Middle) and Jeannie Roshar created the dedicated-to-funny fest out  of frustration after their comedy short was forced to compete in other fests against heavy-hitter films with subjects like genocide.

See this image, hope for the Apocalypse.

Hard to get a chuckle after that last one.

Williams and Roshar allegedly screened 800 entries s to come up with the 89 contenders in the four-day fest.  Selected shorts include newbie quickies as well as name brand entries from the likes of Michael Cera, Wilmer Valderrama, Margaret Cho, David Allen Greer, and  Kids in the Hall Scott Thompson whose short The Immigrant  opens the fest on Thursday.

Films will be screened in two-hour blocks with  pun-tastically Apocalypse-themed  titles like “It’s a Wrap-ture” and “Doomsday Come and Me Wanna Go Home”.  There will be parties for woo-hooers and wannabe shorts-titans can attend panels with the likes of  the legendary Buck Henry (SNL, Heaven Can WaitGet Smart).

Ladies and gentlemen, start your shoe phones.

L.A. COMEDY SHORTS FILM FESTIVALThurs, April 26 – Sun, April 29Downtown Independent Theater, 251 So Main St, DTLA.

For sked/prices/info on Sunday street closures:

Hopefully, they won’t fall off before you get there.

Grimm Keeper

Zombie Joe’s Underground Theater is famous (infamous?) for grim productions like Urban Death.  So you’d be forgiven for expecting The Grimm World, directed by Sebastian Munoz with music by Mike Maio and costumes by L.A. Weekly Theater Awards-nominated Jeri Batzdorff, to focus on the more macabre (read “non-Disney-fied) elements of everyone’s favorite fairy tale tellers.

Cinderella’s eyeless stepsisters, anyone?

Adam Neubauer and Samantha Levenshus, who co-wrote The Grimm World, were equally intent  on staying true to the darker elements of the original tales and therefore interesting to adults while keeping the play appropriate for kids (10 and up).

Expect The Grimm World to be more high energy than high scream.

Since 2012 is the bicentennial of the brothers’ first, published  collection of tales, Grimm aficionados  will be intrigued by the playwrights’ decision to include some of the Grimms’ lesser known tales as well as iconic characters such as Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, and, of course, Cinderella…

…whose stepsisters will presumably have eyes.

THE GRIMM WORLDFridays, April 20 – June 8 @ 8:30 p.m.; $15/10+ — Zombie Joe’s Underground Theater, 4851 Lankersham Blvd, No Hollywood, 91601.

Reservations recommended as the small theater often sells out: 818.202.4120

Create: Fixate presents SNAP FLASH – All Photography Show

Snap Flash Go

Yikes.  Month of Photography Los Angeles (MOPLA) is almost over and your photography viewing needs have yet to be met.

Admittedly, your photography viewing needs are prodigious.

To give you a final fix — and MOPLA the send-off it deserves — Create: Fixate presents Snap Flash: a big Saturday bash with 40+ artists, DJs and musicians.  All mediums and styles will be represented including:  film, digital, 3D, multi-media image manipulation, and interactive.

You’re all about the interactive.

Highlights of the Optical Lounge include: prolific music video director Dean Karr (Marilyn Manson, Ozzy Osbourne, the Dave Matthews Band); photographer Andrew Matusik, whose fashion work includes mind-bending surrealism;  the digitally projected 54th Hollywood International Stereo Exhibition 2012 from The LA 3-D Club; and internationally lauded video installation artist Tiffany Trenda who will be presenting her latest performance Camera Obscura: an interactive live performance piece and video installation with models, dancers, and performers that allows you, the viewer, to participate by taking a photo that will then become part of the piece online.

Ms. Go Go hopes her phone will be artistic as well as smart.

The Audio Lab (a.k.a. music portion of the evening) includes musical stylings by Garth Trinidad (KCRW), Joplin, and Space Ribbon.

Seriously.  You gotta love a Space Ribbon.

Families are welcome from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. when there will be plenty of art materials for use by young artists.  The main event, which starts at 7:00, is 21+ only.

Expect to be satiated.

CREATE:FIXATE’S SNAP FLASH — Sat, April 28, 4pm – 2am; $5-$20/21+ after 7pm —  Premiere Events Center, 613 Imperial St,  DTLA, 90021

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

UPDATE: The updated post correctly lists “Camera Obscura” as the current piece by internationally award winning video installation artist Tiffany Trenda.

ATTENTION GO GO’ERSU Want 2 Go Go should be arriving in your in-box on the DAY OF the first event if not before.

If your posts are significantly delayed, please let Ms. Go Go know via the Comments.  Merci beaucoup!

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