March 2012

Necessity is the mother of beervention. (Courtesy of Los Angeles Beerathon.)

Go Go’er’s, this weekend is all about art and the outdoors.

Also, beer and the outdoors.

In other words, a weekend that’s win/win/win….

Mark Twain is in Hollywood Forever

You’ll want to break out those tucked-away-in-the-closet Snuggies (a.k.a. “the blanket that has sleeves!”) or at least don  your best fleece in order to get a glimpse of Mark Twain at Hollywood Forever cemetery this weekend.

Ms. Go Go is not talking seances but Citizen Twain: Val Kilmer’s one man show of Samuel Langhorne Clemens and his even-more-famous nom de plume. Actually, Kilmer’s limited, eight-show-run will take place in the 1927 Masonic Lodge on the grounds of the cemetery so you’ll just have to walk through the shivery cemetery rather than watch the perf perched on Dee Dee Ramone’s head stone.

Not that you wouldn’t….

Never the Twain shall meet....

The show, in which triple-threat Kilmer serves as writer, actor, and director, explores Twain’s relationship with another Gilded Age celebrity: Christian Science founder Mary Baker Eddy.  In addition to the four “workshop performances” this weekend, there will be four more  shows on Easter/Passover weekend.

Your “How to give the out-of-towners an only-in-Hollywood experience” problem?  Solved.

There will be a Q&A with Kilmer after the show and all ages are welcome….

…just in case your wee ones have an affinity for graveyards at night.

CITIZEN TWAINFri, March 30 – Sun, April 8th @ 8pm; also, Sun matinees on April 1 & 8 @ 3pm; $40-$60/all ages – Masonic Lodge (2nd floor) at Hollywood Forever, 6000 Santa Monica Blvd, LA 90038;   For more info, send email to  Free parking on site.

NOTE: The historic Masonic Lodge has NO elevator.

Head on over to Brewery Art Walk - Spring 2012 ("Untitled" by CJ Kang)

Art in a Brewery

Here’s how to get the most bang for your art buck: the twice-a-year, downtown L.A.-adjacent Brewery Art Walk, which is taking place Saturday, March 31st and Sunday, April 1st.

Actually, — April Fool! — it’s FREE so even more bang for no buck.

No joke.

What you’ll find:

Over 100 resident artists in their studios

Every possible kind of art including but not limited to performance/installation, video/multimedia, fashion/costume/jewelry, architecture/interior/landscape.

A 19th century former Pabst Blue Ribbon brewery

Lots of stairs.

What you won’t find: boring art, stuffy people, a bland space, ubiquitous cheese cubes.

Which is good because your personal fun credo eschews ubiquitous cheese cubes.

BREWERY ART WALK – SPRING 2012Sat, March 31st & Sun, April 1st; 11am – 6pm; all ages/FREEThe Brewery, 2100 No. Main St, LA 90031, for info/directions:

Drink for your right to drink!

Beer not in a Brewery

The Los Angeles Beerathon has been canceled…kind of.

Go Go’ers, this is not an April Fool’s joke.

Or if it is, the joke’s on Ms. Go Go and many, many, fun-seeking, beer-loving Angelenos.

The idea behind the inaugural Beerathon was  simple, yet brilliant: participants paid $55 to crawl through 26 different Downtown bars to try 26 unique beers over a course of 13 hours with a portion going to various charities.

A no-brainer, right?

The event has run successfully for years  in New York but because of a dispute with the  California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, the producers have to withdraw from the event.

This is bad news for the organizers who will refund tix and lose money on the event and also for the charities who would have benefited but there is a silver lining…for beer drinkers, at least.  All 26 pubs that were participating in the Beerathon will still be open at the promised time and will offer the promised beer and food specials as well as entertainment.  You just have to pay the bar directly.

Good thing you’ve been practicing.

LOS ANGELES BEERATHONStarts Sat, March 31st @ noon – ends Sun, April 1st @ 1AM/21+

For info/map:

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

You know you want these bad boys....

Go Go’ers, did we have fun last weekend?  Yes, we did.

Do we remember the fun we had last weekend?  Some of us definitely…maybe…kind of…sort of do.

If last weekend’s frenetic Gaelic festivity left you vowing to sit this weekend out, reconsider.   Really.  Culture + cocktails = relaxed revelry with no memory gaps.

Especially with a free donut or two to keep the sugar high going….

Also, drinks....

100 Hours +/- of Fun

Last year’s L.A. Film + Music Weekend drew 2K-plus people for 100 hours  of cinema, musica, and cocktail-ica at the so-comfy-it’s-almost-criminal Downtown Independent Theater.   The 2012 festival promises to be bigger, better, more musical-ier.

When Ms. Go Go says “musical”, she is not talking Glee.

Music-centric films  (Uprising: Hip Hop and the L.A. Riots) and shorts (One Big Holiday – My Morning Jacket) are well represented on the cinematic slate (Already, you’re a fan of this fest.) with  road films — Parenthood‘s Sam Jaeger’s festival  opener Take Me Home plus the festival closer celebration of the Deadheads DVD release — romances, portraits, poetry, and more rounding out the weekend.   There will be live music, there will be Q&A’s, there will be parties, there will be you.

Just click on tix, show up, sit back, enjoy.

You can do this….

L.A. FILM + MUSIC WEEKEND 2012 – Fri, March 23rd – Sun, March 25th; $8-$99Downtown Independent Theater, 251 S. Main St,DTLA 90012; Parking available 24-hours at 233 S. Main St.  For times/info/tix:

You do not have to wear a giant clock to THE CLOCK (Photo by Chris Polk/FilmMagic, courtesy of Comedy Central)

24 Hours of Free Time and Gratis Donuts

Go Go’ers, you may  be super-synced-up with digital calendars, talking time pieces, and smart phones that call you “Rock God”.

When it comes to time management, though, Christian Marclay has to be the undisputed king.  Awarded the oh-so-prestigious Golden Lion at last year’s Venice Biennale, Marclay’s  The Clock is a twenty-four-hour “single-channel montage” that is constructed from approximately a gazillion moments of movie and TV history that depict the passage of time.

Just in case you missed some of it.

And if you forgot your watch, not to worry…. Marclay edits the clips together to “create a functioning timepiece synchronized to local time wherever it is viewed—marking the exact time in real time for the viewer for twenty-four consecutive hours.”

So you’ll be able to identify the precise minute you remembered you left the iron on.

Best of all, that working clock imagery is up there on a giant screen.  Sometimes, bigger IS better.

Free?  Always better.

CHRISTIAN MARCLAY’S “THE CLOCK” — Sat, March 24 @ noon to Sun, March 25 @ noon; FREE/May not be appropriate for all ages — Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 5905 Wilshire Blvd, LA 90036;  323.857.6000

Around the Clock: 24 Hour Donut City

The ForYourArt donuts won't be this big. (Photo courtesy of Randy's Donuts)

According to ForYourArt, Los Angeles has been “likened to a donut in a…spatial sense” because it’s a “series of interconnected suburbs without a center.”

Ms. Go Go’s personal vision of L.A. is more of a mounded-mixed-noodle/vegetables/tofu/shellfish/fifty- different-kinds-of-pork concept but whatevs.

Still, you can’t beat the donut for one-handed convenience so it’s appropriate that the drive-through donut shop craze of the Fifties was launched in L.A. courtesy of Russell C. Wendell who founded the original “Big Donut Drive-In’s of Los Angeles”.

A visionary after Ms. Go Go’s own heart.

Los Angeles also has many of the nation’s “most celebrated” 24-hour donut shops.   Ms. Go Go — always a fan of excess — is a fervent celebrator of  fried dough and might-as-well-mainline-it sugar.

Woo hoo!  Go donuts!

To celebrate the free 24 hour marathon screening of The Clock across the street at LACMA, ForYourArt is hosting Around the Clock: 24 Hour Donut City. The FREE 24 hour marathon donut event features sweet treats from a dozen of those celebrated donut spots like the Maple-Bacon donut from the Nickel Diner and the Glazed Coconut Donut from The Donut Hole.

A dozen of the above and a thermos of coffee and you’ll be ready for back-to-back marathons of The Clock.

AROUND THE CLOCK: 24 HOUR DONUT CITY – Sat, March 24 @ noon to Sun, March 25 @ noon; FREE — ForYourArt, 6020 Wilshire Blvd, LA 90036. Click here for donut schedule.

Funny Ha Ha and Sexy Ooh La La

Go Go’ers, you’ve fested, cocktailed, clocked, and sugar-highed the weekend away.  What are the two surefire things to get you out of the house and keep you awake once you’re out?

Laugh-out-loud comedy and almost-bare-naked-ladies, of course.

Not necessarily in that order.

Dominican powerhouse Ludo Vika only performs her Ludo’s Funny Burlesque a few times a year so if you want to see a show, you have to be paying attention.

Kind of like watching striptease. (Yes, that WAS a rim shot you heard, Go Go’ers.)

Aside from the Comedy Kittens, the line-up changes show to show but this time around, Ludo promises comedians from TV’s talent trifecta:  HBO/Showtime/Comedy Central.    And by “Comedy Kittens”, Ms. Go Go does not mean You Tube videos of kittens playing with feathers and string.

Actually, the props might be the same.

LUDO’S FUNNY BURLESQUESun, March 26th @ 6pm; $15 or $12 for 2 or more tixGrupo de Teatro Sinergia and Teatro Frido Kahlo Theater 2332 W Fourth St, LA 90054; 213.382.8133.  For tix/info:    

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

Ms. Go Go is usually a forward-fun-looking gal but last week’s Bowmore Whisky-Oyster Pairing with Poetry at DTLA’s Seven Grand deserves a recap.

The concept of the evening was intriguing; match briny oysters with Bowmore  whisky: one of the  peat-smoked single malts from Islay, an Inner Hebrides island west of Scotland.   As an added fillip to the evening, Pedro Shanahan, Seven Grand’s Spirit Guide and Whiskey Society co-curator, informed interested parties that the price of the evening was a poem.  And not just a poem on a piece of paper to add to a pile but a poem to be read to the assorted company; those too shy to read the poem themselves, said Pedro, could have their poem read.

You might think this would limit involvement.  Au contraire.  According to Pedro, the event, which was capped at 30, was full in six hours.

The  dark and intimate Jackalope Room at the back of Seven Grand’s 2nd story whiskey palace is  always cozy but the night of the Bowmore/oyster/poetry event, people were two and three deep.  David Wilson, Sales & Marketing Director for Morrison Bowmore Distilleries and Jamie MacKenzie, Regional Manager for North America, were squeezed into a corner.   Beer Chicks Christina Perozzi and Hallie Beaune barely managed to grab seats.  Seven Grand always gets an involved crowd but there was a palpable sense of anticipation in the room.

Johnnie “the Scot” Mundell, Bowmore’s West Coast Ambassador, was in charge of spirits: both the alcoholic and the “raising of….”  Master Ecailler Christophe Happillon of the Oyster Gourmet — you’ve seen him shucking oysters at Church & State as well as the Edison — took care of the bivalves.

Johnnie, many of whose 64 cousins transported whisky off the Isle of Islay via the Kennacraig Ferry,  explained that seafood and Islay whiskys are a natural pairing,  The Harbour Inn on the Isle of Islay is renowned for its seafood bought from local fishermen;  Johnnie introduced the assembled guests to the Harbour Inn’s method of serving oysters on the half shell.

First, little glasses of malted barley, both plain and peat-smoked over a mesh floor at the two century+ Bowmore Distillery, were passed around so guests could taste the difference.

Ms. Go Go would just like to say that as a bar nosh, peat-smoked barley beats beer nuts, pretzels, and peanuts by a mile.

Each guest then received an oyster on the half shell and a glass of  Bowmore 12 year old single malt.  Johnnie instructed everyone to sip a little of the oyster liquor, then a little of the whisky.  Next, guests held the shells horizontally to preserve the liquor and swallowed the oysters, which were meaty and not too salty.  Then, a little whisky was poured into the remaining oyster liquor and sipped from the shell.

Yum. Yum. Yum.

As Johnnie said, the whisky replaces anything else that you would put on an oyster: lemon, Tabasco, mignonette sauce.  The 12 year old was followed by Bowmore 15 – Darkest, with the sherry cask adding a hint of sweetness.  We finished with the Bowmore 18 year old, whose smokey, salty flavor really complemented the oyster’s brine.  Ms. Go Go is a fan of unadorned oysters but  the Islay whisky made the wild sea flavor of the oysters even more pronounced.

The most surprising thing about the evening, though?  The poems and those who read them.

Johnnie and Pedro set the mood of conviviality.  Pedro read some not-so-cheery gulag-themed poems that, no pun intended, broke the ice.

Johnnie had everyone who read a poem give their “star sign” first.  After admitting you were a triple Scorpio, reading a poem was nothing.

Ms. Go Go was sitting in a mini Poet’s Row.  On my left, were Steve Schechter and Marcia Schechter of Witch Creek Winery.  Steve read an original, convivial poem about whisky.  On my right were the Dell sisters Elizabeth and Emily:  partners (producer and writer/director respectively)  in Two Camels Films. (B-Girl, upcoming Battle.)

Johnnie called on Emily to read a poem she’d written to celebrate the birthday of Scottish poet Robbie Burns for the 2012 Burns Night Supper of the Los Angeles Scotch Club at Beckham Grille in Pasadena.  Everyone who performed was rewarded with, as Elizabeth described it, “a poet’s bottle whisky tasting.”  Johnnie, who dubbed Emily’s poem “Stolen Poem”, purchased the poem for Bowmore with the proviso that she’d read it if called upon.

She was and she did.  It was a stunning  poem. Wild applause ensued.

Ms. Go Go, the slacker, read Herman M. Ax’s poem Drunkenderatawhich encourages lushes to be competitive  with other drinkers and chat up everyone who might buy them a drink.   No surprise there.

Poems were read from books.  Translated poems were read.  Haunting, intimate original work was read.

And here’s what became apparent.  The poems were as much of a draw as the whisky and the oysters.  People weren’t getting up to read because of whisky courage — although the combination of whisky and poetry was pretty potent.  People couldn’t wait to get up and read — and those who didn’t read regretted “not having ownership of that night”, according to Johnnie who agreed, along with Pedro, that it was an exceptional night.

There was such generosity of spirit,” said Johnnie.  “Everyone belonged to the moment we were in.”

Monthly poetry and whisky salon, anyone?

(Check out Eat: Los Angeles for initial post about the event.)

My, what a big hat you have....

For 364 days of the year, St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland.

On March 17th, he’s the patron saint of devout drinkers.

Go Go’ers, can I get an “Amen”?

Read on for hallowed haunts where you can say your Redbreast Whiskey rosary, make your Knappogue Castle single malt novenas, and pray for luck.

What kind of luck  is up to you.

Pre-St. Paddy’s Day Din-Din

Go Go’ers, St. Patrick’s Day is a marathon, not a sprint.

Long distance runners load carbs before a big event; similarly, you’ll want to prep your liver and fill your stomach with Irish drink and comfort food at The Tap Room at the Langham.  Wash down Corned Beef Sliders, Colcannon, and Bacon Braised Brussels Sprouts with Guinness and Irish Martinis.

And yes, they WILL be serving Irish Sorbet Flights in flavors of whiskey and Guinness.

So glad you asked….

THE TAP ROOM AT THE LANGHAMthrough March 17th– 1401 So Oak Knoll, Pasadena,91106 626.585.6457,

40 Years of Blarney and Green Beer

Your One-Stop St. Patrick’s Day Sip-and-Celebrate

In case you hadn’t realized, St. P’s Day is on Saturday this year, which means you can dedicate the entire day to revelry that rhymes with “Quinness”.

You’ve always been a poet at heart.

When Ms. Go Go says “all day”, she means the 20-hour, 2-city-block, Metro-convenient, sheltered-from-the-elements-brouhaha known as Casey’s St. Patrick’s Day Street Festival.  The free, 40-year-old event features food, games, prizes, swag, the Young Dubliners, and tribute bands.

Plus, one or two things to drink.

And if you didn’t already feel lucky, the rest of Cedd Moses’s 213 Nightlife group will be  doing their all-hands-on-deck best to keep your hands full of green drinks.

They’re all about public service at 213 Nightlife.

CASEY’S ST. PATRICK’S DAY STREET FESTIVAL6am, Sat, March 17, to 2am, Sun March 18; FREE/21+613 Grand Ave, DTLA, 90017; Enter on the east side of Wilshire Blvd and So Hope St.

That guy is flying!

Dancing in a Forest Without Leprechauns

The scenario: you head to the St. Patrick’s Day Square Dance at the gorgeous, Mission-Revival Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock.  You walk inside.  There’s a forest.  You wonder if that last Lucky Charms shot was one too many.

Unless you see wee, green fairies, you are not hallucinating.

You may, however, see little people; the New L.A. Folk Fest event, featuring music by Triple Chicken Foot and RT N’ The 44’s, is an all-ages event.   Green attire suggested.

You don’t want to clash with the forest.

ST. PATRICK’S DAY SQUARE DANCESat, March 17th, 9pm-12am; all ages/$10Center For the Arts, Eagle Rock, 2225 Colorado Blvd, Eagle Rock, 90041; these  tix  are GOING FAST so hurry up and get yours!

If St. Patrick’s Day Gets Too Irish… 

There will probably be beer here as well....

Despite your best efforts,  your St. Patrick’s Day has too many shamrocks and Celtic knots and not enough snakes and sinners.

How did THAT happen?

No matter, here’s an antidote: Ollin‘s 10th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Tribute to The Pogues at the Satellite in Silverlake.

The Latino Irish tribute band, which has opened for the Irish punk rockers at their request, will be playing the band’s  “Rum, Sodomy and the Lash” album in its entirety plus other Pogues and Ollin classics.

Serpents WILL  be cast out….

OLLIN’S 10TH ANNUAL ST. PATRICK’S DAY TRIBUTE TO THE POGUES —Sat, March 17th; doors open @ 8:30 pm; show  @ 9pm; $10/21+ — The Satellite, 1717 Silverlake Blvd, LA 90026;  Street/valet parking; 323.661.4380


The Morning After the Day Before

You Guinnessed, you danced, you Lucky Charmed, you stepped on neither snake nor wee folk, you Tullamored, you lived to tell the tale.

Go and feel heroic....

Today? A nice boxty.

The traditional Irish potato cake is the perfect choice to sop up all that alcohol and Finn McCool’s — Belfast lass Geraldine Gilliland’s Irish hero-named gastropub — has the best Gaelic grub this side of the pond and the accolades to prove it.

Not that you’ll need persuading on a morning noon like this.

You’ll lean your weary drinking arm on the bar that Gilliland shipped over from her late stepfather’s Dublin pub.

Hair of the dog?  How about Irish wolfhound-strength — say, the newly released 80 proof, Black Bush from Bushmill’s —  or Irish setter mellow — a Magner’s draft apple cider?

You’ll begin the monumental task of deciding between the Boxty Breakfast (Gilliland’s includes Irish bacon and Blarney cheese), the Traditional Irish Breakfast (includes smoked Irish bacon, Irish sausage, black pudding, and soda bread) and the Soda Bread French Toast (no explanation needed — you’re in love.)

Further decisions?  You’ll need to decide between Sticky Toffee Pudding and Rhubarb Crumble with Homemade Custard.

It’s a challenge.  But as you raise your glass to your lips with an only slightly shaking hand, you realize it’s official….

Finn McCool has nothing on you….

FINN McCOOL’s IRISH PUB — Noon – 1:30 a.m.; $10-$16 — 2702 Main St, Santa Monica, 90405, 310.452.1734,

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

Bela Fleck and the Flecktones; Rocket Science World Tour 2012

Daylight Savings Time is Sunday,  Go Go’ers, but you won’t have a moment to mourn that lost hour because this weekend will be a blur of fun as we start the countdown to Spring.

Fingers crossed that this brutal winter weather will soon be behind us.

Fleck It

No offense to mute hillbilly children but if your primary association with banjos is Deliverance, you owe it to yourself to hear the distinctive  bluegrass/fusion/jazz of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones in a rare, one-night-only performance Friday, March 9th at the Orpheum Theater downtown.

You can totally DVR Fringe….

Widely regarded as one of the best banjo players around  — no word on whether that hillbilly kid is in the running —  Fleck will be joined by the original line-up of the multi-Grammy-award-winning Flecktones:  uber-bassman Victor Wooten; percussionist Roy “FutureMan” Wooten; and harmonicist, pianist, and fellow composer  Howard Levy.

Note: upcoming culture communiques may be issued by “Future Go Go”….

BELA FLECK AND THE FLECKTONES —  Fri, March 9 at 8 pm; $38-$50.50/all ages —  Orpheum Theater, 842 So Broadway, DTLA 90014; 213.538.3831; for info or tickets

SO much cuter than Bride of Chucky....

NELA 2nd Saturday Night: WonderPUP/Doll-face//Vegetables with Pie

Ms. Go Go was an early fan of NELA 2nd Saturday Art Night but you don’t have to take her word for the fabulosity of the Art in the ‘Hood scene, which has been written up by both the New York Times and the Financial Times of London.

Although god knows why you wouldn’t take Ms. Go Go’s word for it….

Hit up the following fave galleries this Saturday, March 10th  (7-10 pm unless otherwise noted) then head to the locus of NELA 2nd Saturday on York Boulevard between Avenue 50 and Avenue 51 in Highland Park.

Art + bars = super fun 2nd Saturday start to Spring Forward.

The WonderPUP Show at the Tokyo Pop-influenced Leanna Linn’s Wonderland will feature over three dozen artists and benefit the American College of Veterinarian Internal Medicine Foundation (ACVIM).  Expect sweets, food truck, and pup-adorned mug shots from 6-10pm.  Buy  art in honor of ALL the Spots….

Dollmakers II & 7th Birthday Party Cactus Gallery‘s 2nd annual Dollmakers  event features two dozen plus art-dollmakers whose work is a far, far cry from Barbie and Bratz.   Owner Sandra Mastroianni is also celebrating seven years in business with cake and mimosas.  Please don’t feed the dolls.

Guadalupe Malintzin – The Virgin and the Traitor/Scapes — Kathy Gallegos runs two, simultaneous shows monthly at Avenue 50 Studio. The March art extravaganzas: a group show featuring feminine images with roots in Hispanic mythos as well as eerie landscapes by Andres Montoya.  This one will shake you up.

Allison Achauer-Photographs/Timothy Sellers Paintings – This vegetable-themed show at Future Studio features representations of bounty from the couple’s Highland Park garden.  Plus, gallery owner Amy Inouye celebrates Pi Day (March 14th ) early with Pie.  Eat dessert first.

NELA 2nd SATURDAY GALLERY NIGHTSat, March 10th, 7-10pm; all ages/FREEFor more info:

Raise your hands high with Little Faith!

Holla…and Have Some Eggs

Some Sundays, you want to make the scene.  Sundays in March (and April 1st – no fooling), you’ll want to sink into the soul-stirring (or toe-tapping  for you Philistines) sounds of Little Faith  who begin a four-week Gospel Brunch residency at Griffith Park-adjacent Viva Cantina.

Brunch residency — pretty much the perfect job.

Churches get a 10% discount on brunch and a 10% donation to the church.  Musicians and vocalists from the church music community are invited to sit in with the  five-to-seven member band that is anchored by Jack Maeby on organ and soars with singers John Michael Knowles, Ray Wolffe, and Nadia Duggin who will singly and collectively scorch the sin off your soul….

…SO convenient as you knock back the Bloody Marys.

LITTLE FAITH GOSPEL BRUNCHMarch 11th (and 18th and 25th and April 1st); 1-2:30pm; all ages/NO COVER — Viva Cantina, 900 Riverside Dr, Burbank, 91506; 818.845.2425;  Free parking across the street at Pickwick Bowling.

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

Encore Noir

Go Go’ers, February was so packed with fun and frivolity that Ms. Go Go is just now pausing for breath.

Good thing we had that extra Leap Year day to stave off boredom.

March is already proving to be no slouch in the Get Up and Go Go department.

Ms. Go Go knows you will not disappoint.

The Return of Lust & Murder

ABSOLUTE BLACK — writer/director Vanessa Cate’s smartly seductive homage to noir ‘n 1940’s-inspired nastiness — was such a hit in its recent, four-week run at ZJU Underground Theater that it’s back for another month of dead dames and dapper detectives.

So already…fun.

Anchored by an oh-so-talented cast, sparked by deft dialogue, and enhanced by detail-perfect, period costumes, Cate’s tightly plotted whodunit clocks in at just an hour long, which gives you plenty of time to crawl inside a post-finale cocktail at the Prohibition-era Federal Bar nearby.

You love a little mayhem with your martini.

(ABSOLUTE BLACKFriday nights ONLY; March 2, 9, 16, and 23 @ 8:30 pm; $15ZJU Theater Group, 48500 Lankersham Blvd. North Hollywood, 91601.  Reserve by phone @ 818.202.4120. For more info:

Do the Pony

As Go Go’ers have probably gathered, Ms. Go Go is all about maximizing fun time.  Why do just one fun thing when you can do three or four?

Seriously, no slackers in the fun department.

For an all-inclusive-fun Saturday, hit up the Big ‘Cap Food Truck Fest at Santa Anita Park where you can sup at 50 gourmet food trucks, sip on 20 craft beers, and hopefully, get your betting slip kissed by Lady Luck.

That party girl.

The whole shebang takes place in the infield of the Santa Anita Race Track so you can eat, drink, stroll around, watch the ponies from a whole different perspective, and hit up the satellite betting.

Ms. Go Go admits to rooting for “Uh Oh Bango” based on the horse’s name alone.

Kids can look forward to bouncy things and face painting — Ms. Go Go bets unicorns rule at the latter — and everyone can bounce around between races to live music by Fallen Riviera.

For Go Go’ers who like to sport Derby-esque duds like slick suits, pretty dresses, and grands chapeaux  — presumably not all at the same time — there’s a Best Dressed contest with a $500 gift card to Santa Anita Westfield Mall awarded to one male and one female winner.

You can never have too many giant lady hats at a food truck festival.

BIG ‘CAP FOOD TRUCK FESTIVALSat, March 3; 10am; $5 (17 and under free); all agesSanta Anita Park, 285 W Huntington Dr, Arcadia, 91007, 626.574.7223; (Note: expect to pay for parking.)

Bike and Bite

Here’s the best use ever of two wheels on the Westside….Sunday’s first ever Tour de Taste offers a gorgeous bike ride in glorious weather with snacks and drinkies to look forward to at the finish of your lap through the newly, environmentally enhanced Ballona Creek bike path.

Ms. Go Go feels healthier just reading about it.

Don’t expect a furiously pedaling clutch of cyclists fighting for dominance on the straightaway while sand crabs scuttle away in fear. The twelve-mile path is flat, the pace leisurely, and guided groups will be small at this Los Angeles County Bike Coalition event whose proceeds go to make L.A. County a “better, bike-able place”.

In addition to Making A Difference, your end-of-day reward will be a wristband passport to local, Culver City eateries like Rocco’s Tavern, Sake House by Hikari, LaRocco’s Pizzeria, Chipotle, and Rush Street.  On-site sponsors include Pace, Pete’s Cafe & Bar, AMMO, and Larchmont Grill.  There will be plenty of vegetarian and vegan options so you can keep that healthy and virtuous glow.

Speaking of glow, bring your ID if you’re planning to enjoy adult bevs from New Belgium Brewing Company and Gold Award-winner Rosenthal Estate Wines and don’t forget your helmet if you plan to ride.

You’ve been wanting to debut your helmet-with-a-Mohawk….

TOUR DE TASTESun, March 4, 10am – 4pm; $65-$120For tix,meeting place, feeder rides, and other crucial info go to:

BONUS!  Check out Ms. Go Go’s alter ego report on Old Town Pasadena Happy Hour Week  for Eat: Los Angeles.

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….