Now That the Super Bowl Is Over….

Eye on the prize...

The Super Bowl is behind us, the wings and poppers are a greasy memory, and all hell has broken loose in the City That Never Sleeps.

Especially last night.

So this evening, you’re resting up, recovering from the weekend — don’t lie, Ms. Go Go knows it was a multi-day nail biter ’til Madonna sang — and getting ready to have fun again.

Keep in mind: “The Person That Never Sleeps” title has yet to be claimed.

The V-Day Gift That Keeps on Giving — to You

Sure, golf clubs are good and ice is nice but this Valentine’s Day, make sure the gift gifts the giver and the V-Day party starts early with a membership to the Seven Grand’s Whiskey Society.

$120 gets your VERY-Loved One entree to special events, whiskey tastings, and meet and greets with whiskey experts.   Even better, your significant other gets to bring another — that would be you, oh cleverly generous one.  And what better time to test-drive the membership than the All-Campbelltown Whiskey Society meeting on Tuesday, February 7th?

Campbelltown Races here we come, doo da, doo da

To paraphrase Spinal Tap’s Nigel Tufnel, “None.  None more better.”

Ever-lively Spirit Guide and Whiskey Society co-curator Pedro Shanahan advises that Seven Grand has never done an All-Campbelltown event before — and if you want to check out the Society before you commit, the first one’s on Pedro!

Tuesday’s event will feature whiskies from Longrow, Hazelburn, Kilkerran, and Springbank distilleries, including a 12-year-old Springbank Cask Strength.  Maurice Chevalier III will preside over the potable proceedings.

Ms. Go Go knows what you’re thinking.  But you’ll have to ask him yourself.

(“ALL CAMPBELLTOWN” SEVEN GRAND WHISKEY SOCIETY — Tues, Feb 7th @ 7 pm; free-$120; 21+Seven Grand, 515 W 7th St, 2nd  Floor, the Jackalope Room, DTLA, 90014; 213.614.0736; for info about Whiskey Society membership or the event itself, contact: 

NOTE: No latecomers admitted after 7pm.  Pedro sez, if you arrive late, you can sit at the bar and chat with Maurice later after the Society meeting ends.

This is the head of Adam Riches.

Continue the Scottishness….

Go Go’ers, since Sunday’s Super Bowl, you’re focused on winners.  And after tomorrow night at Seven Grand, you’ll be focused on all things Scottish.

Which leads naturally to Wednesday and a Scottish winner.

Adam Riches is a comedian not a gridiron star but his one man show Bring Me the Head of Adam Riches, which earned him top prize at last year’s Edinburgh Comedy Festival, is so high octane and audience interactive it veers dangerously close to a combat sport.

Except you’ll be in danger of peeing with laughter instead of fear.

During the 60 minute, multi-character show, which runs Wednesday and Thursday at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, you’ll get up close and personal with, among others, a blind board game champion, a big game hunter, and an impersonation of a disgruntled Daniel Day-Lewis.

Good thing you brought that flask of Scottish liquid courage.

(BRING ME THE HEAD OF ADAM RICHES — Wed, Feb 8 @ 7pm; Thurs, Feb 9 @ 8pm; $5 —Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, 5919 Franklin Ave, LA 90028,  323.908.8702; Advance purchase only via PayPal

Stop. Look. Listen.

Here’s a hands-down seductive combination: gorgeous photos of attractive musicians who perform for you.

The musicians, not the photos.

The First Picture Show is Deone Jahnke’s inaugural L.A. exhibit but the photographer has been snapping shots of musicians as diverse as Iggy Pop and Loretta Lynn for over twenty years….

…and making both look good.

At the joint-jumpin’ party at Viva Cantina on Thursday, James Intveld and DeadRock West — the latter folk-rock duo has backed John Doe and other Americana artists — will be both photographic subjects and part of a musical lineup that includes Grammy nominees Eric Brace & Peter Cooper, visiting Nashville singer-songwriter Jon Byrd, fave local stalwarts like Dusty Wakeman, Shawn Davis, Phil Lee, and Cody Bryant, and chanteuse Bliss Bowen & Friends.

You won’t know where to look first.  Hint: start with the photos.

(THE FIRST PICTURE SHOWThurs, Feb 9, 7-10pm; no cover — 900 W Riverside Dr, Burbank 91506; 818.845.2425

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

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