Warm the Weekend: Do Si Do, 26 Hours of Ladies, and Hawaii 5-0

This toothless guy will not be fiddling.

Brace yourselves, Go Go’ers.  Winter is here…the SoCal version anyway.  It may not be blizzards and bluster outside but Ms. Go Go knows you’ll feel a pang as you swap cut-offs for cardigans.

Update to your 2012 “To Do” list?  Invent sexy fleece.

Below, three suggestions to help you turn winter woe-is-me into weekend wow-wow-wow.

You don’t have to tell anyone what you’re wearing under that trench coat.

She Says Ho,  You Say Down?

Go Go’ers, here’s your second best plan for exercising indoors and looking good doing it: tonight’s Roots Jubilee and Square Dance at the Echo.  Square dance “calling” (a.k.a. avoiding chaos on the dance floor by indicating upcoming moves)  is both an art and a science.

Kind of like that Kickapoo Juice you have brewing on the back porch.

Susan Michaels is one  of SoCal’s best “callers” and she and Triple Chicken Foot — think Old Time string band/fiddle and banjo, not mutant fowl — will keep you looking good while moving smoothly through Box the Gnat, Slip the Clutch, and Four Ladies Chain.

That last move — not to be confused with a Girls Behind Bars B-movie.

The Dustbowl Revival will rev you up with lose-yourself confabulations — kazoo and washboard may make appearances– while the Driftwood Singers deliver songs of love, loss, liquor and lust.

And if you Partner Trade off the square dance floor, you just might experience all four of the above.

(ROOTS JUBILEE AND SQUARE DANCESat, Jan 21, 5-9 pm; ALL AGES/$7 atdThe Echo, 1822 W Sunset Blvd, LA 90026; 213.413.8200; http://www.attheecho.com/2011/11/23/01-21-11-triple-chicken-foot-dustbowl-revival-echo/)

Model Mania at Dr. Sketchy's Marathon

So Many Models, So Much Time

You’ve been meaning to spiff up those sketch skills…but motivation?  Well, let’s just acknowledge that the demands on your time are many:  the Mojo-Rising-mini-golf tournament (Your windmill slice is legendary);  the crafted cocktail competition (The Downward Salty Dog — your specialty); the Oscar handicapping (Sir Elton has his standards, after all).

Here to provide more motivation than you’ll know what to do with: The Third Annual Dr. Sketchy’s Marathon.  Starting at 8:00 p.m. tonight and ending at 10 a.m. tomorrow so, just in time to make it to church — 26 hours of  inventively limber ladies (and one guy for um, gender equality) posing for you, your portfolio, and ongoing inspiration.

If you’re unfamiliar with Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School, it’s a social club, with branches worldwide,  for professional, amateur, and non-artists, men and women, alt and mainstream.  (The only restriction?  No photography, so put away the cell phone, creeper.)

Bring your own art supplies to capture “underground models” — think burlesque beauties, cirque performers, and pin-up girls…not pasty Mole People —  who go beyond art school  poses for the daring, the delightful and the delicious.

After Dr. Sketchy’s Marathon, the answer to “Wanna come up and see my etchings”  will always be “yes”.

(3RD ANNUAL DR. SKETCHY’S MARATHON — Sat, Jan 21 @ 8pm to Sun, Jan 22 @ 10 am; 18+/$39 in advance via PayPal; $45 atd – Studio Servitu, 825 So Alameda, DTLA 90021; Parking free-$5; for more info on models, etc. go to http://www.drsketchy.com/branch/LosAngeles)

Hawaii 5-0

If you fell under the spell of traditional Hawaiian music in The Descendants, are yearning for warm, tropical breezes instead of brisk, winter winds,  or just thought George Clooney rocked those shorts,  the  Fifth Annual Hawaiian Slack Key Festival is your Sunday cup of poi.  Don’t think Don Ho, hula, and luaus (although the umbrella drinks remain awesome).  Slack key guitar comes from the byways and backyards of old Hawaii when King Kamehameha ruled and  cattle, not tourists, fueled the economy.

Presented by Kala Koa Entertainment, the festival features some of the  most prestigious names in slack key guitar, including: award-winning Cyril Pahinui, whose father Gabby was instrumental in popularizing slack key; Jeff Peterson, who’s contributed to two Grammy-winning records; and special guests such as performer/composer Ed Gerhard, who is proficient on  6-string, slide guitar, and Acoustic Hawaiian Lap Slide (Weissenborn).

It’s the cheapest ticket around to your mid-winter tropical vacation.

(THE FIFTH ANNUAL HAWAIIAN SLACK KEY FESTIVAL — Sun, Jan 22nd @ 2 pm; $35 – $55 — Redondo  Beach Performing Arts Center,  1935 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Redondo Beach, 90278, 562.556.4824; www.SlackKeyFest.com)

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

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