Welcome to the party.

Food.  With the annual Eat-A-Thon coming up, it’s been on your mind.

But let’s concentrate on another sense this week, shall we, Go Go’ers?

Think of the following as food for your ears.

Girl-Happy Gents & Dustbowl Dandies

Who likes to party with girls?  Well, you, of course, and you’re in darn good company, too.

The Two Man Gentleman Band wrote a song about the subject — the oh-so-catchy and to-the-point I Like to Party With Girls – and the much-lauded, NYC-based duo will L.A.-debut their “hot, raucous retro-swing” as half of the Vaudeville Shindig bill at Molly Malone’s on Thursday, November 17th.

Hot ‘n raucous?  You’re hooked.

But just so you know, fellow Shindiggers The Dustbowl Revival, hometown purveyors of “gypsy swing…and homemade jug-band music”, have promised “handmade mix tapes of [their] favorite old-time tunes” to the first 15 in the door.

You like old time tunes with your girls.

And if you really like to party with girls, The Two Man Gentlemen Band is opening tonight for the Dollface Dames burlesque troupe at The Trip in Santa Monica.

Just to be clear, we’re talking scantily-dressed girls doing splits.  Basically, the dream SoCal debut.

(THE TWO MAN GENTLEMEN BAND, Wed, 11-16 @ 8 pm/$10/21+, The Trip, 2101 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, 90405, 310.396.9010)

(VAUDEVILLE SHINDIG — The Two Man Gentlemen Band & The Dustbowl Revival, Thurs, 11/17 @ 8 pm/$8/21+, Molly Malone’s Concert Hall, 575 S Fairfax, LA 90036, 323.935.1577)

Last Chance Sound & Skate Blast

If your slacker self couldn’t get it together to snag tix to the AFI Film Fest screenings, you’ll definitely want to get your pre-Turkey-Day dose of alt-culture at one of the last two screenings of Dragonslayer at the Downtown Independent.

This isn’t the Eighties fantasy Dragonslayer.  Tristan Patterson’s uber-sound-heavy (Best Coast, Bipolar Bear, the Germs) cinema verite portrait of skateboard legend Josh “Skreech” Sandoval — who finds love in the dystopian ‘burbs of Fullerton, CA — won Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary at SXSW this year.

Think of it as the Hump Day, beer-‘n-tequila-shot start to your weekend.

(DRAGONSLAYER, Wed, 11/16, 4 pm & 6 pm; Thurs, 11/17, 3:30 pm & 5:30 pm/$10, Downtown Independent, 251 S Main St, 90012, 213.617.1033)

Honky tonk for Sunday supper

Sunday Lucky Sunday

You can try and stand still while listening to Lucky Tubb, great nephew of country music legend Ernest, but best wear your two-steppin’ shoes to be safe.

Lucky honed his honky tonk in bars, behind bars, and with outlaw biker gangs so this is the real, raw deal, son.

It’s an early show – 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. on November 20th – so you can work up a hunger for your Sunday night supper.

Or whatever you do on a Sunday night…

(LUCKY TUBB, Sun, Nov 20 from 5 -9 pm/$8/All agesThe Echo, 1822 Sunset Blvd, L.A., 90026, 213.413.8200)

5 Comments Add yours

  1. betho says:

    Hey Ms. Go Go,
    I think I’ve seen YOU scantily dressed doing splits….or some version of that…you know , back in the day. I have the footage. There were scarf involved……

    1. Ms. Go Go is a woman of many talents and well-chosen accessories. Not to mention being quite a lively dancer….

      1. And yes, Ms. Go Go has a scarf and is not afraid to use it.

  2. mpfinnegan says:

    You are starting to depress me Ms. Go Go. How can I keep up? How can I choose? And can’t I just stay home and watch TV?

    1. Of course you can stay home and watch TV, Ms. Finnegan Begin Again! Ms. Go Go offers inspiration, not a “To do” list!

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